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Effective Treatment for Loss of Appetite – Anorexia Remedies

Loss of appetite is a very common disorder these days. Anorexia is the medical term used for loss of appetite. This disorder is most commonly caused due to unhealthy lifestyle and faulty eating habits. A person suffering from this disorder must concentrate on lifestyle and eating habits which may be the cause for loss of appetite. Also, loss of appetite remedies is quite effective and may help in the anorexia treatment.  

There are some physical and psychological causes due to which a person may lose appetite. Physical causes may include faulty eating habits, usage of certain medications and unhealthy lifestyle. Firstly, skipping meals, intake of high-fat foods, excessive use of spices or oil and dieting are some of the inappropriate habits. Secondly, use of NSAID (Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs), some antibiotics are examples of some medications that may cause loss of appetite. Thirdly, going to bed right after having meal, repression of hunger and sedentary lifestyle may also lead to loss of appetite. 

In addition, there are some psychological causes for loss of appetite. For instance, depression, stress and anxiety may be the reasons for a person to lose appetite. It is also possible that any personal tragedy may affect a person so severely that he may lose his appetite. Others include hectic work schedules, relationship crisis and feeling of loneliness may also cause loss of appetite.  

It is found that when someone is suffering from this disorder, he may face some physical conditions. For example, fatigue, dizziness and giddiness may be due to physical weakness caused due to insufficient nutrition. In addition, due to physical weakness a person may feel pain anywhere in the body. The taste buds may be also affected by loss of appetite disorder.

Neglecting the disorder may lead to some serious health conditions. For example, body may become more vulnerable towards diseases and infections. It may also lead to many disorders of digestive system. Also it may harm the organs of body, for example liver, kidney or heart. 

There are some loss of appetite remedies mentioned ahead to help a person to get rid of this harmful disorder. Also some lifestyle changes and improvement in eating habits will help the remedies to work more effectively.

1. This remedy is believed to be most effective in appetite restoration. Take one teaspoon of lime juice, one teaspoon juice of ginger, a pinch of salt, and blend them together. Have this concoction two times in a day.

2. One can also have oranges for anorexia treatment. Grind some dried ginger to form a fine powder. Sprinkle a pinch of this powder and a pinch of black salt on a slice of orange. Eat 2 to 3 slices daily.

3. Prepare a mixture of following ingredients. One cup juice of jaggery, half teaspoon of tamarind powder, half teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a pinch of black pepper; mix all of these ingredients thoroughly. Drink this mixture once daily.

In conclusion, above mentioned loss of appetite remedies are most effective in treatment, but improvement in eating habits and lifestyle changes are also very important for restoration of appetite. For instance, avoid intake of fluids in midst of meal, do not skip meals, avoid to eat large meals and reduce the use of spices. Also avoid sedentary lifestyle and eat when you are hungry. In addition, stress reduction is also advised. In case of psychological disturbance, seek medical supervision to get rid of the problem.

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