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  1. #1 by Shrikant S

    Hi Ajit
    came across this post on the other AB’s blog.
    Seems that the Lord Macauley’s note about the situation in India, that you had posted some time back was not a corect one
    what should be considered correct thence?

  2. #2 by sheik maideen

    Hi Sir,
    What made u to become a CEO

    I too like to become

  3. #3 by Shrikant S

    Dear Sir, once upon a time in 1994, I had an opportunity to meet you, face to face, at your office in Worli. I don’t remember the building name now but I believe that was the one that collapsed.
    I remember the scene very distinctly because I was a rookie then, even at an age of 24, I was kind of naive at being a professional. You had called me for a personal interview and I for one, now realise I probably made some kind of a mistake not being able to decide then about the offer.
    (I remember the meeting specifically because of the look in your eyes then. I keep describing this event to my friends at times. :-)
    and to refresh your memory, I was working at Sprint RPG then)
    But bygone being bygones and I am glad the Rediff brand that you were to launch then and I was to be a part of which has come this far. :)
    I have one query though which you if possible can help me with – how does one go about looking and finding a mentor?
    your thoughts are indeed a pleasure to read.

  4. #4 by Avinash

    Helllo Dear Ajit Sir,
    Just got link about railways Train search , Time Table, Fares from Rediff.
    Indian Railways
    Nidan Technologies

  5. #5 by Think Tank


    Do you know that the Geeta Fan Club is active again? Click here to reach:

    Also, Sahiti has started her series on Kundalini Awakening. Reach here:

  6. #6 by friendly ghost


    A few leading bloggers and I have been planning to self-publish a selection of our works as a book called ‘The Best of Rediff Iland — Volume I’.

    Heh heh… we ain’t being modest here, Mr B.

    Can we hope for some kinda support or participation from the Iland gods? (After all, such an exercise would benefit the Rediff Iland too, right?)


    Warm Regards,

  7. #7 by Rajiv Badlani

    Hi Ajit

    Long time. See to catch up. Write to rajiv at badlani dot com. Be nice to catch up.

    Rajiv K. Badlani
    Norquest Brands Private Limited
    Norquest House
    Udyan Marg, Mithakali
    Ahmedabad 380009 India

    Phones (+91 79) 2646 1626, 2646 3331
    Fax (+91 79) 2644 1812
    Mobile (+91) 98790 01065

  8. #8 by News Domain

    Corporate & Business News from India’s Premier Corporate Newswire,

    India PR Blog launches PR job board

    PR agencies and corporate houses can post job vacancies to the job board and reach out to hundreds of PR professionals in India

    New Delhi, Delhi, India,Tuesday, July 22 ( ::
    India PR Blog, the popular public relations blog in India, has launched the India PR job board for PR and related jobs in agencies and corporate communications departments of companies.

    PR agencies and corporate houses can post job vacancies at their organisations free of cost to the job board. The job board also provides the option to post a job simultaneously on popular sites such as Google, Google Base, Simply hired, Indeed, SimplyHired, Oodle, Edgeio, Vast, OLX, Bixee, and HotJobs – thus giving recruiters good amount of exposure opportunities of their messages.

    These job posts are made available at the job board’s independent url, or through the combined India PR Blog RSS f

  9. #9 by jayshree seshadri

    its pleasure reading ur article… usual its unique…would llike to read more such…….tks

  10. #10 by Rajesh Govindan

    Dear Ajit Balakrishnan
    I have quite enjoyed reading your columns..Your writing has a uniqueness which I have found very interesting..Your approach to interpreting happenings is pleasantly unique and special..Hope you continue to give pleasure to us..Just another kudos to keep you writing..waiting to read your next one.


  11. #11 by Digambar Rana

    dear sir,
    i was looking for your mail id @ rediff to wish you on your appointment as Chairman of Board of IIM-C. i cud not locate it there so i m conveying my heartiest congratulations thru ur blog..

    Congrats once again & wish u all the luck.

