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A space forward

August 22nd, 2013 4 comments

    “even when God’s goodness can not be seen. His mercy can be experienced”

Can I say that I am havin a hard time? not exactly-
let me count the number of good people I have met in last few days.  A old friend of mine, a Bengali person, who himself is facing difficult time- gave shelter to my important possesions. And he also offered me a good home cooked lunch.
Two people from UP, who were the sharing the room I was staying in, listened to my blabber as long as I
wanted to talk, even though they themselves are having difficulties of their own. In fact -they paid for a day’s dinner -when I was unable to afford one.
And now I have a new room partner, A bengali person, younger then me but stronger then me. I can say- stronger in every respect, (except in the school years I was fortunate enough to attend). A good man in every respect.  Though he does not earn too much of a fixed pay but has managed to keep his character and values intact. A human in process of being created. Guided not by books or education but more by the values, being forged by the hammer of experience.

A couple of days back, In TOI, I read the story of the editor of magzine ‘Ghrahshobha’ a lady once famous but now(was)  living on pavements of Gurudwara, until a good couple gave her shelter.

“even when God’s goodness can not be seen. His mercy can be experienced”.

…weather is good out here. Mild showers in the morning. Just now, sun has lit the walls in front of me.
..have a beautiful day.

…From Pune..

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a curse from the old page

forget not the time,

I am here to remind,
the time will move,
but will leave behind,
for you- a moment.
A moment to fulfill your wish,
a moment to live your life.
regret, sunset,
lost or left;
if you stick behind
you will stay there,
forever-till- you move out,
in a moment that has passed. 
writing pages,
for a book already published.
so move on,
live – don’t give,
a thought – to staying behind.
bad, ugly, hard, tough
or the worst, if is written, 
let it come,
for only then it shall pass.
so- move on.
forget not the time.
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an idea


If you try to love, try not to think. Try to love.
we have experimented a lot with hate and I mean we have experimented awfully lot.

Are we not tired chasing things that look good, that make us feel good in the social circle but at the end of the day, they do not leave us with anything. We are tired, it is there in everybody’s eyes. Why not to experiment with love, why not?

Why not, for once, try not to hurt but to love? love without a reason.
I know it is hard, so why not to start with a smile. Give a smile to people around us.

why not to experiment again?


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Think of that smile

October 4th, 2010 1 comment

when the legs are crossed
and your mind not ready to listen to calls,
That time,
i wish you to close your eyes.
and think of a smile.

Breath hard,
deep and soft,
hold it inside and
for one moment alone
think of a smile.

There is a part
in your heart
who will guide,
there is a part inside
who will tell
that the way
was alwasy tough
always so.

But you were hiding inside,
that is why you didn’t know,
that the thorns await,
for everyone ready to ride.

So, if you sit there
with a doubt inside,
with a thought
you won’t make it right.
close your eyes, my friend
and think of that smile.


Sun of Smile

September 21st, 2010 No comments

Why to talk of loving so much?  Because I realize- we need it. With every thing around us, We need loving. 
Loving helps.
I am not saying it solves the problem.  But it shadows the pain inside. Pain can not let us look at solutions. Pain shadows solutions.
 Loving is like a sun, it gives us moment to realize it is not dark. It is not death yet. We are alive.
Believe in that and world becomes beautiful and we smile. And suddenly a better solution appears. 

I got a good lovely weather out here. Clouds have taken the skies. and the breeze is driving the wind crazy. After some time, i will be hanging my way back to room. Right now i am smiling.

For your reads

A few drops and I realize,
smile is hunting the space
seaching for a frowning face
to make love,
a chest to embress.

Peaking in my mind,
It looks all around,
Finds a few memories & thoughts
ready to take their shot.
It hurries to tickle,
to  kiss my face.

It makes me forget,
the roads, the rush,
horns and long walks.
time spent hanging on bus.

It hunts for a hidden lover,
inside my mind,
sleeping, suffering from fever.

And it finds,
brings it back to life

Hate transformed,
love implanted.
It keeps my soul floating,
in open sky,
smiling, loving,
creating one more smile.


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