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कुछ पल को ही सही

September 8th, 2014 No comments
कुछ पल को ही सही,
भाई मेरे, चल इस दीवार को गिरा दें|

दिल में भरे दर्द को भूल,
कुछ पल को ही सही,
बाज़ुओं को जोड़ 
एक पुल खड़ा करें|

दोनों छोर ना कोई बंदूक हो,
ना कोई शिकवा, ना कोई सवाल|
दर्द में डूबे दिलों को बहलाता संगीत हो
खिलखिलाती कलियों के सुर्मय गीत|

दिल में भरे दर्द को भूल,
कुछ पल को ही सही,
बाज़ुओं को जोड़ 
एक पुल खड़ा करें|

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Tomorrow when the Sun shines: Kashmir

September 8th, 2014 No comments

It is close to mid-night here. Clouds are not at dense as they are in Kashmir. The sky is probably the same as out there.

Imagine a morning, and I pray for it to be so tomorrow in Kashmir, the sun returns to your life. Imagine- tomorrow morning, clear skies, blue up and all around. Imagine that a sweet breeze fills the air around you all. 

I ask you to keep on believing, as the waters start receding from tomorrow morning. Can I ask you to keep up with your faith in him the eternal up above?

Stories from the past say, every flood, every catastrophe, has brought fresh gardens into our life. If we keep on believing in the Almighty, his prophets and his sayings, our hearts let out a vibration that allows life to flourish. A brand-new world decorated with gifts, with songs of tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, as and when waters recede, life will be difficult, but if we keep on believing, if the younger once start rebuilding, and the women keep on caring for the children and the Old keep on guiding the youth. Everything can be rebuilt. 

The lost cannot return, but the new crops will surely outshine the past. 

What the government is doing for the people, State and Central, I cannot thank them lesser. May the blessings of people be with them and may the blessings, allow them to perform the good work that they have started. 

I request the two governments, Indian and Pakistani both, to join hands and help the Kashmir people. I thank the Indian Government for making an offer to the Pakistani government and the reciprocal statements of thank by the later. Thank you both for acknowledging that this suffering is exceptional. 

However, the ground reality remains that the areas on both sides of the border are hard to reach, and civilians everywhere are surrounded by high waters. I request the people, and the authorities on either sides of the LOC to join hands and help the people. Please join hands and help the one we are meant to serve. The Great Lord would surely bless each heart. 

Thank you and may the Lord guide your actions. 


Back burners

August 8th, 2014 No comments

Peace seldom comes easy. I don’t know if it is human character or is it a game of time but I do have accepted the fact that achieving moments of peace is not an easy task. 

Failures are a  compulsory part of this endeavour. Behind every second of peace achieved there are infinite attempts, made by infinite people.  When my friends question me, regarding a failure, I prefer to avoid direct words. The only thought that I share is -
A better day is in making. Keep your head up and keep trying.

Right now, I cannot write much. But does that mean, I am done with? No that ain’t the case. I may be trapped but I ain’t done yet. A better day is in making.     
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A day when clocks stopped

August 3rd, 2014 No comments
True, as men we can not talk peace while all around us is chaos. However, if the chaos becomes an unending cycle; when losses of our beloved, repeat again-n-again, as if life is a hand circling the dial of a clock; we must reconsider our position. Probably, it is time to stop the clock and set ourselves free from the past.   

Every few years,
we return to the same spot.
A young man,
holding a gun in hand
and a scar buried in his chest.

Like the hands of the clock,
we repeat our path. 
A women,
a child in her thought,
and a scar cut on her face.

Every few years,
we return to the same spot.
A young man,
who was a child long ago,
and a child who will become a man.

Like the hands of the clock,
we repeat our path.
A women,
filled with worries,
and a girl pushing away memories.

Have we not had enough?
playing the same act,
decade after decade,
generation after generation.
children growing under threat.

Have we not had enough?
living the same act,
shell after shell,
a rocket after another,
children playing around gunfire.

Every few years,
we return to the same spot.
Like the hands of the clock,
we have repeated our path.

life but never ends,
night gives place to a new day,
and silence to a heron song.

We too can break away
from this cycle of blood and hate.
yes, the world will not change in a day,
yes, the seals of anguish and hate
will be hard to break;

This clock has lived too long,
feasted enough on us and our.
Let us climb over and across,
these invisible walls. 
let this be a day when clocks stopped.
time may halt.
Life but never ends. 


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Houses of sand: a story

Of all the questions, that float around current Israel-Gaza stand off, the one making most rounds is:- why do so many of the innocent people have to die? Experiences of UNIFIL in Lebanon have taught us that to search for a reason, or a justification, else a logic would be a pointless exercise.

