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Some effective and natural ways to fight depression – depression test

Depression is something that
contemplates over the loneliness. In other words, Depression and loneliness are
two sides of a coin. However, both of them contribute towards a negative or
weak moral of an individual. Well, we can say that loneliness is the outcome of
depression and vice-versa. On the whole, Loneliness & Depression are two
discrete effects on a person’s mind. But the fact is diagnosing depression is
not always easy.  Well, one can undergo a
depression test to be sure about the

What are the
tests included?

Doctors may ask you some particular
questions and conduct a physical examination. However blood tests will also be
carried out to check thyroid, anaemia, and calcium & hormone levels. You
may also undergo some other tests like CT scan or MRI of the brain, ECG and

Beside all these, the most crucial
question that arises in every individual’s mind is “Why am I Depressed?” But the actual cause of depression is still
unknown as the cause may vary from one person to other. For some people it is
very difficult to find out a reason why they are so depressed. However, there
are many ways that can help you fight depression.

How to fight

Depression is an infirmity and it
strikes the body, mind & spirit. Hence, to fight depression first, you have
to heal your whole body. Because, a doctor can only help you through medication
and therapist can offer you sympathy but the main treatment lies within
yourself. How can you help yourself to fight depression? Have a strong believe
that the power to fight depression lies within you. You can find your own way
to health. Below are mentioned certain ideas that can help you out from

Be Happy

According to some researches, your thought
affects the serotonin levels in your brain. Feeling of happiness changes the
serotonin levels of the brain. Poor mood will result in low serotonin and happy
mood will result in high serotonin levels in your brain. Hence, to increase
serotonin, you can opt for psychotherapy methods like meditation, cognitive
behavioural therapy etc.

depression test


It has been found out that exercise
helps in recovering the depressive symptoms and augmenting the mood. Instead of
prescribing the antidepressants, doctors advise for exercise, because it is
more effectual & safer even in mild depression. Exercise helps in
increasing the good chemicals like endorphins.

Proper Diet

There is no such fixed diet for
depression but you should eat healthy food. However foods rich in omega-3 fatty
acids like tuna and salmon & folic acids like avocado and spinach will help
to reduce the depression to some extent.

Be positive and challenge the
symptoms of depression as it is treatable.


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