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Today is Monday. So today I was officially entitled to have Monday blues. I came to office suffering with Monday blues and the first thing I heard was a lie. A colleague told me – Good morning.

I went to my desk and started working. The colleague sitting next to me realized that I was in a bad mood and tried to cheer me up by making me remember that today three people would be joining our organization and that too in our department. I wanted to tell her how desperately I was waiting to tell the 3 idiots that, “You made a mistake by coming here” but my colleague is senior enough to obtain the privilege of talking with management and hence I controlled my emotions, gave her a smile and went back to work.

The clock stuck 10 and then exactly one hour later it was 11. The most interesting thing I observed during the whole hour was that none of the new joinees had turned up on the production floor.  I tapped on the desk of my senior colleague and told her,” None of the new joinees have come. This has ruined my chances on playing Virus to the 3 idiots.” It was now my senior’s turn to smile and get back to work.

I tweeted the same and a friend on Twitter asked me whether I had brought a nest to give the first lesson to the new joinees. I replied him that I had planned to use my Outlook to teach. I had planned to show the new joinees my inbox and teach them that whatever good work they would do here, some other SOB would get the credit. So the first lesson is – Be a SOB.

During the tea break I went to the terrace and realized what an exceptionally lucky life I had. My job not only provides material for my blog but also turns my life into a mystery novel. I saw three new faces sitting on the terrace filling forms. I came back to my desk after having tea and saw a mail from HR. The HR had sent a mail to every employee in the organization that three people were joining us and we must do everything to make them feel welcomed. I decided to not to so because I still did felt unwelcomed in the organization. 

After lunch a person trying to make the new joinees feel welcomed introduced me to them. She told me their names and designations and told them my name and unintentionally promoted me by messing up my designation. She quickly corrected herself and then there was silence. I smiled at the new joinees and they smiled back at me. The person introducing the new joinees thought I would do something to break the ice but found that I was too cold for that.  

The three joinees looked young enough to make me think either it was their first job or I have been struck at the same position for a long time. The three joinees were still smiling and I tried to maintain my smile but felt that I was losing it. The moderator who had brought the new joinees to my desk felt she had ruined my first impression and I would lose any come back chance by being the first one to be eliminated from the smiling competition. 
She told me to get back to my seat and proceeded to introduce the smiling new joinees to the colleague sitting next to my desk.

To sum up

Always make a plan. It allows you to blame your failure on the unexpected.  

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  1. Don’t know what the new joinees were smiling about.As for why we are smiling, well …can’t help it . Becoming a habit while reading your blogs.

  2. Laxmi says:

    thanxs for sharing ur experiences with new joinees!

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