The battles in middle-east are fought with a different set of rules. Any man or entity that wishes to survive has to accept and fight accordingly. The people born and raised among the concrete towers, in cities and towns, will always feel alien with the rules of the desert.  In short, as long as there is a conflict, there will be civilian casualties, innocent people are going to die. 
“People are not dying because someone misfired or was not careful enough. People are dying because there is an armed conflict going on.” 
About a hundred years ago, in the desert lands of Mukhtar, an old man named Majid sat with his two sons, Miraj and Siraj. Majid was very close to his deathbed, he had called this meeting to divide the land among them both. Unfortunately, both brothers wanted the largest part of the land. Majid had tried a lot to convince them to accept an equal share, but none of them agreed. 
Majid was well aware of the laws of the land. He was afraid, that after his death, both the brothers will challenge each other for a sword match. And the one who survived the fight would take away the whole fortune. He also knew that the children of the slain brother will follow the old customs and revenge their father’s death. The thought of any of his sons dying so early troubled his heart. Thus, he had called this meeting.
As soon as all were seated properly and were comfortable in their seats. Majid, told of his worries to both and said that he wishes to donate his whole fortune to the Caliph unless both agreed to a condition of his, their father. 
Both brothers, taken aback, by this sudden decision and scared of loosing their entire fortune agreed to hear his condition. 
Majid thus said, ‘you both can receive the land and my fortune that you both so desire, but only if you agree to convert this house into a school and agree to send your children and their children to study here. Except for this house, everything else will be divided equally between the two brothers. Once both the brothers accepted the condition, Majid’s lawyer set with Siraj and Miraj and completed the formalities.
A week after the meeting Majid died with satisfaction on his face. To the wonder of the village, the two brothers did not fight with one another. Thus, Majid’s household kept on prospering generation after generation. 


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A Day of Peace

“Every person has a right to live, and also a right to protect their freedom ~whatever way they find convenient.”

Accept the person on the other side of the quarrel. Every man is fighting for something that is precious to him. Every man is doing his best to keep on fighting for that he cares most about.

I use the word convenient, because there is a limit to the strength of every person. A limit to what they can give, a limit to what they can take. A point always arrives beyond that a person will start drifting. If you are assuring yourself that you can break every person, you are mistaken. With every hit taken, the man inside grows stronger. That is the way we human are-stubborn.

I use the word convenient, because the stance we or the enemy takes is a product of the circumstances and our choices. Our resources, the enemy, the time, the condition can only force you for an instance. But if you are returning to that posture repeatedly, the prime responsibility lies with you. You have found it a convenient position. Thus you share the responsibility for your troubles equally with your rival.

“An enemy, a circumstance can only force you into a corner. But if you are revisiting the same corner repeatedly, it is unmistakably you.”

I use the word convenient, because it gives an opportunity for a compromise. Once you accept the joint responsibility of the current predicament, it is possible to sit together and seek a common-ground.

In situations, as sensitive as the Gaza conflict, it is difficult to take sides. Can there be a patriot Israeli who can say -his government is doing wrong? Can there be a patriotic Palestinian who will say- his government is doing wrong?
Both sides are unable to reach a common ground because they are very sure that they are fighting for survival.Because they are very sure that the position they have taken is the only possibility. 
But are their current standpoints, genuinely -the only possible available options? 

It is very much necessary to use the word, convenient, and both sides need to use it. The stands they have taken, have to be seen in the light of ‘convenience’. They must, because the current positions are not healthy for any of them. Both the sides are chasing a mirage. Death of civilian population, only compounds the tragedy. It fuels a machine that was not built for the purpose of prosperity.
The two sides must move of the corners they once had been pushed into and walk towards light. Towards peace. The world may not as bright as we want it to be. Yet, we need not to live in darkness either.

I ask not for a rain of roses. Two white flags will do @>– #Israel #Palestine #Peace

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December 12th, 2013 No comments

well, kind of a good news. Now  I have my own internet connection. It means, I can write again, without limitations. (well there always are limitations but  this time it won’t be having no writing pad).

There are too many things in my personal life which need correction. Or should I say, i need to upgrade myself. , 
frankly speaking, I have never been a good leader. A good leader is always there for his people. and that his people also know that he is there for them. TRUST.  It is the new word that I have learned in last few days. 
Off course, it is there in the dictionary and most probably none of us would need to google it.  because we all know the word meaning of it and the highly literate, or i can say the educated, may also be able to write essays on it. but I am out to explore it’s meaning. Redefine my own perceptions of it and if lord wisheth so, I would be able to understand and develop it in me too.
TRUST? what do you know about it, have you explored, inside and outside – how many do or do not trust you. I mean, how may of the people, surrounding you, meeting with you, actually TRUST you? or are they bound to you by a sense of need?
I say, to ponder upon the word ‘TRUST’ is worth a day.
see you again. 
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Ehsaas-e-Kashmir -7th Sept

September 5th, 2013 1 comment

For your reads

Music is called the magic wand of nature. There are doors beyond the knowledge of people, which exist around us. Doors which exist in our hearts, in our mind, in our soul which go unnoticed. They remain untouched while we spend our lives, our self living.
How we spend our time -in luxury or in pain, filled with riches or with absence, it mattes not. These doors exist. Even in our worst of moments, times when we feel like we have been abandoned, these gateways exist. Music is the magic wand of nature.

