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Belongs to You WoW

n WoW Some
matters, do not experience, you never can know. In WoW Some pasts, did
not remember, the life has then lost the significance. Recollects these
two characters, to each person’s significance, only then individual
oneself only then can understand. Each people all can have the different
recollection, dissimilar experience.Even if is the identical matter,
the experience person is different, also can have the different

When we are far away, will stand in future some position, has
turned head, will be able to discover oneself some thing memory will be
profound, some memories quietly sneaked off actually.These second you
happy are also playing, the next second possibly on brokenhearted sad
enough to wants AFK.

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order at any time.We play the game, for is the recollection.Our brain
must record the thing too are many, regarding the recollection, is
unable each matter long and short of the story all 11 records.But our
writing may. Previous the second occurs the matter, the next second has
become the memory.

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