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aidu Case World of Warcraft

Here,world of warcraft gold we a typical massively multiplayer online role-playing game “World of Warcraft” for example, four months pyramid money making website development seven thousand six million members, analysis of which game characteristics. “World of Warcraft” is a world-renowned software company, video and computer games developed by Blizzard Entertainment’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game, November 23, 2004, QQ Xian Xia Chuan plug-in, “World of Warcraft ‘landing in North America Australia and New Zealand, followed in 2005 in Korea, Europe, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau markets, and in 2007, successfully entered the market in Thailand and Malaysia. the game in an unprecedented worldwide welcome There are currently over 8.5 million active paid subscribers, according to the areas where the different players, the game total of seven languages, European-style leather sofa, by the world media praise and praise. World of Warcraft player’s propensity to consume Figure 19: World of Warcraft player’s propensity to consume World of Warcraft player’s entertainment preferences Figure 20: World of Warcraft player’s entertainment preferences As an online game market in China up to 2 years of the country’s top online game “World of Warcraft” User groups are very worthy of study,wow gold in the “World of Warcraft” players, the players tend to focus most concerned about consumer in the level of cultural consumption, followed by works of art, cars can be seen, “World of Warcraft” player base in line with the young consumer characteristics. World of Warcraft players of other games focus Figure 21: World of Warcraft players of other games focus In the “World of Warcraft” player base, the “Kart”, “Zhu Xian” users and “World of Warcraft” cross-largest, is the potential of online game competition, while “KartRider” is a casual game, the player preferences and purposes the game with the “World of Warcraft” has no small distance, can be said to “KartRider” and “World of Warcraft” online game competition are two types of players competition. Figure 22: “World of Warcraft” and “Zhu Xian” index of competitive comparison table And “Zhu Xian,” “World of Warcraft,” it is the letter of competitors, because the “Zhu Xian” was in May 2007 just listed a new online, role-playing features and its “World of Warcraft “players to share their groups, the above table can be seen, in April 2007 (” Zhu Xian “closed beta before),” World of Warcraft “User attention than” Zhu Xian “, and in June 2007 into the late (“World of Warcraft” open the pack “The Burning Crusade” is about to test), “Zhu Xian” also will enter a rapid development stage, it can be said in the second half of the “World of Warcraft,” “Zhu Xian” and other new roles play online games competition will be more intense. Articles Introduction: Perhaps,buy wow gold choose to make a enhance shaman is very simple. However, it is difficult to adhere to enhanced belief. Numerous four-year enhancement shaman in Warcraft history, experienced a weakening of the sad treatment again. More numerous players exclusion, a copy of the exclusion, the exclusion of the Society, and even the exclusion of the battlefield. However, there are still people stuck with it, while I, just one of them. A thief has this and I said: “enhancement, is a faith.” I was shocked. So, I squeezed in the years to enhance the most still adhere to my love, and to help all those who want to help strengthen my only hope, increase the anger and the wind will not disappear WOW world, enhanced by dignity does not allow any professional and personal to the profane. I will be “enhanced, is a faith.” Sticky in my hand to create “enhanced shaman paste it” in Today, a number of enhancements will be there into their home and the new three bar owners also where construction will be in perfect order. I can see, enhanced by the same fiery passion and belief and I believe as World of Warcraft, the most crazy hand dance storm wind dancers, will be even more powerful. Wind Dancer the hands of the angry wind, it will clean up the so-called petty contempt and provocation. Only four of the past,cheap wow gold wind dancers and encourage each other.

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