Our Planet
Sep 30th, 2011 by abdusshukur

   Our planet, Earth is the only one on which
life, as we know it, exists. Life on Earth is
dependent on many factors. Most life-forms
we know need an ambient temperature,
water, and food. The resources available on
the Earth and the energy from the Sun are
necessary to meet the basic requirements of
all life-forms on the Earth.On the grace GOD
these resources are in abundance in earth; but
at present , there seems to b so many threats ,
 now whom to consider the greatest threat, perhaps
the arms dealers who for endless greed are in the mood
 to destroy earth & HUMAN SUSTENANCE.Do u agree?

Sep 24th, 2011 by abdusshukur


But it is with energy not idiocy

that I fill my time;

and the devotion

is more a shortening of a

fuse, than a pulling out of a root

no more jokes

no more hoax

no more anything.


We tease ourselves  with

thoughts of one day

coming to a decision

about her.

Wickedly good,

she is to me

the image of the

indestructible little girl:

Skipping on the

hay hills of heaven,

deadly close

to the gates

of the screaming sun.

Not to labor for prosperity,

but for the labor itself,

we run sun and moon,

our fired clay ready for the hunt.

And I am healed by the ALMIGHTY.

Sep 20th, 2011 by abdusshukur


The sickness lies in the neglect of aftermath, where
food is scarce and life shallow.
What can be done for now?
What can be said, to those who have waited and
those who’ve layer.
Who will pin them and their ….?
Who will sacrifice his soul, on the altar of DEATH?
Cover me over – dust to dust.
Cover me over – STONE TO STONE.

Sep 17th, 2011 by abdusshukur


    Push altitude
To your limit
Penetrate with your
Skillful eye
The prairie your
Shadow possesses.
Dive quick &
Comfort your
Prey with
Crimson claw &
Pluck out its eye to
Reward your sight &
Eat out its tongue to
Revenge the lies &
Tear off its ears
To soften the rumours.
The currents shall hold you &
The sun shall possess you.
You are the brave,
the strong &
the struggling.
You are the Falcon,
Paragon of flight.
Any law that compromises – is as impotent

Sep 12th, 2011 by abdusshukur

            HOLY DESIRE

     A  holistic and enchanted DREAM of LORD,
FAITHFUL confessional oceans,
transparent glass windows.
Brass bells ringing – bringing together
communion and gathering.
Faith and faiths indoctrination – feasting on the good Lord’s body in
Imagination: breaking bread,
drinking divine – fresh and pure intertwine.
The purest purest and purest has risen.

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