    Digambar S. Rana
    Sales Officer – HPCL

  12. #12 by SomanadhaSarma PVR

    I read with interest your article on suicides of farmers. Agriculture became a gamble in
    the country after the advent of globalisation. Transition from agriculture to industry might
    be one of the solutions to the farm crisis. But there is a serious mismatch between the
    job skills present industry needs and people in villages have. I think confluence of
    several steps are needed to solve the problem. The government should provide quality
    farm inputs at subsidised cost. It should train farmers in technique which would reduce
    cost of cultivation and increase the output. It should also provide accurate weather
    forecast. Marketing facilities should also be provided to farmers to sell their produce at
    remunerative prices. Presently, a huge number of people are dependent on agriculture in
    the country for livelihood. Training in various skills should be given to people in villages
    to make them employable in industries. It would help farmers families to cope with crisis

  13. #13 by SomanadhaSarma PVR

    I read with interest your article on suicides of farmers. Agriculture became a gamble in
    the country after the advent of globalisation. Transition from agriculture to industry might
    be one of the solutions to the farm crisis. But there is a serious mismatch between the
    job skills present industry needs and people in villages have. I think confluence of
    several steps are needed to solve the problem. The government should provide quality
    farm inputs at subsidised cost. It should train farmers in technique which would reduce
    cost of cultivation and increase the output. It should also provide accurate weather
    forecast. Marketing facilities should also be provided to farmers to sell their produce at
    remunerative prices. Presently, a huge number of people are dependent on agriculture in
    the country for livelihood. Training in various skills should be given to people in villages
    to make them employable in industries. It would help farmers families to cope with crisis

  14. #14 by Name: Arun Thomas N

    Dear Ajit Balakrishnan,
    I am a student from your native district – Kannur, doing my BCom. I along with some of my friends joined our hands together to make a social organistion among the students in India. The objective of our organisation is to club the spiritually – brained business community togeter with the Students community for spreading an awareness among the students in backward area’s about the kinds of CSR’s performed by the business community. We are having an objective to create somekinds of business climate in these areas, because it is the only solution for unemployment.
    Can you please give advices to us for the better journey of this organisation and support uswith your ideas.
    Thank you,
    Yours faithfully,
    Arun Thomas N

  15. #15 by Dil Kannur

    Dear Sir, Nice to go through your blog. keep it up.

  16. #16 by Sumit Narula


    I wholeheartedly agree with your premise, that the laws of the land should not hinder entrepreneurship since it is the lifeline of a vibrant economy. Even now in the US, more than 60% of businesses qualify as small businesses.

    However, with Indian banks just surviving the death-grip of non-performing assets load on their books and Indian businesses corrupt history of utilizing bank loans for personal gains rather growing their businesses, it leaves these banks with a very little room to have sympathetic loan covenants for the likes of Vikram (even though he may be the most committed entrepreneur).

    One way, around to keep on encouraging not just small, but all businesses per se in India would be to follow the US example of leaving attaching the owners primary residence and one vehicle (primarily a car upto a certain value) out of the bankruptcy process.The rest of the owners personal assets should be fair game.

  17. #17 by Bhalchandra Kulkarni

    Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,

    This is in response to your article on failed entrepreneurs, though on a different point. You say right at the beginning that you were watching ‘Bombay’ harbour. I do not ask this from any chauvinistic sense or anger but you are a respected media leader and your views and communication preferences have a huge impact. (I read your writing everytime I see it.) Should we all not make a point to say Mumbai and Chennai and Kolkata or you have a different view of this?
    B U Kulkarni

  18. #18 by systems technologies

    Dear Shri Ajit,
    The issue you have put in the story of the failed entrepreneur is indeed a very serius one. It is very customery to assume entrepreneur to be a software guy and the case of others is very different and difficult also. Since it is a very complex issue, there cant be any singular or simple solution. However, if the banks can asses the managerial potential of the customer and / or arrange for some consultancy in managerial issues, probably the entrepreneur may realise the problem a little earlier. Also the problem is that most of the times, these small entrepreneurs are technocrats, as your Vikram, and thre requirements are in some other fields also.
    I had come across some such unfortunate cases, and I really thank you for taking the issue for discussion on your platform.

