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Kahaani Mohabbat Ki…

January 28, 2009 By: Anonymous Poet Category: Poetry

Reading the description of a woman when she wakes up set my poetic thoughts to work as it covered my favourite subjects, passion and romance! (not to forget the dimples too!)

Beauty, I feel lies in simplicity and is best when seen in its raw form..a lady just up from deep surely one such example…I give you “Kahaani Mohabbat Ki” 

Pic: sourced from Internet

Maa Baap aur Hum

January 21, 2009 By: Anonymous Poet Category: Blogs

I just saw Baghban once again and was driven to my laptop to pen down the thoughts playing in my mind. I was pondering on the fact of what selfless and unconditional love is. In the quest to search the exact meaning of this term…I closed my eyes and my life rewinded and went back to the last imprinted memory of what I remember. The earliest memory is that of when I was left to school by my mom. She dropped me holding my fingers in the warmth of her hand, I guess if any one asks me to define what it feels to miss some one badly…a guy who is in love would say that I miss my beloved, a guy who is alone would say that he misses his friends…I would say that no feeling is close to missing my mom the day she left me for the school all alone….suddenly the warmth of her palms was missing…suddenly the calmness of the aanchal of her saare on my face was missing…..

The movie brought back those memories to my eyes again..and I could not stop my eyes from getting moist, thinking of all those parents in the old age home. I have never gone to one, however, I know that most of them are either abandoned by their sons/daughters or have lost them. Loosing a son/daughter is painful to the core, but we somehow over come the loss as time is a big healer….but most unfortunate are those parents who know that the children who grew up in front of their eyes, who came to utter their first word through them, are today teaching them the realities of life…that too by leaving them alone and then not looking back even if they die…isn’t it a strange irony that our parents leave us to schools to let us face the world and be responsible enough to face ourselves ..but we comfortably forget as to what they have done for us and leave them alone in the times when they need us the most. Is this their fault to expect that the small little innocent child who is a part of them, who has taken all his/her first step right in front of their eyes..knowing that come what, my parents are with me…will support them when they are old? How many times we remember this that it was our dad’s security that we didn’t have the fear of falling when we first tried to learn cycling. We knew that dad is holding the cycle.  And isn’t it a strange irony that when our parents want us the most for their security, we leave them to fight their destiny while knowing that our destiny would always owe them something.

We say that a couple who does not have a child is unfortunate. But a couple who has a child which leaves them to the misery of fate and then never looks back are far more unfortunate. It is better not to have a child then. Because it is a curse on such people who cannot value the price that parents pay in raising them only to land up in old age homes. Don’t our parents deserve that even their most unjustified and most unreasonable things are accepted and accepted with sheer love. The way they do it for us…

kyun ki unka itna ehsaan to hum par hameshaa hi rahega ki unhone hume duniyaa dikhaayi hai…aur apni har khushi ko maar kar sirf humaare sapne sajaane me apne baal safed kar diye…  shayad hum unhe jeevan ki choti badi khushiyo aur dosto ke beech bhool jaaye, lekin wo hume apni har baat me yaad hi kaash aaj bachhe humare saath hote..unka darzaa to bhagwaan se bhi upar ho jaata hai fir..kyun ki itni kurbaaniyaan to bhagwaan bhi nahin de sakte hain….aur jaise jaise main ye likh rahaa hoon, waise waise hi mujhe mere sawaal ka jawaab miltaa jaa raha hai…agar pyaar sach me paane

ki ummeed rakhta to…maa baba jo apne bachhe se karte hain wahi sachha pyaar hai…kyun ki baaki har pyaar to hum apne liye karte hain..fir wo chaahe apne jeevan saathi se hi kyun na ho….


hai khudaa, hai rab aur hai bhagwaan bhi

hum shayad hain usse aaj anjaan bhi

oonchaa hai jo bhagwaan se bhi…

de diya hai har katraa apne khoon ka

khud ki saans chaahe sisak jaaye

aulaad ko apni har naseeb mil jaaye

dharti par ro raha hai apni aulaad ke liye

maa baap kehlaata hai wo insaan bhi….

I might forget that who am I one day, I might lose my identity and my one day…I would never forget the faint smell of my dad’s after shave while I used to curl my legs around his legs, wrap my arms around his chest with my head on his shoulders and get into the deepest and the most peaceful sleeps. It used to be the most secured feeling in this world….I can write endlessly on this, however, If I am to define Maa Baba in one sentence

Maa – The irrational sense of hope to fight back life in me is my Maa

Baba – My desire to fly and rule the sky in my fighter jet is my papa

If at all reading this made you to remember your maa baba…do remember what all they have done for you…and tell them that you do love them and give them back the security which they have always given to us….that I will be there for you…..

