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Amit Srivastava

David Levy in his famous book, “Sex with Robot: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationship” argues that by mid-century getting sex with an electronic femme-fatale or a superstud sexbot will become popular. Doing sex with robot should be considered as ideal sex if it controls the distortions in sexual life, like perverted attitudes,  homosexuality in Western society and pre-marital and extra-marital sex in traditional societies.

The ability to do sex without always a partner can help make family and society stable. Imagine a person doing simulated sex with robots with the help of a computer screen. One can get as beautiful and as handsome partner as one wants, simulate it with the help of screen and enjoy with the help of robot. One can imagine anybody and can do simulated sex. One can have all kind of sex like group sex etc with only single or two partners (one male and one female) doing the real sex. All taboos can be broken without affecting the psyche of the people.  

But doing simulated sex with or without the help of robot is going to further the distortions of a sexually engaging society. The libido is going to get increased and contrary to common perception the demand for opposite sex is going to get increased. Many people believe that by removing the actual female from the sex, these robots would ignore the person part of a woman and would focus on only sexual parts. But this is not going to be the case as sex would be more popular and the happening thing all around the globe. 

The ability of doing sex with robot is going to increase the demand for equality and therefore distort the politics of the globe. This is going to sharpen the bipolarity of the America whereby the internal politics of the US would divide the globe around two poles- one Democrat and one Republican. Majority of non-White immigrants would support the Democrats and there would be inherent wish among the immigrants to destroy the Republicans.

The more and more people would be bisexual with insertion or penetration being the theme. With this sexual habit dominating the life, there would be more gays and lesser lesbians. The sex would be dominated by insertion and it would be dominated by Penis like object. It would be return of male chauvinism with more and more people seeking sex with prostitutes. Of course, with the passage of time the females are going to be more prosperous and this can help offset some of the male-dominance. The class, color, race and caste arguments are going to be increased. The world would be a divided family with rich becoming richer and middle-class competing for that life.

When the world’s population has already crossed the level of a decent sustainable life and it is non-stop increasing, the popular usage of robots in personal lives is going to create tensions and induce conflicts. With increase in population there would be increased demand for ‘visa versus trade’ policy, but there may be lesser jobs at lower level in the West due to automation. Moreover, by the mid-century, the natural fuel would be almost exhausted and it requires the invention of alternate fuel to sustain a decent sex life. With the end of oil, the prices of natural resources may crash making deflation the dominant theme.

There was a time when psychological evolution was controlled by biological evolution of the past and that time-limit was invention of the internet. Now the evolution steps might not be dictated by the biological evolution. While there is some point in not checking the uncontrolled population growth, in long term it may be harmful to the whole society. There is some point as well in checking the spread of democracy. If all get votes then it will be end of democracy as it would be a heavily populated America with non-Whites and Whites equal in proportion. The US would definitely outsource diffusiveness from all over the globe and it may hint at the end of bipartisanism or end of parity in bipartisanism. The loss of bipartisanism means the end of democracy in the world. Doing sex with robots is a good thing if it checks the social expressions of libido. It is just another method which would distort more that it corrects, if it does not fulfill its proper function.   

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