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wow gold the price is not more than 20G

Master and other AOE professional, you know how to do it? Utgarde Britain, the 80 copies of a heroic mode, the hero of the best T-5 of Swords, pull form good H properties. All T before entering naxx required (not included bear T).wow gold PS: This map has a mission to purify your own heart, and his evil side of PK. Of course, the evil that they are food, justice is a powerful force drops, cut down! 3, Dragonblight (Click to enlarge map): This map is very important ,72-75 can be spent in this map. Number of tasks in about 120 or so. Moreover, several of which the task is worth doing. This map has five flight points: the map on the left below the map of the stars of the sleep of Moya Ji Hong Kong (walrus people) map the middle of the Timbermaw (Red Dragon) map upper right temperature Te Jiade fortress map left of Fort Furtado root Faction missions and everyday tasks, to enhance the long sleep of the prestige, reputation rewards are flying dragon mounts. Long sleep the head law career reward FM (treatment), but also the hub of. Fort Furtado root provides the most exciting tasks WLK: day temperature Te Jiade removal of the door 74 can be connected to the fortress in the task, go to Dalaran City. And mission NPC dialogue, delivered directly to Dalaran. (Master in 74 can learn Portal: Dalaran) PS: those who browse popular platform is Crystalsong Forest flight point, not a keel. This map has six copies of the secluded Nai 72-74 ,73-75 of the ancient kingdom. A copy of all spiders. naxx, 10 and 25. Guardian dragon, between 10 and 25. The map above has a task, you can see the trajectory of the year Prince Arthas. Bent on revenge to visit the North Pole, pick up the evil Frostmourne. These tasks are very exciting. This map also has a task, you will encounter your future, 80. Of course, the blood is very low. The future you will talk to you, encourage you to take a good future to upgrade their equipment. (80 when there will be a task, to help you go back to the past you) 4, Grizzly Hills (Click to enlarge map): This map task level in 72-75. After the keel, started task here will feel a little low. Because there are cross-task level. Some from the fjords of 72 players to finish first here to go to the keel. But I still recommend coming here for the first task done keel. Here only two flying point on foot more. Because the map is east-west direction of the long form. It is recommended to complete the task of most amber pine cabin, next to the granite in the spring there are several tasks chain, the final task will point to a copy of this map, de la Kisa fortress. A 5 copy. Basic to this map can go. There are a PVP daily. There are two five tasks, rewards can be. And T5 probably similar. 5, Zul’Drak (Click to enlarge map): This map is a troll site. Level 74-77. This map is probably 110 or so the number of tasks. Several of the key tasks: Dark Rye task, reward Dark Knights tolerance (that is, DK) reputation. This reputation is the head of FM physical DPS career reputation, must be washed. But the prestige of the Ebon Blade main impact point is not here. Hei watch a task, ask you to spy into the Lich King as the embodiment of the internal troops, and finally choose a reward 5, Item Level 164 blue, and T6 almost. (PS: I and a photo of the Lich King is the task of) the middle of the map: the blood of the arena. I think everyone should come here to do the task. The new arena task, the reward is very good, weapons, 6-to-1, compared with BT about the level dropped a little bit high, and SW can be flat or close. However, to a strong point of the team composition. Finally, BOSS blood more than 40 million, 77 elite. (PS: Because many people do certain tasks, if the Union to do the task, you should not afraid to kill, and Nagrand, like, you can kill a dozen people together.) Resistance is the best defense strange talent of T, K was pain, the equivalent of 77 copies of BOSS strength. Here is a copy of the Gundrak trolls copies. PS: Here’s a very interesting day, is to ask you 20 minutes to complete the other four wow gold Task which sets the task. One of the gold division of apprentice training, the blade can be an upgraded version of Crystal Mountain Point, slow response to a lot of poor memory exercises friends. 6, Sholazar Basin (Click to enlarge map): a place is a rain forest. A bit like Stranglethorn Vale. Here there are two flight points: map map left Sinval in the middle of the river camp the heart of the main task here is Sinval in the expedition. They want us to start from JJG dragon hunting tiger hunting cheetahs, to Nagrand to kill the birds we slaughter of cattle to kill the sheep kill the elephant, we now have to slaughter animals. But this massacre, is very simple, not as before. The final task of the elite, but also the NPC help. Another main task here is the female Titan, the guardian of the temple of life. To help her against the Scourge. Which step you through the portal to reach the mountain ring (50, um, right) flight point above the area to start a man to deal with natural disasters Titan Legion. Finally, the