1.     Our body is the greatest gift of God.
2.     Many times we eat because it is ‘time’ to eat.
3.     Eat only when you are hungry.
4.     Body has a unique intelligence – It will demand.
5.     10 to 15 minutes Exercise – Yoga – Asnas – a brisk walking is essential.
6.     Maintain the energy level.
7.     Have fixed timings – to go to bed and for rising.
8.     You have to find out how many ‘hours’ of sleep you require.
9.     Do not sleep in the afternoon.
10.   Do not eat too much chilly and spicy food.
11.   Drink one glass of hot milk daily.
12.   Drink lot of water – minimum 14 glasses a day.
13.   Early morning before brushing the teeth – drink 2 glasses of water.
14.   Do deep breathing exercise for 5 minutes.
15.   In the morning press the 15 knuckles of all fingers for 10 seconds each.
16.   This is a free body check up.
17.   After coming from the office relax for 5 minutes.
18.   Avoid outside food – hotel – restaurant – vendors etc.
19.   Always sit with your folded legs and spinal cord straight.
20.   Do not eat while watching TV.

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