Sachin is God

February 24th, 2010 by cubicile blues Leave a reply »

I am a cricket fan but I also think cricket is the most unproductive game ever played. Whenever India plays, the productivity of staff halves. 

Today India went berserk because Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar scored 200 runs. From Twitter to Radio everyone is chanting Sachin is God. No one has bothered to know what motivated Sachin to score a double century. I know it. Sachin scored 200 runs because he saw Nehra and Sreesanth bowl in the last match.

In my office everyone was glued to cricket as if it was national duty to watch Sachin score 200 runs and curse Dhoni whenever he hit a Six. Everyone was saying – Give the strike to Sachin, you idiot. I am sure Dhoni will be very thankful to Amla for doing the excellent piece of fielding and helping him take a single to give strike to Sachin.

I was tracking the match on cricbuzz and cricinfo simultaneously. A colleague send me link of yahoocricket and I replied to him with a link of cricketnirvana, the website that allows you to watch cricket matches online. If you are a real Sachin fan and have guts, great, open it and allow us to enjoy some live cricket.

After Sachin scored 200 runs, few people in my office started congratulating everyone. It was Sachin who had scored 200 runs and people were wishing congrats to each other. I didn’t know whether to say #Indians or #nuts.

I thought about joining the #justforfun brigade. I thought again and decided it was not a good idea because my boss belongs to the group that will never forgive Sachin for the loss of work caused due to his batting. I decided to go back to work as soon as Sachin scored 200 runs. I had to. With Performance Appraisal in March I need material to prove that I am a sincere dedicated hard working employee. 

To sum up

#SachinisGod Indians don’t have any work except making gods. Mystery solved. That’s how we got our 33 crore Gods. 

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  1. J B says:

    very well said..

    I think this scenario happened to all offices over india yesterday…
    it was not only sachin’s achievement but achievement of the whole country…. the only country where people make “GOD”

  2. Pradeep says:

    Good one :) ……. nice humour but i know in the back of mind even u r happy that it happen :)

  3. Antigravi ty says:

    You see even gods are evolving and coming in advanced versions. All we need now are upgrades to the previous deities,,say Brahma with night vision apparatus and Krishna with a motorised gear-induced spinning wheel-cum-drill :P

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