  19. #19 by Sagar

    This is Sagar from Bangalore and I am a regular visitor to I couldn\’t agree more with the views expressed by you in your article \”The next big business idea\”.
    Though I am currently a part of the great IT bandwagon, I aspire to be an entrepreneur in future, with a passion for mass-market products. I do have a few business ideas and I am currently exploring opportunites to realize them.
    I am also a great fan of Mr. C K Prahalad\’s \”Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid\” concept. It would be great if can get Mr. Prahalad to write an article. Even better, if you can bring him down to India and provide an opportunity for youngsters like me to meet him!
    I want to reiterate that I really appreciate your work!
    With Regards,

  20. #20 by KETAN DOSHI

    Would request to update your online shopping goods, like cloths, electronics items, and to provide address details with Phone no of the vendor selling there products on your esteem site, I suppose this would be more customer friendly and would help the customer to get details of vendor from there respective cities.

    Thanking You
    Ketan Doshi

  21. #21 by RAHUL SALUJA

    Respected ajit,

    i agree and respect the great effort whole rediff team has been putting in to make this site and email service more interactive i am ver much satisfied with the color combinations but i think layout need to be addressed as well as when it come to mail services there should be one more service for marking an email unread even after its been read by anyone it helps in many ways , like if user is in hurry and checks that mail in a hurry and if he wants to review it later then he can mark it as unread so that next time he logs in he can read that again, this for sure helps, thats my point of view.


  22. #22 by anish parikh

    the theme is not to the mark… it should be some what dark/// the last one was better///

  23. #23 by kc jagadeep

    Grate Work….
    fantastic layout !!
    May God Bless You always!!

  24. #24 by PRAVEEN BABU

    Great Job!
    I feel proud when I come across any accomplishments by Indian\’s


  25. #25 by Amit Jain

    great job ,definitely is the indian answer to email service providers of world

  26. #26 by rahul sengupta

    Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,

    Excellent work done by you and ur team. fantastic layout and color combination. kudos to you and ur rediff team.


  27. #27 by shalabh

    thise are hell of changes u people have made…..i guess i have to rethink to use redff anymore nw…

  28. #28 by Gopi Iyer

    Cool Looks!!! But I tried the links – Airlines and Jobs and it the message i got was “The page has expired”. All the same, the new look is visually appealing

  29. #29 by hemant narang

    Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,
    Great Job done by your team and the new page is really neat and simple…..Three Cheers to you n your team……
    But i wish if your support team can also improve a bit and respond to the Queries little faster. I sent an email twice in a span of 2 weeks and the issue is that the emails are not going out from my rediff account. I’m a great fan of rediff and would never like to change the mail service. But I don’t think I have an option as till now I’ve not heard anything back from your support team. I would appreciate if someone can take a look into this matter. My rediff id is ‘’

  30. #30 by Gaurav Kapahi

    Hi.. I still Remember seing the OffLine On PC Quest CD . i think it was PC Quest’s 1st CD also.. as Internet was not available locally in Jammu & Kashmir. Congrats on New Look. and Best Of Luck .. in this Never Ending Race.

  31. #31 by Satyam

    I like a lot. Every morning I spend at leat half hour on the site before starting my day. I like the slide shows a lot as well as the movie section. Thank you for keeping the website filled with information and entertainment.

  32. #32 by thinking tom

    Somehow i did not like the change.
    The previous theme was light, colorful and very informal – in fact probably making rediff look a bit amateur
    The new theme is sauve, professional and very very corporate – typical high-collared american corporate look.
    Almost suggests the identical comparison between Indian ads full of wit and emotions and American “robot” ads or “go! go! go!” (read *dumb*) ads
    So good, Rediff will be taken more seriously by the white man ;-)
    I for one prefer the previous – will take time adjusting.

  33. #33 by Girish

    Sir, I was working with expressindia and resided just opposite to rediff\’s office in mahim when rediff was launched, and also its \’lightening speed\’ email service. Since those days, rediff has been my Homepage for India and it is such a pleasure to see it in a fabulous new avatar. Congratulations and best wishes to you and the team.

