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Arrow Episode 9 That’s a question Laurel may be facing when Tommy suggests that she spend the holiday with him instead of with her father like she usually does since it’s also Sara’s birthday. Will Tommy end up spending the holiday with Laurel? Could he find himself spending it with her and her father?

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Arrow continues next week with the midseason finale, episode 9, “Year’s End,” and it may be time for the holidays, but Oliver’s going to be dealing with more than just Christmas with the family.

Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 : “Year’s End” Photo: Alan Zenuk/The CWOliver may run out on his family to protect the city, but for the holidays, he’s going to try to bring Christmas back into his family’s lives. They stopped celebrating when they thought he was dead, but is a Christmas party what they need? Is change really a good thing?

And finally, there’s the matter that’s addressed in the Arrow season 1 episode 9 promo for “Year’s End”: Someone is out there killing people on Oliver’s revenge list with arrows. There’s a copycat in the city, and that means Oliver’s going to have to balance taking care of that with spending the holiday with his family. Will he be able to or will he once again have to leave a party?

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