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Home Remedies For Fibroids, Easy And Simple Natural Cure

Fibroids are non-cancerous tumor growths in the uterine. Uterine fibroids are also known as fibromyomas, myomas or leiomyomas. They may sometimes show no signs or symptoms. But some of the common symptoms may include backache, frequent urination, constipation, heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding between periods, leg pain and pelvic pain. The exact cause for fibroid development is unknown, but certain factors may affect fibroid growth such as; obesity, genetic alterations, chemicals and hormonal imbalance. 

Fibroids Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for fibroids which are cost-effective, simple and safe to use. Some of the popular home remedies for fibroids are given below:

1. One of the common home remedies for fibroids is to do aerobics or yoga on regular basis.

2. Meditation is equally beneficial in treating this problem. 

3. Avoid consumption of fatty foods such as beef and red meat. 

4. Add whole grains, fresh fruits, pulses, vegetables and cereals in your diet.

5. Consumption of soy products help in regulating hormonal balance. 

6. In order to shrink and prevent fibroid growth, try including herbs and supplements in your diet such as; milk thistle seed, yellow dock root, and dandelion. But consult your physician before taking any supplements or bringing changes to your diet.

7. In order to get relief from the pain caused by fibroids, take a towel and soak it in hot water and then place it on your stomach. 

8. Blend ginger or castor oil with water and consume it. This is very beneficial in reducing the size of the fibroids.

9. Drink plenty of water (eight to ten glasses) every day. This will flush out the toxins from your body which may or might be contributing formation of fibroids.

10. Those who are overweight should try to reduce some weight. Since estrogen is stored and manufactured in fat cells.

11. Eating bean sprouts on daily basis is also beneficial in fighting fibroids.

12. Consume fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel. They have anti-inflammatory properties which are very helpful in fighting fibroids.

13. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, aspartame, strong perfumes and conventional dairy and meat products.

14. Castor oil is known to have anti-inflammatory property. Castor oil packs can be used in order to facilitate medication by lymphatic drainage.

15. Follow this bath routine consecutively five times in a week. Bathe three minutes in hot water and then immediately bathe in cold water for almost thirty seconds, repeat this process three times.

16. One of the effective home remedies for fibroids is the use of goji berries. These berries basically work as anti-oxidants and reduce toxins accumulated in our body. They also stop fibroids from growing further.

17. Acai berries are also equally beneficial in treating fibroids. They too have anti-oxidant properties and prevent any further tumor growths.

18. Consuming raspberries is one of the effective home remedies for fibroids. Raspberry is known for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and cancer killing properties. Consume it every day in order to kill unhealthy cells and build new cells.

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