  34. #34 by sai kalluri

    Hi Ajith !

    Nice to see you iLand. Impressive on the articles there. The new homepage is amazing…Great work. Rediff deserves a pat on shoulder…Keep it up…Keep going

  35. #35 by Anurag Saxena

    Hi Ajit,

    Let me first congratulate you on the new look rediff has donned.. It was really great to have a home page with full of interesting stuff… Keep up the good work.. Best of luck

    Anurag Saxena

  36. #36 by Shrikant Sundaram

    hi AB!
    way back when rediff was to be launched, i had the opportunity to meet you at the worli office. remember your eyes – like an alligator in the water :) i still wonder where I would have been had i got the guts to say yes to being the ‘sales person’ i was offered to be – 1994-95 I think.
    but neverthless at this time, it is good to be on the portal and share it’s growth story as audience.
    way to go Sir!
    best regards

  37. #37 by Nitin Bansal

    Rediff is the best Indian site. It is very exciting to see changes in all services by Rediff like Rediffmail etc. Keep it up! and Best of Luck. Thanks.

  38. #38 by Libi baskaran

    Its interesting, the new look

  39. #39 by prasad ingole

    Hi Ajit …

    It really nice to see to new avtar of rediff.


  40. #40 by kiran kumar

    Hi Ajit,
    It was really great to have a home page with full of interesting stuff… i appreciate that when ever i visit rediff i found a new article to got thru. but the colors selection is not attractive as that of earlier… please change the color combination.
    finally i wish u many more success.

  41. #41 by Manjunath Shet

    you have one bug in address book it\’ll automatically check the first name

  42. #42 by Pradeep Jayraj

    Hi Ajit,

    Let me first congratulate you on the new look rediff has donned..Its simply outstanding.


  43. #43 by vikrant goyal

    hi Ajit
    Must say.. that i have been impressed by the new look of the website. Keep up the good work..

  44. #44 by Dheeraj Khanna

    I wish to congratulate you and your whole team for the new look of Rediff. I am a regular at Rediff and am quite pleased with the new neat look of the portal. The only irritating thing that still remains is the pop-up flash advertisement. Please think some other way so that it does not interrupt the pleasure of viewing rest of the portal.

  45. #45 by Ashwani

    Dear Ajit,

    Just loved your blog and more importantly it is beautifully lead oput and easy to read. I look forward to participating in your conversations

  46. #46 by Siddarth-The Corsican

    Cool Mr.Ajit….

  47. #47 by RG

    Sir, I really love visiting your website! Thanks for launching this great company and I hope you continue to make progress for the years to come! Yours truly, RG

  48. #48 by Alok Gupta

    Hello Sir,

    If you remember Sir I am same person who was in touch with you earlier when you came to Indore some where in 2004-05 for IMA convention. I was a volunteer for the event and also I got the opportunity to escort you for the whole event, that time I was studying MBA that time and now I am in Dun & Bradstreet, Mumbai.

    It was nice to getting in touch with you again.

    Warm Regards,

  49. #49 by alokananda dutta

    Hello Sir,

    This is Alokananda Dutta from Kolkata. I happened to come across your article “IIM and IIITs’ Class-less Future” just before my EPGBM class. You have so aptly put across the fact that education is no longer bound by time or locations. For working professionals like us who wish to upgrade themselves in this competitive market, this is a unique way to access information and thanks to the progressive outlook we are able to receive guidance from the best of the best.

    Alokananda Dutta
    Brand Manager
    Lowe Worldwide

  50. #50 by Muralidharan

    Management theories are like sign boards showing you which way leads you where but the ideal place can be traced only by one’s intution

  51. #51 by Ananda

    I am inspired by the way you have survived the dot-com bust. If you have written an articles on you experiences, how you overcame the crisis please send me the link. I would reall like to read them.

  52. #52 by Amit Sinha

    Your “Decoding the Rs 1-lakh message ” is really a great thought.

