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Rendezvous with explosive energy

December 26, 2010 By: moinak banerjee Category: Thoughts Digitised

Pardon my un-imaginative mind for not finding a more creative ‘title’ for this note. But i choose to share my thoughts than think of a more creative line…….

It is Christmas -a Saturday when I found myself idling in my own thoughts; imaginative problems and their solutions; seeking answers to lots of ‘why’s’ about all that has gone berserk and what I could do to revert things to normal; reflecting about India’s growth and its potential to grow with Shashi Tharoor’s essays on India…… when suddenly with no definitive reason I called a friend of mine.. Gargi, who with no hesitation asked me to join a group of friends–of her friend and their friends and…. (pardon my poor English). In short it was group of 6 which became 7 when Arvind joined.

The group split for everyone had to go home– and I left with Arvind, Gargi and Sohini – Gargi’s friend, and one of the other 5 of the 7 whom I met just today! In the Alto that Arvind drove, I found myself surrounded by these three, busy in their conversation on everything under the sun– or should I say, I was engulfed with some form of charismatic explosive energy that characterized these three.

Being sort of the loner that I have become, I did not know how to react- so I sat giving directions to Arvind — while the unfathomable energy created a whirlwind within the otherwise small space inside the car. I enjoyed myself, hearing them talk– I was awed by the each one of them. I know Gargi for sure, but I met equivalents of her just today! My otherwise dull Christmas had suddenly exploded with the awesome threesome.

Every moment of the 30 minutes seemed fun– and yes it was fun. Not wishing to lose the moments, I thought of capturing my memories in my own words and therefore this blog post.

I have no clue if i would ever meet them again! But that somehow let me learn something I had only “read” about before today– it is about meeting, greeting, and moving on! And as I say this, I recall what I read in ‘Who moved my cheese?’ !

But whatever it may be, I enjoyed my evening in a way i had not done for a very long time.

So time to thank!
Thanks Gargi !
Thanks Sohini !
and most importantly Thanks Arvind!
- you guys are awesome.

By the way, Arvind is Sohini’s friend, an RJ who is now working with a special effects start up- a choice as dynamic as the person himself.!

Escapist or Not- a choice driven by selection of priorities

December 12, 2010 By: moinak banerjee Category: Personal, Thoughts Digitised

No one is perfect. In life (esp. in personal life) some things are good while certain things are bad. Therefore one can spend his/her efforts in two ways: first, trying to rectify whatever is bad to make it ‘good’;second, leave everything that is bad as is (just making sure it does not increase) while limitlessly improving on one’s strengths. 
– A senior, a colleague, and a great team-player from the company I work for, said so. 
The choice of selection of either of the paths is dependent on the personality of the individual. Not sure how to describe ‘personality’ though.
I am extremely bad at certain things, which otherwise are ‘Very Important In Life. But the fact of the matter is, I am bad about it, and whenever i have tried solving it, i have failed miserably. So, why try anymore? The best way, I find therefore is to be ‘the best of the best of the best’ in whatever I am good at (borrowing a phrase from MIB 2), while dumping away whatever I am bad at– even if they are ‘The Very Important Things In Life’.
Two very dear Friends said, this is an escapist policy, and so it is better to take it head on, and solve. Tried honestly, and failed miserably. This is because the caveat of the thought is, the amount of energy i will spend in solving it, if I channelize that well in whatever I am good at- would help me excel in whatever I am good at.
Standing today, i cannot say what is more important for me in the future. May be things would change for the better, but guess for now, it is better I be an escapist.

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