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June 16, 2011 By: archana dubey Category: Blogs, Man Ki Baat

My day started the way it had ended. I was quiet but mind was having the waves and storms of thoughts.Its rare with me but anyone can have such phases. In morning the weather was so good I decided to leave the bed and to get ready for the walk.Today even the nature was quiet. The birds were not in a good mood of chirping. The trees were not having waves and the vehicles were not on road to make the noise. I hated this as with my quietness everything was sounding so haunting. The walk track was the same but looking so long. I just wanted to reach the Park asap. With the increase in speed of walk and reverse walk things become a bit fine. Today I could see so many things which I had not when I was not with me. Being lost somewhere at some other place and trying to see people of some other world on the same land……what have I done to myself. I felt so guilty within me for not seeing that tree which is so big and so green full of life.Giving shade to so many birds.Park was the same but the old couple was yet to come.Yes I use to see this couple.The Sardar man with white beard and the old lady supporting her life partner to walk.I loved to see them and there silent love for each other.I think once u grow old your other needs summarizes and your basic needs increases.In those years you recognizes the person who actually loves you.Ha ha ha I am not ready to wait that many years to understand that.I feel man and woman has different levels in this and man takes more time to realise it.
So come back to park. Today went to the sport complex and the ground. I just wanted to change my surrounding to come out of my continuously thinking machine on my shoulders. Sometimes I just don’t want to be holding such heavy head. Walking on the grass of ground was good.Some kids were playing with ball and a group of boys was playing basket ball. Good observation; their game became slow once they saw me. Men are men. But it lighted my mood and given me inspiration to be honest with my morning exercise schedule. The heads were rolling, some were stopped to stare and some soon become conscious to continue their game. Woman in me smiled and felt good .I could never understand this chemistry the different gender shares. But its a good God made thing. So now the walk was nice.Mood was light don’t know till when.But I have to work on it.
Mind has reminders for so many works to do list.I need to collect myself to my world and tight up my self to act now.Coming back track was full of vehicles now. Life is normal outside……but inside world is so awesome sometimes. I want to preserve it…..the feeling the excitements and the trust we do…can anyone do that…..yet to find out but its within me not outside so I think someday I will get answer from my inner self only.

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