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Tom Friedman Visits

Tom Friedman came by Feb 15th to Bombay to meet a few of us.

He says people tell him: we get it, the world is flat, now what do we do?
His answer is coming in The World is Flat version 2.0 but, in brief, his answer is “Education!”

He believes that talent shortage is becoming an issue for India’s infotech industry; the industry is bumping its head at the limits of Business Process Outsourcing and must get ready for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. For this you need young people who will ask Why.The Indian IT industry is too full of people who ask How.

The problem that the Indian IT industry has is that companies are forced to run their own training school because government is doing such a poor quality job of running the public education system.

He believes that so long as the US economy grows at 3% + outsourcing will not be a political issue. You will need a huge recession for it to come back as an issue. The American public is starting to understand the benefits to the US economy of outsourcing.

On the nuclear proliferation issue,he believes that if Iran goes nuclear, Saudi Arabi and Egypt will immediately follow. Only India, China and Russia can stop Iran.India and China must be stakeholders in the post-Cold War world. Both are prospering today because of the post- Cold War peace. India and China cannot be free-riders in this.


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