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Commitments– of The Year Gone(09) & for The One to Come(10)

December 31, 2009 By: moinak banerjee Category: Blogs, Thoughts Digitised

Well last year, this very day, I was freakishly sick– and yet there were five commitments for the year. They were:

  1. Someone freaks me out in the office… the solution is to “ignore” completely. I have waited for quite long, and now no more. It is time I put my best foot forward to protect my own integrity. Its high time
  2. Something needs to be done by the end of the year– if not this year, it will never be again. So it would be done this time.
  3. My Boss— I would not bug his head. Actually the point is, he is my Boss, and he has something called “Manager’s discretion”. So it is up to him to decide what is good and how to improve things- Not My Headache anymore.
  4. Office work needs to be perfect this time. It is a fight to excel over what I had done previously. So be it product, be it subject matter (revenue assurance and credit risk management), or be it Linux— need to prove myself as the real SME.
  5. Lastly, something on my plate— there are a couple of things I need to do for my own self– exercise and languages to learn. This time language is the first priority– even exercising for body fitness comes later.
Here is how I fared in these:
1. Achieved. 99.999 % purely achieved. Its time, this year to make it the perfect 100.
2. In hopes of greener pastures, this was completely ignored, and by the end of the year, the veil of “every-thing-around-is-good-and-happy” ws removed from my eyes, aand i have been brutally punished. This is the last year to achieve that– else, I’m screwed for life.
3. Well I know i give my best effort to achieve this, and it turned out he himself ate away my head — for literally not many faults of mine. 
4. i have given and proven to be the SME of Revenue Assurance in the company. No one understands RA as well as I do in my company– just that people are not ready to accept that. Some Great Men needs to dump failures to make themselves clean. That is not in my hands.
5. Missed by miles.

So it is 3 out of 5– a 60% achievement. — Bad score.

Now it is 2010, and somethings need to be be settled — once and for all.

1. Take back everything that was mine. If i had spent half the time I spent on and for the company on myself and my own life– I would have been in a better position and situation in my life. So this year– 2010 is about getting a hang on my own life– and spending at least 6 hours if not more for my own life– My own life is my studies, my blog and my achievements for future.

2. Office Hours is 9.30am to 7 pm — and a full stop after that. Office is NOT my second home anymore. Office is not the end of the world anymore.

3. Bring back my Good health and adhere to a strict routine– only to aid me to do EVERYTHING THAT I WANT TO DO– not what the company wants me to do. For the company, in the scheduled hour— have a strict routine as per the circulated KRAs. 

4. Spread and be cheerful with colleagues yet strict w.r.t work. There are some people in the nerd land. But gotta deal with everyone. The biggest point to achieve is NEVER TO FREAK OUT. Tough but gotta do it.

5. Save Every Possible Penny– other than buying books.– This year has been stressful in terms of spendings. 2010 needs to be the year of savings. :)

The Motto of the year 2010 is  there is a great need to outperform one’s own self– Learning is the process, perfection is the by product

Aamir Khan Rocks in “3 Idiots”

December 31, 2009 By: moinak banerjee Category: Movies

My first twitter post (moinak_1983; dated 7 Nov 09) was :
there is a great need to outperform one’s own self– Learning is the process, perfection is the by product.

This was quite sometime back– Aamir Khan proved my thoughts with his latest flick “3 idiots”. Rajkumar Hirani is the next best example of perfectionism.

Perfection is the name of the game– that is what is movie-making is about. Inspired from the book “Five Point Someone” by Chetan Bhagat— in my personal opinion, the movie is far better than the book. The book was “good”– wasn’t great so to say– but the movie has a state-of-the-art perfection. 

I am not a fan of Ms. Kapoor—- was never– note yet still– but nonetheless, her acting skills had been blessed by Hirani, and the co-actors. Aamir Khan was great– but his greatness was brought to limelight not only by himself but by Madhavan and Shravan — Two superb actors. The cast complimented each other at every step. 

It is just not that the movie was great. There was a simple message for the education system. No doubt that the education system is faulty– but if people of the stature of Aamir Khan takes it up to bring a change– possibly a change may happen even if it is India. 

As a movie,  my opinion is, it deserves a 6 out of 5.  

Well everyone knows the fact that the movie rocked, and no doubt that it made more than 100 crores gross in 4 days– but this is my blog– and i felt like writing about it in here rather than behaving like a movie critic in some other movie-related site/blog. :)

“All Is Well”–Back To Being Myself

December 30, 2009 By: moinak banerjee Category: Blogs

For a very long time, I had not been in my own habits–

and was doing something that was benefiting someone else– and not me at all.
So — “It’s time I take back everything that was mine”. 

What was the thing that i loved most? Reading and blogging– reading for my own understanding and blogging for my own wish.

2010 starts with both! 

As of now, I had been maintaining a lot of blogs for a lot so reasons. It’s time– i maintain what it is important according to my wish.

The stress and the pressure of what to do, and how to secure myself was budding inside me for a very long time– today is when i take the reigns and secure it!

Lotssa reading to do- lottssa things to learn– and lottsa things to blog and share about.

- c u shortly!

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