Lakshya@Chanakya – Best Days of My Life

January 15, 2009 By: Anonymous Poet Category: Blogs

I saw the movie Lakshya once more yesterday and happened to go back in the memory lane remembering my visit to the theatre for this movie (all time favorite of mine).

I was in IIT Delhi for my second year summer internship along with my pal Kataria.

The places where IITD scored were the chicks at the campus and of course the sexy swimming pool at student’s disposal. Yepp, IITs are the place where the ratio she:he is very insignificant, almost approaching zero. For our batch it was 7:215 !!!

However, we felt on the top of the world that ours was the most beautiful campus undoubtedly and has the sexiest hostels (ours were much cleaner and had an independent balcony for each room).

Anyways, I want to tell you that how excited we were on our internshipJ. Our first weekend at IITD, we were full of enthu as delhi had enough distractions to spend the weekends compared to Guwahati where the theatres had seats similar to those at the railway waiting rooms……


It was decided that we are hitting the Chanakya theatre on this weekend to watch Lakshya, we were desperately looking for one in our lives. Trust me on this, the hardest part of life actually happens to be the search for a purpose worthy enough to live you life for, rather than to achieve that purpose! At least I believe so!

It was a typical Saturday eve, streets already full of smoking machines running soullessly on the roads of Delhi. Chanakya has a street food joint “China Town”, which serves excellent Chinese food, Indian style. They serve excellent momos and sizzlers! One of the best that I have ever had! Me and Kataria already hogged on the chef’s delicacy there and were quite full. Our show was to start at 9 PM sharp. We decided that we would see the movie in the DC (dress circle), tickets costing meager 25 bucks. Got into the line and managed the tickets as there was no advance booking for the same. Kataria warned me

“Oye Varun sambhal ke rehna, yahaan seats allotted nahin hoti hain, you gotta practice some somersaults and hurdle jumping race to get the best possible seats. Beware of the sudden surge of public behind you, it is almost like a stampede!”


I took that for granted, ki aise hi hota hoga and blah blah blah! As usual, standing there waiting for the gates to be opened. I could see that there was not much crowd there, so was kinda relaxed. Suddenly the gates were opened and could see people flocking the door as if the doors to heaven has been opened and has limited entry, would be closing soon leaving the rest of the junta to occupy hell! I exactly knew what Kataria meant by “surge”! It was a literal stampede, I was pushed and pressed to the wall and the pressure on me was increasing. My condition was no less than that of a washer man’s ass that goes happily to the river carrying the clothes to be washed. However, when he returns back with the wet clothes, you can see his tongue popping out and eyes almost bulging! Yeah I felt like an ass to ignore what Kataria advised….I could see Kataria’s head, that too was able to recognize it by the typical hair growth pattern on his head…yeah that’s my pal!

Suddenly, my mimicry senses and adrenaline were working fast. I knew that this is the time to fight, hit others and survive else I die here itself. And come on, It would be so stupid to die here…wo bhi movie theatre me! No way! I gathered all my strength and pushed the wall against me (remember the Newton’s third law!). Wall pushed me back with an equal force. Roared till my vocal chords ached….roared till the junta around me thought as if there was something wrong..hehehehe it worked, I read it in ninth standard that it is called the Aggressive Mimicry! Cats use it quite often. Also the funda is, when you see that you have no way to escape…try this “Hoo haaaa hooooo!!!! And then..patli gali se choo!!!”

 Yeah, I saw that patli gali right in front of my eyes…boom baam bang…and I was out of the crowd. I swear the next sight was quite unusual to my eyes. I saw kataria jumping like a hurdle race runner, one step on the seat and other between the rows…he sat in the last row close to the balcony row and kept one hand on the other seat, stopping the others to sit there….


Pic: Sourced from

Yeah kataria, I owe you a seat in a theatre pal! Wait till I reach the US and when we see our next big flick together!

All said and done, Kataria was smiling with an “I told you naa” look. Finally the movie started. Scenes passed by, led me thinking about my purpose of life! Two questions which were prominent in my mind but very bleakly answered…

What I wanted to do?

I always wanted to be a fighter pilot and serve the Indian Air Force, a job worth dying for.

What am I doing?

I am a second year civil engineering student at IIT Guwahati. If not all, many students who couldn’t make it to the IITs would like to be in my shoes. But it is similar to my situation anyways, I wanted to be a fighter pilot but I am no where close to that.


