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Sometimes on weekends, when I am returning from market, I meet a few painters. Now, weekends, evening time in the bus, it is a crowded bus, and these people, they are heading for their second shift, night shift. It may be tough to hit on a conversation with  the ‘jeans or the pant’ community but these people, i mean, if I can crack a good joke, i can crack a conversation with them. One of them works with copper, I don’t know his level of skill, but he is old and he feels a bit tired too but, if, he wishes to talk, he can talk.
It is tough to talk a lot, because It is me who has to speak most of the time, but it is fun because we don’t talk of world, we don’t talk of the country or of the city, we are talking of nothing.

I like that.  It feels lively.
I been reading a lot of economics these days, and I been reading a lot of finances and of market stuff. But you know what! they still ain’t poetry. But they are interesting, and if I tell the truth, the matters have got more twists and turns then a bollywood movie.  It is no surprise that the regulators in our country and away have a tough time. It is a surprise that most of them still do their job, good and well, with the incentives they get.

No wonder, nobody talks of them too much.

Yesterday, we had a kind of breakdown, the system we were working on decided to play tricks.  So there was a time, when we all acted as if we did not know what to do with our time. and it was time that I write about. You know the sun did not care and so did not the moon. and them kept us their schedules.

life, I think that is where our attention should be, not on what we do, not on why we do or on where we are.
life, like time doesn’t come back. It is a round on the merry – go -round. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t notice the difference but there were a few minutes that you missed and something worth the time passed you by.


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