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Genetic tests and population control

Amit Srivastava

There is a competition among many dating sites to include genetic tests in finding true love. The extrapolation of this expertise may be to control the sex of the child through medication and through the same have both the sexes. These genetic tests could be used to predict the profession of the offspring too.

The idea of a couple having a son and a daughter and this technology be extended to all the couples is very exciting one as this puts the net growth rate both locally and globally at zero provided the distribution of age is equitable. The idea of population being stable at both micro level and macro level makes the world more stable. But the population of earth is itself very high and far above the level of sustainable decent life. The same very high level of population puts the equity in human development indices only a far fetched imagination. Though it is hypothetical one but it is good to consider the consequence of an equal distribution of X chromosomes and Y chromosomes among males at an affordable price.

The macro level stability checks the inflation as all additions to populations are inflationary. The micro level checks the related rise of unnecessary expectations. Together both checks the distortions in social and public life and put an end to conflicts both internally and externally.  Even if technological ability is there, it requires more than that. It requires political commitments to popularize such technology. The competitions among the regions, nations need to be contained and the idea of demographic dividends needs to be put aside. The immigration and exit policy need to be revisited and it may put an end to uncontrolled, unchecked expansion of dominant nationals. Since it requires the containment of expansionism of the dominant nationals therefore it is contradictory in evolutionary sense and may come at a time when population has become stabilized and politics of the time does not permit any reduction through legislations or political efforts.

But should it come it would lead to wide improvement in the genetic functionalities of humans of the time and improve upon the work structure of human civilization. Automation can be used to improve the functionalities but this method is good for a low populated society. It can come in isolation in the parts of the West and if automation is proper then would lead to new conflicts. The stable population can improve the chances of conflict resolution and literally takes away the first strike options from nuclear capable countries.

The conflict in most of the cases is among demography- when one kind of people reject the control of other kind of people in their life. Whether it is the Kashmir or the Middle East the stable relative population or non-competition in population growth keeps the sentiments somewhat calm and does not escalate the tension. Any relative population increase among the Arab in the Palestine is going to raise the Israeli eyebrows. Similarly any significant relative population increase among either Hindus or Moslems can lead to the cycles of violence and counter-violence in Kashmir.

The stable populated world both at micro and macro level would stabilize the nuclear deterrence among the nuclear haves and takes away the first strike option. The US and Russia can segment militarily then as the inflation approaches an appropriate value. They can take pledge not to kill any region, ethnicity, nation or religion and also not to allow any one to do so. It effectively takes away the first strike option of the UK, France and China along with those of the unrecognized nuclear weapon states and by the laws of politics Russian options become static zero and the American becomes diluted.

The idea of micro and macro stability is the urgently required but only rich among the people and Westerners could have access to this. Such technology would be beginning of new conflicts and chaos all around the globe.     

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