Amidst all these cluttered thoughts, I heard the guy sitting next to me….

“arre bhai sahib..pata hai ab Hritik, academy chod ke bhaag jaayega…Jintaa (priety) use chod degi” I could actually hear the crushing of half chewed pan masala in his mouth! I ignored once. Then again, after some time “bhai sahib..pata hai..ab Jintaa ki sagaai toot jaayegi, wo border pe chali jaayegi” Arrrrghh..I hated him for this and more so for the way he pronounced “Jintaa” I liked her a lot till the day Priety Zintaa actually scolded a frend of mine who was too excited seeing her talking to Karan Johar and Isha Sharwani and tried taking her snap without her permission. (during the times when IIFA was scheduled to happen in Amsterdam) I somehow couldn’t take her attitude. Anyways that is altogether a different story.


Finally, when the third time he told me that he has seen the movie six times..I told him to shut up his mouth and if he spoke even a single word, I would throw him outta the movie hall. (I usually don’t take panga like this..lekin ab bol diyaa to bol diyaa, jo hoga dekha jaayega…kataria to hai hi saath!) He finally shut his mouth and I was in peace with my thought process while Kataria was enjoying every moment of this.

The movie ended on a happy note, lakshya achieved, gal in the arms, parents happy and junta happy too…


It was not the end for me there. However, I decided that day…..


I know that I might not have a perfect ending, with all the things that I want to have in life. But I know this for sure that I will be putting in 100% of me in whatever I do, without cribbing. Because sometimes, when you want to define your interest and you actually don’t know what interests you….you take interest in the things that you do and you do things that interest you…that balance should be maintained, else that is the point where you lose the lakshya in your life.


With my journey forward, I came across iland, writing poems and narratives, interacting with people, I knew my purpose of life…it is certainly not making big in life intellectually….it is living in this world even after I am gone. Living a life which is worthy enough to be called a life….it is laughing and making others laugh…I guess no other contentment satiating than this…


Lakshya…I now know, is a continuous journey, not a destination!


For all of you – Aap Ke Nishaan…

January 12, 2009 By: Anonymous Poet Category: Poetry

Hey all, this poem is for all the ilanders and iland! I, by chance, came wandering on to the blog and then thought of creating  one for myself as well…the journey till now has been of immense pleasure and happiness, thanks to each one of you J I have in a way found the purpose of my life here….

I wrote a paragraph of the poem in one of my friend’s GB on her silent visit and then later made it a poem…

As when ever you visit my space you do leave “Aap Ke Nishaan” …for all of you J



Guwahati – Tawang Trip – Best Days of My Life

January 07, 2009 By: Anonymous Poet Category: Blogs

This trip happens to be one of my most memorable trips while my stint at IIT Guwahati. Our end-sems were fast approaching and we desperately needed a break. It is a very common sight during those times; you can spot students dashing from room to room, student to student, canteen to canteen hunting and digging for notes to be Xeroxed as if there is no tomorrow. And its diwaali time for the library ka Xerox wala bhaiyaa. Some bonds have clearly written with bold letters on their foreheads “Yaar, kuch to padhaa de yaar!!”.

Ahh, lemme explain you what exactly a bond means. In IIT lingo:


BOND = A person good at everything EXCEPT studies, a breed that thinks it rules the world. They are most seen during the meetings, cult eves, usual evening strolls, gaming sessions… 


GHISSOO = A person good at nothing EXCEPT studies, a breed that is high on demand during quizzes and exams!


STUD = A person good at everything, studies, sports, gals, speaking, etcetera etcetera. Bound to make it big in life!


However, studies were the last thing on our mind! All our batch mates and seniors have already been to Tawang and we have heard so much about it that now the urge to visit Tawang was inevitable. Five of us, me, Mandi (Saurabh), Kataria (Suresh), Khattu (Vishal) and Lanka (Phani) decided to pack the bags and hit the highway. Tawang is a district at the northwest extremity of Arunachal Pradesh which is yet an untouched virgin beauty. It holds beauty in its natural form, the mountains, the snow and everything.

Pic: A view from our hotel


Me and mandi were able to convince all the others with much drama getting right from “in the name of our friendship” to being nostalgic that it was our last year at campus. You can very well imagine our plight in convincing such lazy bums. What else would you expect from the guys who would squeeze the tooth paste tube until the tube starts to cry in pain and not even a molecule of toothpaste is left. Only then will they move their bums to get a new one (mind you, this happens only after all the tubes of the corridor have underwent a similar plight and are lying down some where in the dustbin!). We all were so mutually dependent even for our basic needs! These guys even used to jump in the balcony of my room and vanish off with the bucket and mug to bath and I used to be left figuring out who is it this time??


