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Universalism means dead end!

Amit Srivastava

According to media reports, Google Company is developing software which can instantly translate the dialogue between two people on cell phone. The company has already created an automatic system for translating text on computers. It covers 52 languages out of 6000 plus languages spoken in the world. This will be the first automatic speech translation service for cell phones. One needs to have a combination of high accuracy machine translation and high accuracy voice recognition to let it work properly. It may take a couple of years to bring the product in the market.

While this is a welcome step and a requirement of time, the Western companies need to invest in other projects too. On surface the software appears to increase the functionalities of non-English speaking people and linguistic minorities and making communication work the best possible way, the fact is that it would make increase the dependencies on the Western world more by increasing the gap between the West and the rest.

The Western, particularly, the American companies should also invest in humans and their wealth. The importance of culture and identity should be the most important thing for all of the people including European countries. In the name of integration the identity of nation-states and culture should not be blurred. The only entity above nation-state which can survive the test of time is the West. This era of barrier-less world may even bring barriers above the pre-GATT world, should the busts outnumber booms and the inflation crosses a mark.

The idea of investing in equality may be the most desirable thing for investors. Instead of making dependent consumers, the investors and the corporations should make wealthier consumers. There should be a limit about the wealth that can be generated on earth. Therefore, the numbers of wealthier consumers would be significantly lower than the numbers of dependent consumers. If the investors invest in equality creating products than not only inflation would be lower, but the population and therefore stress on natural resources would be lesser as well. There needs to be proper equilibrium between horizontal and vertical wealth. For a stable society, not only vertical accumulation is required but fairly distributed horizontal spread is also required. To keep the inflation low, the cost of producing capital should be low and therefore population additions should be very low or zero or even negative. While accumulation should be the desired thing, horizontal distributions should be more important. It should be noted that there are very limited means to produce capital and distribute it properly other than capitalism and all such versions would be derivatives of capitalism.

In order to make a more stable world, both the governments and private businesses should invest in local institutions. They should invest in local food, language, culture and lifestyle with the help of locals and should not make locals believe on universalized versions. The governments and the private institutions should not make local culture survive on non-economic inflation (NEI). They should not let people believe in psychological convergence. As all apes could not become humans, all humans can not become Americans. Instead of substantiating local beliefs many of which may be incorrect, the institutions should invest in correcting the gaps in the evolutions and not deforming or distorting them.

If a country can not produce a consumer product with the help of original producers or show no sign of understanding it, then the country should rethink its consent for a barrier-less world. The relative psychological level of all countries should be almost the same and the gaps should not be inflationary. In this way all nations can co-evolve in an asymmetric and irreversible world. There should be attempts to produce those products which increase the values of a human of all cultures and nations, like; food, farming products, bio-engineering products, cosmetics, clothing and medicines etc. Such products should be localized and not universalized. The world would be happier and safer if bio-wealth is generated for all. Very sophisticated high-technology products should be limited one, at least initially. Without generating bio-wealth for all, all talks about equality should be considered as racial homosexuality.

(It will be naïve for the readers to consider it as campaign against or for any products.)


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