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What google now offers


Google now for Android is a smart application often compared to Siri of Iphone. Google and Apple have entirely different direction pushing the same product in the Market. Google now serves as a platform for other features and iphone 3gs apps running your Android.  Actually Google now is more like the cloud application. It allows syncing of your schedule prompts reminders on automatic, even initiates all your documents before your arrival in the office. 

 It is inevitable to have it compared to Siri, for Google now was launched as your smart virtual assistant. The difference is that Google now serves as an extension of your Google search application. Knowing Google to have a ready answer for anything you could imagine how efficient your smart virtual assistant application is. It is efficient and has a close to perfection review in terms of voice nexus apps

 Thinking about it, how convenient would that be to prompt your schedule by syncing it with your Google mail, more like instant updates.  It is made possible by Google cards, the 25 cards allow you to pull relevant information and sync them with the applications on your Android phone. Everything can be set for you from alarm, to weather reports, traffic, and breakfast. Work preparation by automatic syncing further prompting your day, executing reminders and social events. As a web based application Google now has the ability to recall your calendar history, being based on Google it has huge storage capacity.

This application was released with the Android 4.1 version, a Jelly Bean internally operated phone. Google now was designed to enter and process your queries using the Google database. Google now set-up doesn�t require registration, you just need to follow prompt set-up installed on your Android phone. Once done the cards will start syncing customizing all categories on automatic prompt.get the best nexus apps

 To make searches on this platform you have to mention commands recognizable by Google and Google now will automatically execute the searches. You may record your voice and use it to prompt searches. Google card uses widgets to display updates; notifications can be seen at the top of your screen. Travel history and tracking device in one is almost automatic on this application, linking it with Google Maps. Location histories are viewable and can be edited just like editing your received galaxy games download

 Here is an example of commanding your phone via voice command. Say �open (followed by application name)�, it automatically browse and open. Voice commands are quite complex in Google now, this device is promising and most likely to get things done. It is smartly programmed and easy to navigate.

Emailing in Google now can be run like text messaging. It doesn�t require logging in. This put your information on a safe mode; possible bugs can still be run on Androids. Basically Google now brings all Google information handy and available to you at just a flip. For every question it doesn�t just answer, it process, syncs and reports back an accurate answer ran in Google search. Google now will be the one of the key features Android devices will thrive on in the future. (Source:,crunch base)

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