Oct 25th, 2014 by abdusshukur
   আজ ভাইফোঁটা, বাঙ্গালী হিন্দু ভাই বোনেদের শুভেচ্ছা বিনিময়ের খুবই সুন্দর উৎসব; এই উৎসব ভায়েদের মঙ্গল কামনায় , বোনেদের নামে এরকম একটা থাকলে আরও ভাল হত। অবশ্য আমাদের মুসলমানদের এরকম কিছু নাই ,নুতন করে শুরু করতে গেলে সমাজে এমন হৈ চৈ হবে যে সামলানো মুশকিল হবে । ভাই বোনেদের মঙ্গল হউক ।
Sep 21st, 2014 by abdusshukur

See the dark ships,
On the rowdy crowd of wet salt,
Travellers moving home,
Held back by the bell and the bolt.
See them capsize off the decks,
Into the wet flame of the ETERNAL old,
Voyagers on trial,
Proven by the weight of their Pilgrim-sack.
See them pray thanks on the shores of sight,
Men of muse once sheer
Men of passion once clear,
Now ready to receive the light.

Jul 8th, 2014 by abdusshukur

You keep going through
I never know who
you are, or
which day it is -
You keep me
putting on …
you make me funny in my head,
uncertain in my skin,
goddamn-it man, how my heart aches
to be me again.
I am questioning silence,
I am finding excitement
on your face,
your ever growing wild.

May 19th, 2014 by abdusshukur


What civilization now

Portrait indulgence -vulnerable

Alcohol permeated

& conked out

Next to an amazing person

Uttering words towards

Whom he knows not and

That nobody can follow

And HE is the person

With beastly force draws

And draws and draws and …








Apr 2nd, 2014 by abdusshukur

I & SHE saw she crying
sun and sun and moon
The tears cramps in my blue balls constipate my insomnia
The red clarinet and the mashed eyebrow
The hairs on my knees are under her toenails I adore her so
much …
I ache to poke her whiskers
And I sick to sleep inside her

Feb 24th, 2014 by abdusshukur


One who wanders

Crying in desert

warm in lament,

butchered on a
thorn -
His earth
a signal
a sacrificial offering.

Feb 20th, 2014 by abdusshukur


     TO LIVE
To die is to sigh an immortal relief
To live is to give life your belief
To love is to look to the world,
Behind the sky, where sits Chief Rising Sun
Together with his high-ranking warrior & all and sundry.

মৃত্যু দিয়ে যায় অবিনিশ্বর শ্বাস
বাঁচন আনে জীবনে বিশ্বাস ;
ভালবাসার চোখে দুনিয়ার কত রং
আকাশের আলো সুরুজ ঝলমল 
সহাবস্থান কত গুণীজন আর তোমার 
আমার ।

আলো বাতাস
Feb 17th, 2014 by abdusshukur

    আলো বাতাস

   আলো বাতাস আর পানি
   সহজে পাই ,তাই কি জানি,
     এদের মান,না না জানিনা
     জানলে কি আর,এদের নিয়ে,
   অপচয় করি, না  দোষন করি ৷।
Feb 16th, 2014 by abdusshukur

In the name of Allah, Most
Gracious, Most Merciful.
1. By the Glorious Morning Light,
2. And by the Night when it is still, –
.3. Thy Guardian Lord hath not forsaken thee, nor is He displeased.
4. And verily the hereafter will be better for thee than the present.
And soon will thy Guardian Lord give thee (that wherewith) thou shalt be well pleased.
6. Did He not find thee an orphan and give thee shelter (and care)?
7. And He found thee wandering, and He gave thee guidance
8. And He found thee in need, and made thee independent
9. Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness
10. Nor repulse the petitioner (unheard);
11. But the Bounty of thy Lord–rehearse and proclaim! ( AL Quorun )
Feb 15th, 2014 by abdusshukur

  He it is who enableth you to traverse through land and sea; so that ye even
board ships; –they sail with them with a favorable wind, and they rejoice
thereat; then comes a stormy wind and the waves come to them from all sides, and
they think they are being overwhelmed: They cry unto Allah, sincerely offering
(their) duty unto Him, saying: “If Thou dost deliver us from this, we shall truly
show our gratitude!” ( Al Quoran )
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