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The week that was

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it rained yesterday, today- the clouds are all gone and it is a naked sun out there, it is raining heat.

14th was a special day, Baba Saheb’s Jayanti birth day was celebrated everywhere, It felt proud to be in this ctiy, It was one heaven of a celebration.
Then there was a tiime last weak when i was travelling across Andra pradesh. the country side(villages) are beautiful, still virgin, stilll innocent.  and I met a few people- Truck drivers, a marine, a guy who made Tabla and a tailor and a student and a businessman and a pathologist and  a whole lot of other people. It was not supposed to be fun but it was and it is now part of my memory.

I  looked at the sea after a long time, I saw them beautiful machines after  a long time, and I felt the smell of sea water after a long time.

Then I came back, back to my routine- but then things are not the same- I am again getting ideas- I am again thinking, i am again feeling lively. Does it happen with all of us? does it happen with us all the time?
I been trying to understand the science of efficiency, I been trying to find out the reason of inefficient life styles that we are getting diverted to. I could not but agree with the views of E.F.Schumacher- when u talk of resource, people deserve the prime importence, people as consumer and people as producer can not be treated seperately, and i find a bit of my answer in this anamoly-
a person getting treated as producer, being framed, trained and forced to act as producer for 10-13 hours(includes travelling time)  a day and then accepted to behave an another human being, as a consumer for the rest of his time. It feels odd, we are actually asking for dual behaviour of the same person., it is odd-
expect a person to act as – use minimun when at office- but spend maximum when out of office. 
It is like asking a person to be Dr Jekyll( a doctor) in the day and Mr Hyde( a monster) in the night. 

Why am I stressing on this poing. How can a society be accepted to be sane when everybody  is accepted to show dual behaviour, when everything is designed to promote the dual behaviour?


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