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27th May Morning

May 27, 2011 By: archana dubey Category: Man Ki Baat, Pika

I hate waking up early especially once I know I can afford
to sleep a bit more. But the breeze and my senses didn’t allow me to sleep.
Opened the doors and allowed the cold moist rainy breeze to come into the house.
Took T and went to terrace with my best pal. The breeze got the rain drops to
us and the drizzling started. The nature’s closeness made it romantic and more
closeness came. I love it. The discussions, the talk and the increasing bond
with a man of ur
My heart sings and trying to close to him by throwing all the thoughts of this
world and its corners away. Why we desire so much……………such small
moments are so precious in my life.
I remain in a continuous monologue these days. The creativity and imagination
of my mind are amazing. I always knew it but I told it to be quit and let me be
in the world but again it has wings. It fly with the morning singing Koyal and
cooo’s her back….my always favorite game………on which my buddy laughs and
If someone is honest with u u feel close to them and ur heart tells u all. Some people are mystery
to solve, some seems to and then becomes vapors…………..u can never catch
them…………..I hate them. They don’t have right to show up like ice…..u
can feel the existence but then evaporates…..u can just feel the vapors
vanishing in air.I am feeling now I am getting normal…again hungry for food and existing where actually I am.Let me be like this…….my world is here as imaginations has pains and no cooo’s back.


August 05, 2009 By: archana dubey Category: Pika

When rishabh started calling her by this name we took it as a normal thing but once we moved to awantipur then only we could understand the meaning of this name.

It means”a stain Gun used by terrorist”.We were surprised & laughed on the coincidence.So now she turned 3& half collecting all the new names like lady terrorist & little dinasor.

My days were full of new discoveries of her naughtyness & yes a touchy side of her.The way she tries to protect me and cares me.Little amazing but she feels proud in it & I too.Its her hidden side generally she pretends to b leading & loud.

On one usual day while cameing  back from office I saw just before one turn to my house a lady (driving car with two tinny boys) turned her car all off sudden & left me surprised on her driving.But after a second I realised she is very good driver as she was dareing to drive with two kids in the car.I know how I manage with one little girl.

To my surprise the same car came & stopped in front of my house.A little boy came out & looking for a “santro”.I asked him if I could help him but he denide & started souting “Mil gai mil gai”.The lady came out of the car still struggling with the younger one & asked me if I know ‘Deeksha”.

Elder one again souted no no she is Ilesha……….

& the conversation startd

Yes Its her house,pls come inside and b comfortable she is sleeping,pls tell me what can I do for you…………………..

Pls dont mind but she hurt my Son with her shoes I could not resist to tell you.Its not fair………….

Lost I was! asked for the complete story & the boy told me a little

He is Rohan, was sleeping in the bus when she hit him with  her shoes.

Felt very bad & ashamed but still not angry with her.

I told pooja(name of the decent lady)”pls dont mind I will make her understand,really very sorry she behaived this way.I can’t scold her as she is too young to understand all this.

Pooja looked little angry now.She asked how old is she,I told her she is just 3 & a few months.

Now she was looking embarrased and started saying sorry.She was feeling bad as she came to some ones house for the first time to complain abt there kid and she is so small while her son is 6 yrs old.

She started skolding her son:Tum mujhe 3 saal ki ladki ki shikayat karne lae the……….vo bhi tub jab tum 6 saal ke ho.The same moment Pika came & Pooja became more embarres on seeing her size.

Now I needed to tell her tht from last one week i was fed up of her sons name………..Rohan like they used to play together & she used to drop him to his home.So as per me they were best friends those days & even I was not knowing tht I will meet Rohan in this way.

Now I asked her the if she did tht and she said yes.Now reason”He was sleeping in bus”.

SO what he can always sleep in bus even u do tht………..& her in between reply “but then who will talk to me,bus mai koi sota hai?ki friends ke saath khelta hai.




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