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Happiness and sorrow

May 27, 2011 By: archana dubey Category: Man Ki Baat

Just got the bad news about the lady I saw yesterday in ICU …..she is no
more. She is gone leaving behind a 3 days old small kid and a strong man crying
like a kid. My heart is so drown don’t know how to console it. I am not part of
them to give them my condolence and what’s the use ….nothing I feel. They lost
what they had.

Life is so uncertain she had started improving and in the
same night she left. She got the Moksh but has she ?really! Without her child.
Or it’s all senseless. Then why we feel for our kids. Don’t know how much time
her hubby will take to recover or might not be able to do so too.

I had read
one more book of the writer of Malgudi days I think “the English teacher”……in
which the man converses with his wife after her premature death. The bonding of
them kept both of them restless in their worlds. I don’t know whether its
possible or not but I know the urges to get back the companion one can have.

God please give the strength to her family and never leave a
child without his mother.

Today after the scolding from my friend I was at peace.

But now it has just one wish……..Kash mai unke liye kuch ker pati jisese unka
dard thoda kum ho pata……

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