task, ask you to ride him in the Titan, 200 natural disasters killed soldier, and three different BOSS, BOSS about 25W each about the blood. Titan of the skills that cow B, if not you dumb cow with a B, so Titan, should be easy to kill. Quest blue necklace. Properties and BT probably close. PS: This map has two opposing tribes. Frenzyheart Tribe and The Oracles clan. You can start by not relying on what to consider. Task from start to kill a leopard. You do so, and the heart quickly mad respect, oracle hatred. But there is one step to the back, you will directly into the heart and the mad hate, oracle friendly. Do not worry, Their reputation rewards, very ordinary, like the sky as the Guard. However, the wild heart of the worship of reward, and finally give you the chance to transform into a warrior’s heart like mad. God’s word, worship reward, there is likely to open in one of four kinds of pets. Changes to their own wretched, wretched or to take a pet, you choose. . . . Important: This map two flight points, must be the task can be opened. Did not complete the task, can not see the flight point. After the task, many places will have this. Mirror technology, BLZ demonstrated in the keel has given us before. Angry people who did the door, you can see the red dragon queen, and fought the battle. Who did not make it alive, or preparing for the count. So many tasks, we must do in order to open the back of the task, and even the flight point, or even an entire base (will be speaking). Key 2: This map started, a task requires flying mount to complete. 77,cheap wow gold when, in the Dalaran flight point next to the NPC (riding on a dragon eagle the final task, ask you to save the heart and the oracles of the two mad boss. Task is completed, mad heart will ask you willing to be friends with them again. If you opt in, then the reputation of the heart that is crazy, if you do not choose, then, and those who reverence the oracle. Finally, the task BOSS blood 15W, but to kill him because the control of one of the tribal leaders, it is probably to destroy 20W (I have the solo 。。。)。 There is a task requires a engineering products, a lot of JS this opportunity to make money. Not recommended complete, money, and the task reward is very general (green loading only). The map key tasks: Death stands a task chain, the last task is a task 5, 73 elite. Blood is probably more than 20 million (a little bit forgotten), the blue quest weapon 6 options 1. The level of reward is probably the level of weapons KLZ. Majority of the members of our union is, not very useful. However, experience has a lot 2, Howling Fjord (Click to enlarge map): This map is almost monster level and Borean Tundra, the number of tasks in about 145 or so. Reach this map has two methods: one is through the Borean Tundra of Ang Niupei turtle boat ride in Hong Kong (really turtle) to reach the keel wilderness Moya Ji Hong Kong, Hong Kong and then take the turtle boat from Moya Ji arrived here cards Mary Gallery in Hong Kong; the other is from the far right Minai Sylvester Port Terminal (Black Sea, the port had to go) by boat directly to the Union Station here: Valgarde. Recommended start leveling here, because most players Borean Tundra is the first landing place, many people Qiangguai. It should be relatively few people. Level considerable. There are four flight points: lower left map Kama Gallery, walrus flight point. Map left Westguard Keep, the Alliance flight point. Middle of the map Valgarde, alliance flight point. Right upper Wei Dewa fortress map, alliance flight point. This map is the main monster Vrykul. In addition there is a adventure camps, a small amount of tasks to enhance the prestige of explorers. This map contains two copies of: Utgarde Keep (68-71),Source: World of Warcraft 766 area many people to the service station has risen to 80, but most people stayed there, hoping to upgrade this line of 70-80 players can help the country serving 70 Ruo Townsend -80 to upgrade Route Guide: 1) Northrend map (click map to enlarge): 1,70-80 upgrade path: Borean Tundra (Click to enlarge map): (monster level :68-71) First, from Stormwind rightmost boat dock port. Reach Valiance Keep (sand to the Arctic Portal is now canceled, only in the PTR server above). This map has five flight points, total number of tasks in the 140 or so, including a copy of the task. A 5 copies of the Nexus of the heart, for level 71-73 players. 5 80 a copy of Nexus eye for level 78-80 players. A 25-man, the eternal eye. Copy of the flight outside the point: narrow border of the shield, can not be directly run. The flight point on the map will be another flight point: the task of amber stands open. Amber stands the task of which will let you fly further narrow border of the shield. Dialogue and the dragon can fly point. First came to the attention of the map inside the fortress. First aid, forging, mining and all other professional trainers in the fortress, master class. Do not find another. world of warcraft goldA first aid and forging can be found in the boat, the rest are concentrated in the fortress after fortress.

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