  53. #53 by Eye Weekly

    i would probably take a recent step as the starting point:
    i was filled with pride when Tata SSL took over Corus. Successful handling of transition is a big statement to the world that an indian company can step out to make big acquisitions and manage it successfully. this was a great example of us.
    now with the nano car we have proved to the world we also are innovators(something we sorely needed).
    jai hind

  54. #54 by Shravan Rungta

    Could you please explain what do you mean by “superior management capability” in detail. I am really curious. Do you mean a different structure or approach of the Indian managers OR do you mean something else.

  55. #55 by soni mukalel

    Hi Ajit,
    Your article on Decoding the 1lakh message is very insightful. As you said it is a defining moment for Indian Business Management and the world will take notice of them. And hope this attention is harnessed positively for inclusive growth.

    Hats off to Mr Ratan Tata who has consistently shown the agression to move boldly on various other car projects even the Ace and his M&A skills.
    Its a small world and I’m sure he would certainly have the agression to sustain the momentum and contribute positively to this planet.


  56. #56 by martin

    I am Martin.. I am grateful to you for watching the letter. We agent from 2006 on your website advertising. We Beijing Newmoo advertising companies. We have recently where you have trouble, you need help.

    We represent published China’s Haier’s customers complained about the delay in the normal advertising we published boost, the reason is because your company for China’s regional operations staff is too busy, we did not have time to take into account, the 10-day time we repeat and his difficult communication that is not solve the problem.

    So, please help us solve Haier advertising issues, please responsible for China operations staff to time to help us, tell us one-time advertising process.

    Thank you. China has a lot of customers, like the Indian market, like your advertising. Hope that we can continue successful cooperation.

    Your friend Martin.

  57. #57 by Rajesh Govindan

    Hi Ajit,

    Your most recent article on retail was interesting. The question is whether monopoly either by big retail or by small kirana stores alone is good. Its similar to farming on small and big land holdings. Can the small farmer complain that only small farmers should farm and large farmers should not be allowed to farm as it will reduce the return on their investment in comparison to large farmer (penalising for efficiency).

    I think we should be conscious of the sentiments of the small kirana store owner who has invested his money and time on his business. However he also needs to understand which way the market forces are moving. We could offer a moratorium of say 20 years in certain areas to prevent the small shop owner from going jobless and meanwhile big retails could start in areas where their prescence would be welcomed.


  58. #58 by Thohe Pou

    Please read my latest post, planning to write a book on ART of living. Pls give let me know which are the topics that need to be included in the books. Join in the discussion and read the comments by others friends.

  59. #59 by Mus j

    After I left a msg, I went through the other postings and realized u have a good fan following :)
    Good going!!!

  60. #60 by Mus j

    Hello Mr. Balakrishnan,
    I am not use to “reading”, but have read some of your articles on rediff and somehow find them interesting.

  61. #61 by Thohe Pou

    Sir, i have sent the requisition to accept me as your friend.
    Do accept me.

    Have a great day.

    Warm regards,
    Thohe Pou

  62. #62 by Sunil Krishnan

    Precise and to the point. Great blogs.
    I am also inviting you to my blog

  63. #63 by Giridhar

    Well written.There are plenty of the ikes of Soumen in this country who are biding their time due to either lack of exposure or sheer attitude.It is the artices like yours which will bring them out to limelight.
    Thanks for the nice write up.



  64. #64 by Dr.K.P.Suresh

    sir, I am the coordinator of school of pedagogical sciencws, kannur university, I like to discuss some importnant topics with you. Plz sent your e-mail address.

  65. #65 by Pramod Buravalli

    Hi Ajit

    You should launch a TV channel. I am sure you are equally popular on all media platforms.


  66. #66 by Name

    I was reading about farmer suicides in your blog with interest. In the work you site, is there any mention of the Cargill company and its grain purchasing, fertilizer supply or other connections to the agricultural business in this period? I’m doing research in this area at City University in London and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  67. #67 by Sathya

    nice to see the big b here!! Browsed through ur posts and they seemed like lectures for a lightning speed glance. I must thank u for the iland forum. Some good writers like me (try indiarocks.rediffiland) and another nascent one ( The best should be without doubt. So, here’s the best list should u care

  68. #68 by Shravan Rungta

    Your blogs reminds me of the quote i read somewhere — “Intelligence doesn’t mean having all the right answers, it means having an ability to ask the right questions”.