Finally all set, we were ready to go. We managed to get our permit from the Arunachal Pradesh’s tourism office for Tawang (it is advisable to arrange it before hand and avoid last minute rush).


I always thought that we get a good Sumo/Scorpio (of course the CD player in the car was a must!!) booked from the city at a decent price (like all the others did). To our hard luck, Guwahati was having elections and all the cabs have already been booked. And then after much wait we managed a crappy Spacio with a crappy lil stereo. But nonetheless, our spirits were high to see the snow!


Pic: A snowy lake enroute Tawang

Lesson number one: Look for the season and the time you are visiting Tawang (best time is pre monsoon sometime in March-April) but hey, watch out for the elections and other security issues.


Yippeee, finally we leave for Tawang, after much altercations and arguments with each other, behaving the typical “your mistake-not mine” way. I already started to feel cold!!


We left Guwahati at 12.00 noon and it took us 4 hours to reach Tezpur, our first halt en-route Tawang. We decided to break the journey here and continue early morning. We managed to find a passable lodge and stayed overnight. Got up early in the morning at 3AM and decided to leave. With weary and sleepy eyes it was hard to recognise who was who! and to add to that kataria’s snoring (he is a champ in that, and I guarantee you that no sedative can induce sleep if he is around sleeping) didn’t leave any one of us to sleep (trust me I am sure the guy sitting at the reception would also not have slept because of that!). Khattu and Lanka made weird sounds all night (dunno what they were upto! Mebbe sum horny dream!) Finally, managed to get some early morning tea, khattu was busy staring the chai wali (sorry dost!)

Pic: 3.30 AM chai@Tezpur, enroute Tawang


And then we moved on, we could see the dawn approaching which we never did in the past few years as have always got up when the sun has said hello to us. Soon we were surrounded by mountains all around, lush green mountains and we could see the redness in the sky above them. It was a mystifying experience to slowly see the changing color of the sky. We stopped to capture this in our cameras. It was magical indeed!




We reached Arunachal border in some time and from there our ascent to the heavenly abode started. We could feel the freshness in the air. After 4 hours of journey from Tezpur, we reached Bomdila, another beautiful city of Arunachal.


Pic: This is Bomdilla
Pic: Kapuchi is all yours! the show stealer indeed, enroute Tawang

 We spent some time there, just collected things to munch on our way (I am a big foodie!). Khattu and Kataria were game to get some booze as well on the pretext that there will be freezing cold on the way and they will need that (sahi kaha gaya hai, peene walo ko peene ka bahaana chahiye). And then the journey continued…..


Pic: enroute Tawang, the added effect of rain drops on the car’s windscreen


Our journey was along the trail of Chinese in reverse i.e. western most sector of AP, Bhalukpong-Bomdila-Tawang circuit. As we moved away into the interiors, we could feel the simplicity in the lives of the local residents. It is one of India’s most sparsely populated, little visited and least spoken of province. That is what sets it apart from rest of the states of India.  Arunachal Pradesh comes to headlines (rather to any news story) during wartime or China making and India denying territorial claim over it.



Pic: Sela Pass


Pic: Mandi’s topa rocked!

On the way we crossed the famous Sela pass, world’s second highest pass, at an elevation of approximately 14,000 feet. I had heard about it often when I was in class 7th and my geography teacher used to tell us about it. Ironically, in the exams, I used to never get it right!! Now I would remember it for my lifetime! It runs through a small ridge along the paradise lake with bluish water, glimmering in the dying rays of the setting Sun. It was a bewitching beauty. These guys now had another reason to have a drink, phew it was cold, infact, it was freezing! Mandi was keeping warm with his topa (see pic) and kataria and khattu had a drink to warm them. I was keeping warm besides mandi. Somehow we got out to take few snaps and hurled back in few minutes into our cozy sumo.


Pic: Having Maggi at 13,700 feet is priceless indeed!


Pic: Winds blowing us off our feet!

Crossing Indian military camps and bunkers, we finally reached Twanag. Magnificet!!! is what we said unanimously. In the bird eye view of Tawang we could see the Buddhist monastery on the hill from a distance and could feel its vibes all around us. It was dark by then and was drizzling, it made the lights that could be seen from a distance to flicker giving an added effect. We then rushed to our hotel as we were hell tired and hogged like pigs, as if food would be scarce for the next few days and we will live in a virtual famine. But then after such a tiring journey we were savoring specially made aaloo parathas. It was fantabulous! 

