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Officially fat

July 26th, 2009

Today I went into the trial room of Westside. I took out my t-shirt and looked into the mirror. Westside has real huge mirrors in its trail rooms. I know it because one mirror was sufficient enough fit to me completely into it.

I knew that I had gained some weight during the last few months but I never thought I had started looking fat. The mirror showed that I have become so fat that I can model for sumo wrestling by just trimming my eyebrows.

I looked in the mirror and felt good. I used to think that I am wasting money by eating fast food. However, the mirror proved that I was wrong. The fast food was not being wasted but was getting accumulated near my stomach. Although I preferred that the fat may have got accumulated somewhere else e.g. on my biceps still my hard earned money was not getting wasted was a big relief.

I turned and checked myself again in the mirror. This was just to ensure that there were no false calls. I am now officially fat. This was good. Now no one could deny me chocolates or my favourite sweets because I may get fat. I am now fat and the trick of saving chocolates by giving me guilty feeling will not work anymore.

I tried the t-shirt and didn’t like it. The t-shirt was picked by friend. So I had to come up with an excuse to reject it. I went to my friend and told him,” Buddy, the t-shirt is good. But I can’t buy it.”

He asked the reason for my decision and I told him,” Because this t-shirt makes me look fat.” He snapped back,” You are right. This t-shirt would make look fat which you are. I will suggest you try a bigger size. It may not fit you but it will make you look quite slim.” I told him that I don’t want to look slim and he asked,” Abhishek are you making an excuse for not buying the t-shirt because you don’t like my taste.”

To sum up

I love being fat. It ensures that I live life king-size.

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