  69. #69 by Jagdish Shah

    I am very much impressed with your knowledgable articles. I read them with keen interest. Thanks. See you in future.

  70. #70 by unni ambady

    Hi Sir
    I am from Kannur and working in Kuwait, i want to set up some samll biz in Kannur, what is your adivce

  71. #71 by Sophia Roy

    hi,i was looking for someone and happened to read yr posts.yr experience with ayurveda interested me.there are a whole lot of alternative healing miracle ways in the universe .one just needs to lear accessing them.would like to keep in touch if u also feel the same.i am a psychological counselor and a regression therapist for my heart and an airline employee for my livelihood.enjoy both sides.would however make a change shortly towards my heart.regards sophia

  72. #72 by Mahi Mails U

    HI Mr. Ajit.. Its very happy to find changes in rediff home page.. Now the page is loading faster than even before.. But Idid nt find any new columns or new stuff.. in that, try to add new new stuff regarding diff.. matters from that home page.. Any way Good job.. good thinking.. All the best for our rediff…

  73. #73 by mukesh Vijayvergia

    Finally a good change has been made on your website. I’m associated with your website for years now and was really waiting for a change in the way everything was presented. Good Job. Keep the good work on,

  74. #74 by RIZWAN ANSARI

    DEAR Mr.Ajit

    It is very nice to see the changes in the rediff. Thanks alot. and have nice life.

    Mohd Rizwan Ansari
    New Delhi

  75. #75 by Sujiths

    Hi Ajith…. Kudos to the new look of Over the last couple of months I used to go nuts with pop-ups, frequent invalid login attempts.. This morning I signed in.. and presto…. the look on my face was like when you give a 2 year old a chocolate candybar….

    Keep up the good work… am looking forward to some happenings on rediff… Once again kudos to your team…


  76. #76 by Sravan

    Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,

    The new look to is great and now found that the site is loading little faster than before. Good Job.


  77. #77 by Suranjana Ray

    Dear Mr. Balakrishnan,
    Thanks for the new look to rediff. The crisp nature of the site helps users like us who are not that very net savvy.

  78. #78 by AnilAnchan

    Hi, Just saw the new look and would go through it. Hope it is simplified as we will not have to go on searching and searching for any new items.

  79. #79 by siddharth talwar

    Hi Ajit,
    Congratulations on the new look. Just when I was about to leave rediff, you guys have improved it. It was really disturbing with the unnecessary pop ups and when it took 6 to 7 attempts to log on. however its much better and i look forward to be with rediff for a long time.
    All the best again,
    Siddharth Talwar

  80. #80 by siddharth talwar

    Hi Ajit,
    Congratulations on the new look. Just when I was about to leave rediff, you guys have improved it. It was really disturbing with the unnecessary pop ups and when it took 6 to 7 attempts to log on. however its much better and i look forward to be with rediff for a long time.
    All the best again,
    Siddharth Talwar

  81. #81 by pankaj patil

    In Continuation with my previous post….

    In the world wide web which has got a plethora of websites providing lots of services..Rediff stands High……
    When I had visited USA, I could see that rediff is equally popular and used a lot by the Asian community…
    I was thrilled to see that…..
    Way to go Rediff……….and wishing you all the success…..

  82. #82 by pankaj patil

    At the outset , I would like to congratulate you for the new look rediff…Its marvelous…and that’s to say the least…
    I am using rediff since past 8 years (for mails, news and lots of other things…)
    Infact, my first mail id, when I hooked on to the www was on rediffmail and since then I m religiously using the same.
    It had been with me since my college days, early professional days and even now when I am a full-fledged professional (people do think that I m that !!). It has infact been a part of my identity…..
    And I have been witness to the evolution of, from being a simple website to the enormous knowledge center, mail engine, travel engine, search engine, news portal,blogs….the list is endless….
    Its really a matter of pride for being associated with rediff in any way….and I look forward to continue this association till eternity…..
    In the world wide web which has got a plethora of websites providing lots of services..Rediff stands High……

  83. #83 by ashish verma

    Mr. Ajit

    kudos to you and rediff team for this new & very interactive layout. keep it up.