I came out of the hotel during the night at around 10pm. It was pitch dark and all I could see were the twinkling stars. Never in my life was I so close to the sky, felt as if I could reach for the stars! The clarity in the sky, dew like freshness was unexplainable. I have never seen such clear sky as there was zero pollution. Finally, the aaloo paratha was having its effect, I felt sleepy and then went off and sneaked into my bed actually our bed……while lanka and khattu made all kinds of noises again, kataria was happily snoring! 

The next morning as I came to the balcony of the hotel, the Tawang monastery on a hill, at an elevation of 10000 feet above the sea level, overlooking the vast Tawang valley, was seen flooded by the morning sun. We later visited the monastery or Buddhist Gompa.


Pic: Tawang, a bird’s eye view
Pic: Tawang Market

It was pacifying aura there, perfect blend of peace and calm; it was so very new to us. We found solace in escaping from the usual numerical theory concepts and the logic of how a load is distributed on a cantilever! In the temple there is a 28 feet high golden statue of Lord Buddha. A must visit I would say.


Pic: Statue of lord Buddha

We went to Jaswant Garh which is a war memorial at Tawang, raised to pay homage to Jaswant Singh and other soldiers, who fought valiantly but were killed in the battle of Nuranang, during the Chinese aggression in 1962.  


Pic: Now you see mandi why I tell you to join the gym asap!

We saw all the other local places around. Our driver tried taking us to the famous lake that was created because of the earth quake that occurred in 1950 there. The famous hindi movie Koyla too was shot there, since then the lake has been better known as Madhuri lake :D. However, due to excessive snowing, we couldn’t reach the place.


Pic: Road to heaven!!!


Never mind that, we have all decided to fulfill our long cherished dream of making a snowman there in the snow. All of us set on a roll, the driver explaining the concept about how to roll the snow easily. Finally, we managed to carve a cute lil snowman of ours from the snow. He was indeed smiling!


Our snoman says hi! to you
Pic: Our snoman with us, long cherished dream!

It started to snow again and we came back to the Sumo to get back. The very next day we packed our bags and our hearts with the warmth of the memories of this place. None of us would ever forget the hospitability of the localites here, so very cheerful and amicable, they surely stole our hearts.

And more so we felt more bonded to each other, the crappy lil stereo seemed to play best sounding music to our ears…soothing indeed. Only then the realization struck us that within a year we will have to leave all this and go altogether in a different world, where existence ceases to exist. Discussing all this, when we reached back to our alma mater, we didn’t even realize. However, we realized that how bonded we were as the students of IIT Guwahati to our insti and as friends hailing from the same department. It feels as if it was yesterday only…that it passed by leaving us in the hands of today to look at tomorrow in a hope that they would return……those were indeed the best days of my life!



Once Again, I am Tagged!

January 05, 2009 By: Anonymous Poet Category: Blogs

Hey all, I have been tagged by Sarita and Anamika, so friends don’t mind, I am answering them together as the questions are same J Actually, I remembered quite a few songs when I read the questions. However, couldn’t post my answers earlier. Please bear this for my sake J



RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by them.

RULE #2 Tag six people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.



1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?



I will be glad that she betrayed me, else shaadi hone ke baad agar aisa hota naa tab main sadak pe aake kapde faad kar gana gaa raha hota


“Achha silaa diya tune mere pyaar ka SSSS, yaar ne hi loot liyaa ghar yaar kaa SSSSS”


Then also I would have been richer by few bucks as I sing pathetically and I am sure the passers by on the road would be pestered enough to pay me for not singing J. Plus gud or bad both make you learn important lessons in life. Most of the important lessons that matter (not the ones that you skip anticipating that, arre iska question to aahi nahin sakta hai) are learnt the hard way!!!


I firmly believe on Bus, Train aur Ladki thing …ek gayi doosri aati hai ..isliye bhaago mat! ;)


2. If you could have one dream come true which one would it be?



“Mera ik sapna hai, ki dekhoon tujhe sapno me….

Tu mane ya naa mane, tu hai mere apno me…”


Let dreams be dreams only J gar reality me ho gaye to sapne dekhne ka mazaaa kirkiraa ho jaayega.

