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Dosage of Shiljit

In ancient books different modes of usage is mention such as.
to the Caraka Samhita shilajit rasayana is described where shilajit is
immersed into a hot decoction of herbs that are prescribed for
alleviating the aggravation of dosha. This process is repeated for
seven days and processed shilajit is mixed with powdered iron.

Administered with milk this elixir brings long life and happiness and prevents aging and disease.
Administration of 48 gm for seven weeks is said to have excellent effects.
According to the Astanga Hrdayam the minimum, moderate and maximum dosage is mentioned.

Shilajit is important for edema, particularly in weak types, 1-2 grams twice a day with water or milk.
dose of shilajit is usually quite low at around 125-250mg twice per
day.  However, in diabetes, it has been recommended in much higher
doses such as 1 g twice per day.

Shilajit mixes well with ashwagandha for seminal debility and with gokshura as a urinary tonic.
For the treatment of both male and female infertility, it can be taken in unusually high doses of 1 tsp twice per day.
For men combine with ashwagandha and for women with shatavari.

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