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Never had it before in dinner nor will have it again

July 31st, 2009

I am a softcore eggatarian. This mean I gorge on anything that contains egg e.g. cakes, omelette, anda bhuji etc. I consider myself a softcore eggatrian because sometime times I have crossed to the dark side and eaten chicken.

Today after coming back from office, I checked my dabba. The dabba contained three chaptis, one sabji, rice and dal. This is wholesome food for a person as long as he is not a foodie.

Ever since I joined dabba, I have accepted my fate of eating food without knowing what it is or how it tasted. Eating my dabba always brings back the memory of my hostel days where I developed the habit of eating anything as long as it looked edible.

The problem started when I had a look at the food. I smelled the food and recognised the gravy but was unable to understand the sabji. There was something wrong. It looked eatable, it smelled eatable but somehow it was somehow not edible.

I thought about discarding my dabba and ordering a pizza. Unfortunately, it was month end and there is no way I could commit the sin of wasting food. I decided to eat the sabji, had the first bite and gave up.

It felt as something I had never eaten before nor I would ever eat again. I was ashamed that even after spending eight years in hostel I couldn’t eat a dabba. To know the reason of my embarrassment I decided to call my dabbawala.

I called him on his mobile. He replied in a cheerful voice and sensing the right moment I asked him,”Bhaiya. What sabji have you given to me tonight?” He replied that he had not given sabji tonight. He had given me fish.

To sum up

I know I am no Chuck Norris but still I decided to become a vegetarian not because I love animals. I become a hardcore vegetarian because I hate plants. 

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