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July 29th, 2009
I am a normal employee. Hence, I type using both my hands. Since I need to go through several important documents while typing, I have to use my mouth to hold important documents. Today one of my colleagues told me to remove the paper out of my mouth. She told me that my habit of putting pen or paper in mouth while working was disgusting.

This was quite surprising. Until today, none of my colleagues had ever felt that my habit of holding a pen or paper in my mouth was disgusting. In fact, few days back one of colleagues found it so amusing that she tried to capture that moment on her mobileís camera. Unfortunately, before she could press the capture button another colleague told me to take the pen out of my mouth. This deprived me and my colleague of the best Kodak moment of our lives.

I told her that holding paper in mouth is not at all disgusting. It shows that I am real connoisseur of food. Just like a connoisseur of music, I love food so much that I find food even where there is none.

She asked me how does paper tastes. I told her that it all depends on the department to which the paper belongs. Some are quite spicy and some are sweet. She inquired about the taste of the documents of her department. I told her that they tasted just like ice cream.

She smiled and told me that the reason was all the cool people worked in her department. I told her that it was biggest problem our company. There is no adherence to objectives. People who are supposed to prepare biryani for me are making ice cream. How will the organisation progress if our processing is going to be so defective?

She was not pleased with my reply. This proved tell the truth to people and they will desert you. After she had left, I checked the sheet I was holding in my mouth. It was a blank sheet. Well guys!!! Vanilla is also a flavour and this connoisseur of food finds it wonderful.

To sum up

Considering you are what you eat, I am the latest shredding machine. 

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