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Ayurvedic treatment for dermatitis and skin

Atopic dermatitis is very irritating skin disease like eczema. It is
termed as chronic inflammatory condition of skin which is
non-contagious but relapsing in nature. Patient`s skin becomes very
itchy and is highly vulnerable to infections, allergies and other skin
problems. Atopic dermatitis is generally misdiagnosed as psoriasis but
it is very different to psoriasis. It is a chronic disease whose
symptoms can increase or decrease with time and sometimes even

So steroids can give you relief for some time but it is not
a permanent or long term treatment. Secondly steroid treatment has its
own disadvantages. Its treatment is just like psoriasis and eczema and
we recommend you to take full package for complete relief in your problem of atopic dermatitis. All
medicines included in this package are to purify the blood and body
internally. These medicines detoxify whole body and give instant relief
in chronic and irritant skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and atopic

These medicines have steroids like effect on our body and
increase our vitality and immunity. A regular course of these medicines
for two to three months will give you satisfactory results. These
medicines are safe and have no side effect on body. So take medicines
regularly and increase water intake to help in better cleansing of your
systems. Take light and homemade meals only.

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