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No Trace Theorem

Amit Srivastava

In all likelihood capitalism saves many more from catastrophes than what socialist or communist measures can. Growth and inflation is required for the continuity and the stability of various topologies. Bible is interpreted by many as a socialist preaching but considering that all Whites are either Christian or atheist (a weak form of Christianity) and except Russians they follow in some sense capitalism, they can not be said to be non-believer. The point gets highlighted by the fact that Jesus after resurrection asked his disciples to evangelize Jews. Jesus should have been talking about a race; Caucasian and not about human race. The equality, peace, democracy and justice are more the norms of the societies that follow capitalism than those which do not. Moreover, if the theory of birth of all humans from four African cousins is correct and this when combined with the fact that Africans are forgotten race hints at a capitalist kind of world.

There comes a question whether the universe would preserve all its history in the form of radiation and make it available to humans on earth after 13.7 billion years or has the some information lost. This is not question of ever increasing entropy and constantly decreasing information (infons) in logarithmic sense. It’s a fundamental question whether the probing of the universe requires a capitalist tool like spaceship or is it feasible with the limited mean available to humans on earth with speed of light as the highest speed of propagation for massless particles?

Lets now talk about a theorem called ‘No Trace Theorem’. It starts with an assumption that the universe is necessarily cruel and capitalist. It does not mean that the all of the societies which could develop spaceship, should it be believed that extraterrestrial life exists, necessarily follow free market economy ideology. If population is controlled and low then there might be little difference between socialism espousing equality and brute capitalism. Whatever be the case spaceship is a capitalist tool even in the hand of communist society.

The universe knows only one law to constantly evolve, evolve even before Big Bang. It is not bound by any ideological beliefs (of humans of any place) except its own ability to evolve. It need not be preserving in physical sense in that it leaves traces of all phenomenon; that traces can be recovered only by paying cost and some can never be recovered. These costs have deep physical meaning and may follow laws of their own. The law is simple- radiation which is universal and does not change with time and propagates with an invariant speed can not be ultimate probe to this universe because humans have not put much effort. In other word humans, who are not responsible for creating these radiations, no say in propagating these radiations but have put only a small effort to receive them, can not put together the facts to make a foolproof theory of origin of the universe.

Humans on earth have not invested much to extract information about the origin of the universe. The humans will have to cross various technology barriers like alternate fuel, artificial intelligence, capacity to probe at least small part of the galaxy horizontally and possibly crossing the light-speed barrier. The taxation should be the law of the universe. The more one civilization wants to probe, the more it needs to invest. Even the alternate fuel may require more than hundred billion dollars worth investment. Moreover, more the past one wants to probe, more should be the cost and there may come saturation point for direct observation. By the same law future is costlier to probe since by knowing future a society can improve its lot.



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