It has the strength, the codes to open those doors. It can open a new door, no matter where we are, how we are or what we state we live in.

Music gives us opportunity to understand what we can not. Is there a message hidden among these waves? If you are listening to Old German school. I couldn’t find any, I am ‘open school guy’ streets don’t teach you that. the high end stuff.
Even if there was, I fail to find it. but I know one thing that when I listen to there music – my own thoughts, my own memories line up, rush to a place I haven’t felt before.
You like the way I write or express? you like the way I find new ideas?  Well then listen to music- it can teach you what your school education, your colleges can not teach you.

My words come from a dreamworld. A world that I sew with the realities of the land around me. Music is the magic wand with which I make my woolens.

Listen to him. The music that he presents- It has a beauty in it. If you will close your eyes- there is color in it; If  you will keep them open and watch the people walking, the machines rushing past you -there is a dance in it. if you look at the greens around you, at the Dull – there is a painting around you. A paint that dances, changes shape.

Forget what you have in your mind for the time being; time while you listen to the works of Beethoven; it has the power to rearrange your thoughts. it can strengthen your feelings. purify your eyes.


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The Golden nest

February 6th, 2013 No comments

Let me tell you all a story –

far back in time, when the snow capped northern mountains were still young. the lands were ruled by creatures of magic & wings. a clan of white and ruby colored dragons ruled the terrain. Them were beautiful not only in color & shine but also their fur was among the softest known. when they took to flight, they glided with grace of a royal. them were all a good clan, loving & understanding, most proud of their beautiful long necks, long tails and a body as huge as of the great creatures ruling the western oceans.

This story is of the time when the oceans had already started recedeing & the great clan had turned to omnivores.

it was then, that the Queen gave a peculiar egg, unlike their normal ruby colored eggs, it was a brown colored egg, with a few lines of ruby all around it.

The egg was of the Queen, thus none questioned openly, but rumours developed across the land. enough for the King to guard it himself.

On the fifth full moon, after the battle for the lower rocks had been lost to a new human King, while the tensions were still high & King was still resting with wounded soldiers, the egg hatched.

The rumours proved true, the hatchling matched with none, neither in color nor in shape. Wizards doubted it has human magic.

as it grew, thus fainted the hope of the clan. with it’s wings too small for a flight across the oceans, and paws too huge to hold on to the trees. it was declared unfit, thus banished.

but the mother, had her heart inside of him, thus his father too had to concern for him. The child thus had to leave for faraway.
but the rumours kept floating around, rumours that the boy is not far. rumours also said that the humans were climbing the hills to hunt on their lands and to pray on them. aye, the time passed by,
quick on their tales.

the time that passed in between, i know not of, but a day came, when a battle again had to be fought over the mountains.

the human King was wise and proved cleverer, when he lowered the battle over a plain, that was high above, yet had no snow,nor did it have hills for the dragons to start their glide neither were there any trees to help the winged onces.
while the human King knew of the art of calling dust storms, the dragon King had nothing for his aid.

thus, the unfortunate was written and thus played. creatures of sky had to land, or were forced by the arrows that caught their low flying body.

the battle was thus predicted to be lost, humans with their huge brown horned beasts were a superior match to the cursed dragons.

it was on the third day of the retreat, while the King was stuck in an ambush, that a miracle happened.

tiny soldiers, made of rocks, little birds, made of sand attacked the human battery. were them accompanied by dust storm, i remember not, but a brown creature moving like thudering river charged upon the human assault. unprepared, humans had to retreat.

none knew of the angel, who hath saved the day, but them did thank the lands for their saviour.
the human King tried many a times, But the magic was unbreakable
also the God that accompanied the stone soldiers, reigned fear among all.

the stand off, that lasted until the barleys were ready to be cut, ended with the human King retreating back to his town.

once cross the plains, and while they were climbing down the mountains, where snow covers the rocks. the dragons hit them again, and finished the all that was left of raiders.

The wise dragons knew at once who the dragon was, them who did not, cared not. but considered him a saviour.

when the brown armoured hero was renounced as the King, all sung praise of the gift lord had sent them, all except the King, who rested in peace and the Queen, who had ruby tears in her eyes.

the end.



December 24th, 2011 No comments

economics is one thing, what i hold dearer are feelings, actions of love, togetherness, compassion, not to miss culture, family and nation.

any resolution i make, any decision we take, every remedy we apply -will turn out to be a temporary one. Talk of us, family, society, a company or nation; a lasting solution needs backing of character. Humane persists, others rise & fall.

call it family, a project, policy or a social structure; character is the back bone. care for it, preserve it, hold it dear.

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