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Today while sitting in office I read a tweet with #AwesomeIndianThings. The first awesome Indian thing that came to my mind was Hindi. Being an Indian I know the preference of Indian parents for English medium schools PAR MUJHE MERE HINDIBHASHI HONE KA GARV HAI.

The next #AwesomeIndianThing came to my mind was Sachin Tendulkar. There are several world class batsmen in Indian team but no one offers the excitement of SACHIN ALLA RE or the ability to carry the hope of more than billion people on his shoulders every time. 

If you look around there are several #AwesomeIndianThings. From our love for CHAI to Fairness creams we know, we Indians are awesome. We love to read from The Common Man by R.K. Laxman to Chetan Bhagat. We Indians derive pleasure from sitting in an Ambassador car to logging onto just for fun. Sorry for the PJs but #Gareebchutkule (term originally used by @laafatlife) is an #AwesomeIndianThing. 

I can tell you lot of things that make me proud of being an Indian. However, the thing that makes me most proud is the Indian spirit. We Indians have an indomitable spirit. For centuries we have been invaded, looted and plundered but every time we have welcomed the guest with a smile and ATITHI DEVO BHAVA in heart. It is this spirit that ensures that instead of being beheaded in front thousands of people chatting Terrorist, Ajmal Kasab gets a fair trial. We Indians truly deserve to be awesome. 

To sum up

The most #AwesomeIndianThing is the Indian marriage. It is the groom and the bride who is getting married but it is everyone else who is partying. 

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  1. Rakhee says:

    We shall overcome , we shall over come some day …….O Ho Ho deep in my heart , I do belief India wil be top one day.

  2. V@T says:

    That’s a nice fresh look on being Indian. I dont think Sachin is top player of the world. He is top of 10 countries who play cricket and 20 countries who are learning to play. The shooter Bindra is the best in the world cos he has an Olympic Gold.

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