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A sense of feeling Good- A Warm heart felt Thanks to You all

July 11, 2010 By: moinak banerjee Category: Thoughts Digitised

Dear All;

Just after i logged in to blog after so many days (pardon the fact because i maintain a number of blogs, 1 here, 3 others in Blogger)- i was just about to write about the hues and cries for the past few weeks– about a completely sucked up and fucked up time — about a time when i feel that i need real space to probably run away into oblivion and be a nobody in an unknown place.

But– something changed just after I logged in. Well, something that was simple.– I saw two comments that encouraged me a lot — One from Priya and one from Unique. Guess what- I don’t even know them– but when I logged in I found someone (actually two) out there unknown to me– but with a tiny little prayer in their hearts and words of encouragement to “simply live on”.

Then I ran my eyes through all the other comments I had received— and I felt real good after so long a time- Thanks a lot to everyone of you who took time to glance through my mess-of-words-trying-to-portray-a thought-or-a-feeling– Thanks to Tisha (haven’t seen you writing anymore though), Unique, Priya, Nisar, Life Blink, AJ, Rohan, Sreenanda, Kanchan and Baldeo—-  I don’t have words to say how grateful I am to all of you for all the sweet words you sent to me. 

Thanks a ton.

You have to also pardon me for the fact that I personally was selfish enough and that I never wrote back to you. My deepest apologies for the same.

Thanks for being the unknown yet Great friends that you all are.

Warm regards.


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