  84. #84 by Arun.T.T

    Dear Ajithji,
    Your view points on business, life politics etc are amazing.
    Its nice to go through the bloggs
    I just created my blogin iland
    Any how blogging is a fantastic concept.
    I would like to add my self as a friend
    so please inform your latest writings

  85. #85 by antarDRISHTi

    Dear Ajit ji, Let me have an opportunity to introduce Antardrishti. Antardrishti is an Agra based social organisation with singular commitment to the cause of the blind people of India and elsewhere. we are looking forward to have communication with you for betterment of VI. please do let me know your email id so i can send you our concept and future plan, if u feel we are doing some constructive work . then only reply otherwise u r free to block this id. hope to hear you soon. have a nice time. thanks – akhil at antardrishti 09412258575 or

  86. #86 by Shanks Pandiath


    Nice blog… drop by sometime……

    bye for now

  87. #87 by prema sagar

    Hey Ajit, I really enjoyed your Blog and learnt two important things: 1) how one can differentiates one’s blog from others and 2) how one can make it interesting reading by keepng it light and conversational – instead of heavy and impressive!!

  88. #88 by Cyril Paul

    Not hearing enough from one of my fave bloggers. Awaiting the next instalment from you Ajit, you never disappoint. Currently reading: “iCon – Steve Jobs”.. excellently written book, and Jobs has been by far the admirable rebel hero of techie-land. Recommending it highly, do pick up a copy if you have the time. G’nite!

  89. #89 by Anonymous

    Latest credit card statement, Xeroxed / Scanned copy of the front and back of your credit card ( without cvv number ), Authorisation letter. All these details have been asked by your website from me after the payment was processed. Such details can lead to fraud and hence I don’t see how I can give all these way. My order number is 5466972 i.e. a PANASONIC NV-GS230 3CCD MINIDV CAMCORDER. I would request you to please help me out here.

  90. #90 by Pavan Deolasee

    Dear Ajit,

    I could not logically conclude my previous message because of size limitation. Sorry about that.

    In the last many days, I have communicated with Rediff customer support as well as the vendor several times. Each time I get a promise that the issue will be resolved in the next 3-4 days, but no luck :-(

    As a pioneer of web based portals in India, I am sure you are aware that a user hardly comes back to a web site if he/she has trouble accessing it for the first time. I think its more true for online shopping since money is involved. That\\\’s probably one reason why online shopping has not taken off in India. I have had such a good experience in US, especially with sites like and now I understand why online shopping is so natural there.

    Let me also tell you that I am not much worried about my Rs 1000, but would like to see change in the attitude towards online customers which would help companies like Rediff in long term.

    My two cents.

    Pavan 9850887742

  91. #91 by Pavan Deolasee

    Dear Ajit,

    Let me first congratulate you for establishing a brand identity such as Rediff. There are today numerous people like me who start their day with reading

    Having said that, this message is to bring your attention to a very bad experience I had with Rediff recently.

    So I placed by order for a Sony 4GB memory card on March 3rd (Order no: 5238631) . The product got delivered to me on March 13′th. But when I opened the box, I was shocked to see a 1GB card instead of a 4GB as ordered. I quickly contacted Rediff customer care and they were prompt to suggest me to return the wrong product and promised delivery of the right product. Now even after a month and numerous calls/emails, I haven’t yet received the right product.

    Unfortunately, because of size limitation, I can’t narrate the entire experience through this medium, but I hope and I wish that you care for your customers and would be interested in knowing what makes an end user unhappy.

    Pavan 9850887742

  92. #92 by sareena nafeesath

    Dear Ajitji,
    I am a teacher and I have met you at the “Ajitbalakrishnan foundation innovative teachers programme”.The motivation to teachers is really “a recognition and inspiration”to think and create better ideas “to make learning effective and child-centric”.We also got to learn so much from the “prize-winning” teachers and the methods they adopted are laudable

    I have been writing short stories and poems on rediffiland (since june-2008)I write inspiring stories for children.As i found rediff a wonderful platform to enhance my creativity,i’ve been writing stories for over a year.

