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Those who don’t have a Twitter account know that Twitter is the hottest word of 2009, those who have a Twitter account know why it is the hottest word of 2009 and those who still think Twitter refers to sweet, aimless chirping of birds must consider cancelling their broadband connection. 

Google the word Twitter and you will find most of the people telling you that Twitter is a micro-blogging site. Ask a Twitterholic (twitter addict if you are not on Twitter) what is micro-blogging and he would reply with #WTF.

You may think Twitter is a social networking site and you couldn’t be more wrong. Social networking websites were born to make people connect with each other. You start with people you have met in real life and then make some friends that you haven’t met nor expect to ever meet. On Twitter people not only connect but also tell you what they are doing. I don’t think Facebook will ever make you interested in reading #having gulabjamunas. 

The most serious allegation against Twitter is that it is the biggest time waster ever invented. People log in thinking they will experience something new and find that the world is same everywhere. You think you will meet people interested in you and you find people are just like you – interested just in themselves. 

The best feature of Twitter is that it allows you to be yourself. You tell people about your life and they tell you about theirs. The more time you spend on Twitter, the more you realize that you can’t wear a mask for long. The reason being it is your life and you can’t fake it in less than 140 characters. 

To sum up 

When my children’s would ask– how were things before we were born, I would show them my tweets and they would say– Dad, what the hell was wrong with you? 

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  1. nice article. i do have a twitter account but i don’t use it more than i use fb. i think the case is ‘disconnect’. i feel disconnected when using twitter. i know i can be whatever i want. i can say whatever i want. but still i don’t have much friends on twitter and those of them who are there don’t use it frequently.

    i think twitter isn’t exactly made for people like us – that is normal people. it’s made for celebrities, news sites, people who are popular. it’s a place where they can have all their fans at one place and announce what they have to say without going to medias. and that too in 14o words. crisp and clear.

    and the best part is they needn’t reply to anyone of those who have commented and nor anybody expects to be replied. fans will be happy so will the “twit”. q:

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