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Need some air

February 02, 2010 By: moinak banerjee Category: Uncategorized

  • Cannot forget the day my dad passed away.
  • Cannot forget how my sister’s life has been ruined by a bastard and his family.
  • Cannot forget the strain after dad passed away– the nights that were spent in Wipro campus trying to earn in the BPO to sustain the family.
  • Cannot forget that a million INR needs to be repaid to all the kind hands that helped.
  • Cannot forget that my house is in shambles and I cannot repair it.
  • Cannot forget when “friends” left when i shared my heart and my loneliness out to them– that pissed them off.
  • Cannot forget how the two most important friends, of whom one was the love of my life, completely misunderstood me and how I have lost them forever.
  • Cannot forget how need of money has snatched my peace of mind completely.
  • Cannot forget that the only reason I spend all my hours with my work, never caring for the family and loved ones is that, a hope persists that if I work well the company would pay a lot of money– a fleeting hope, but still trying to cling to it.
I work in the company — day in and day out– with the hope that my efforts would be realized and I would be appropriately rewarded— I’m not sure if at all that would happen– this is not my father’s company. Lobbying and politics exist in all places.
I am tired — very tired. I need sleep– I am too bogged down.
I need fresh air to breath– and a real fresh reason to live. I am a good resource– and that is what i need to be identified as that which is “in” me.!
I am feeling real tired. Need to rest in peace!

3 Comments to “Need some air”

  1. sumati arora says:

    hey, i am new to blogging….read yours and loved it. I can understand what you are goin thru because i’ve been there where you are….don’t loose hope….money does come and things do change but only if you become as important to them as they are to you….Hope the advice helps. Tk care and keep blogging :)

  2. From my HEART,I wish and i pray that u get all the success and happiness wat ur looking for,All the best,Bye do take gud care of ur self and be allways happy bole to…kooool,right.

  3. hi, read ur blog…….. really liked ur day to day introspectiona and identifying the real problems, we all go through this type of agony in our lives, i guess…. its just the time, that has to pass to bring in new spirit with new sunrise not of a day but of a phase of life ….. Take care…


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