    The last two days I”m unable to “view my iland ” or “post a blog”,though i’m able to sign-in.
    Hope rediff would definitely help me continue using the wonderful and authentic service
    Thank you sir,
    S.K.Sareena nafeesath

  93. #93 by Dipak Prabhu

    Hello sir.
    I would like to share a business idea with you. Hoping for the positive response.
    Thanks & Regards

  94. #94 by cherry s

    Hi Ajit,

    IT Cafe Online is a free online user forum & is open to all users who love to talk, chit-chat, discuss and have interesting intense debates and for those who would like to voice their opinions. This conversation community offers no-strings attached platform to speak your mind. We welcome your input and feedback on subjects that are important to you, your loved ones, us and everyone on this forum.

  95. #95 by ranjana kanti

    You can see more about me at and our sister concerns and

    We have an ad-agency Clay n’ Colors Communications, which provides 360 degree branding solutioins , IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) solutions including MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events & Exhibitions) and PR support.

    We also have a Production House Redstreet Productions and a 3D animation studio E-dutainment Unlimited.

    On our website we have put some of our works done in following areas.

    * Advertisement Films & T.V. Commercials
    * Promos & Teasers
    * Corporate Films
    * Public Service Advts.
    * Animation & Visual Effects

    If you are interested, I can again send you links for low-res showreels of Redstreet & E-dutainment.
    We look forward to a fruitful association.

    Best wishes
    Ranjana Kanti
    E-dutainment Unlimited
    # 4,5,6 Lenyadri CHS, Sector 19A, Nerul (E), Navi Mumbai 400706; INDIA.
    Tel. +91 9323467256
    +91 9820252205

  96. #96 by ranjana kanti


    I am pleased to introduce you to Clay n’ Color Communications, as among the fastest emerging creative agencies today. Striving to continually fulfill the unique demands of each of our clients, we deliver 360° marketing solutions. Our designs spell function, elegance and efficacy; our solutions allow for communication synergy – integral to every brand manager’s goals.

    From creative concept to corporate identity, from exhibition themes to event participation, from in-house signage to digital displays; from printed posters to web banners, from audio visuals to a simple email blast… our campaigns create the right marketing buzz. Clay n’ Color, well-equipped with a passionate team of experts enjoys an excellent track-record with Clients, including large corporate houses, as well as niche companies. Our creativity, value-added marketing, and timely deliverables transform the client’s vision into reality –
    “Shaping Ideas to Life”.

  97. #97 by MANOJKUMAR NAIR

    thanks ajit for writing here on was a big dream for me to be groomed at IIM s…reading ur thoughts n articles here i am starting my grooming..i know it is going to be very exciting for have that couragr to communicate with the people directly eventhough you are the chairman of the board. Sice beginning i am using and i am very happy using it. Thanks again!!

  98. #98 by MANOJKUMAR NAIR

    hi ajit..
    i just saw some of ur blog titles..and writing immediately to you..not gone thru blogs yet..i am a simple get to know ur thoughts who have delivered lectures at IIMs in india is very exciting thought for me..its technology..wonder what it will look like after few years!!!!

  99. #99 by Anonymous

    Dear Ajit,

    Please acknowledge if you received my last message with regards to bad experience with Rediff shopping. If I don\’t receive any acknowledgement from your side, I would have no option but to take the next step to recover my money and punish the fraudulent vendor.

    I have already told Rediff customer support that I have written to you regarding the matter and expected to have some impact of it, but I am sorry to say that I haven\’t heard from them even then.


  100. #100 by narayan patro

    Hi Ajit,

    Congrats for the new UI. The new Rediff looks great.
    The feature that I always wanted was the File Attachment system provided in the new Rediff.

    The best feature that I can talk of is the “Page” system introduced in the Inbox section. This feature makes Rediff email box unique as well navigation for the end user simpler.

    Thanks for the new features.
    Looking forward for many such kind of innovative ideas in Rediff Mailbox.

    Narayan Patro

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