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‘A Nomadic Nature’ – gentleman’s real wardrobe for S/S season




A warm breeze resonates with the   rhythmic sound of ocean waves, lifting the spirit to distant continents.   Colours formed from nature’s palette of ivory, mauve, grape, sand, sage and   stone, are in gently shaded tones as though softened by the distance.
  Tropical sentiments filtered with rigour are the inspirational theme for   Ermenegildo Zegna’s Spring Summer collection. Caetano Veloso’s music and voice   at once come to mind as well as the neo-primitive and yet sophisticated   architectural masterpieces in Punta del Este or the new cult hotels in Rio.
  The collection captures the realism and vitality of living with and near to   nature, with all its opulent purity. This is transformed into a lesson in   adaptability through elegant fabrics and silhouettes, conveyed in both the   sophisticated sartorial and chic casual wear collections.
  An easy and yet stylishly relaxed approach is revealed, with formal two or   three piece tailoring, some with comfortably slim double-breasted jackets and   soft trousers. Casual and essential shorter jackets are coupled with slimmer   trousers. Light and drifting overcoats, and washed Napa blousons create a   sportier and uninhibited style. Unusual versions of cardigans, often slightly   oversized, a mock and yet a most comfortable version of a coat, edge cut with   suede inlays.
  Crossover Fabric
  Linen, silk and wool, the three purest of summer’s natural fibres, rediscover   their essence as the core of a gentleman’s real wardrobe. Summer blends from   the Lanificio Zegna are worked into new ‘Crossover’ fabrics giving a light and   transparent allusion to Prince of Wales and Madras patterns. ‘Crossover   Fabric’ is an unprecedented summer fabric, weighing only 120 grams a square   metre. 15 micron superfine wool (1 micron = a thousandth of a millimetre),   silk of a 600 thread count and cool linen are artfully blended, creating an   unprecedented fine fabric with an impeccable appearance.
  The unique combination of the finest natural fibres creates a high performing   lightweight, breathable, sumptuously soft fabric, that is crease resistant and   ideal for summer suiting.
  Cool Effect
  Outfits that although enticing with nonchalant ease, are skilfully created   with thought out lines and pure cuts. Cool Effect’, the latest cutting edge   innovation from the Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna, is the first fabric to offer   protection against the heat produced by direct natural sunlight.
  The classic ‘High Performance’ woollen Zegna fabric is given an exclusive   finishing & dyeing, which enables dark fabrics to replicate the properties of   white fabrics, reflecting 80% of direct sunlight, where they would normally   only reflect 20%. This cooling effect lowers the perceived body temperature by   10°C: for example, if the outside temperature is 40°C, the body only feels   30°C.




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