Fir bhi gar aap jaan na chahte hain to it would be that one find day I know that I am a fighter pilot flying a Sukhoi!!! (my first love)

Is janam to is paapi aur zaalim zamaane ne hume milne nahin diya, lekin agle har ik janam aur uske baad bhi, jeene se pehle aur marne ke baad bhi…you are mine my love, promise!

3. Is there any person, at whose face you wanted to throw your slippers/sandals/shoes at?


I don’t believe in wasting my time and energy and my shoes/slippers on such persons if there are any. Why should I dirty my shoes. However, given a chance I would bash people who take undue advantage of women in whatever way.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?


Jokingly, I would like to open a poultry farm…..

Hazaaro chooze, aur unke 10 hazaaro ande, fir main ek dukaan khol leta, jahaan un ando se omlette bana ke bechta aur uske saath bread bhi main hi supply karta…omlette ka raja, bread ka baadshaah (hehehehe seen Andaaz Apna Apna? It has an interesting business idea J)and then I sing the song:


“Mujhe paisa mila, yaar aisaa milaa…ab khareedoonga banglaa gaadi”


On a serious note, I would have invested it into my business idea then I wouldn’t have to wait for a venture capitalist to invest in me. I don’t believe in stagnant capital! Cash should flow….in and out!

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?


I don’t want to lose my best friend and love both at the same time, so let best friend be best friend. I rather believe in making my spouse my best friend, not my best friend my spouse….


“Main ladkaa hoon tum ladki ho..tum aayi to….sach kehtaa hooon

Aayaa mausam………dostii kaa… aaya mausam ….dosti kaa”

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?

“Har kisi ko nahin miltaaa, yahaan pyaar zindagi me,

Khushnaseeb hain wo jinko hai mili ye bahaar zindagi me


Hontho se honth mile nab hale, chahe mile na bahe bahoon se,

Do dil zinda reh sakte hain, chahat ki bhari nigaahon se


Zulfo ke narm andhere hain, jismo ke garm ujaale hain,

Jeete ji jinko pyaar mila, wo log kismat waale hain”


I believe that it should be both, being loved and love someone! To be called truly blessed.

7. How long would you wait for someone you love?


“Intehaa ho gayi, intezaar ki….

Aayi na kuch khabar, mere yaar ki

Hai hume ye yakeen, bewafaa wo nahin,

fir wajah kya hui..intezaar ki”


pyaar me milne ki shart nahin hoti, pyaar sirf pyaar hi hota hai…


8. If the person you like finds someone better than you, what would you do?


If someone wants to betray, he/she would anyways do that, because love is not a deal, you don’t decide to jump on the better packages as you do while you chose a holiday package! Anyways I would let go, as it is not love….


9. If you could root for one social cause which one would it be?

I would mandate the punishment given in Arabic countries for people who indulge in misbehaving with women in any form, sexual exploitation, eve teasing etc. also, I would strive to make women strong enough to retaliate and give such b*****ds back!

10. What takes you down the fastest?


Pretences, arrogance, hypocrisy


11. Would you like to have the job you love or love the job you have?


I love my current job because I always wanted this

12. Darna mana hai… But what is the thing that you fear most?


Jab main chota bachha tha tab I used to fear Thieves hehehehe

Now I fear nothing…..

13. What kind of person(s) do you think the person who tagged you is/are?


Hmmm Sarita….she is a nice human being and her posts reflect very much of her. A gal with a die hard positive outlook to life with a steady head on her shoulders….I am sure she will make it big in life! Rock on buddy!

However, I dont know anamika as it is only recently that she added me, thanks for tagging buddy!

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?


Singles ROCK! And I would surely wanna be single and rich

15. What is the first thing you do when you wake up?


I snooze the alarm clock….till it cries in agony “abe ab to uthh jaaa”

16. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who would you pick?


I don’t doubt on my multi tasking abilities :D hahahaha…on a serious note, I wont do that because agar aap do naao me pair ek saath rakhte ho to pata hai kya hota hai??? Socho socho…….


Pant fat jaati hai ……. hehehehehe

17. Would you give all in a relationship?


Giving 100% in a relationship is not my cuppa tea. 1% apne liye rakhna hota hai…taaki zaroorat pade to aap apne aap ko waapis paa sako…100% de ke khone se behtar hai na…

18. What’s eating you now?


My project what else :D

19. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?



And the people I tag are –


Most of the people are already tagged, however I tag (sorry friends not my mistake!)


Doel, Smriti , Konfessioner, Vaidehi, Varsha and Laxmi (Phew, I had tough time searching who was not tagged till now)


Enjoy friends! 

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