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who so ever thought that Cricket was a gentleman’s game??

January 06, 2008 By: moinak banerjee Category: Sports

this is for all those who say & have faith in the above dictum… guess what– the time just now is 10:13 pm, & our Indian BCCI is yet to think of a proper step to take about the crap decision of the ICC to ban Bhajji for 3tests for doing nothing– they are just going to appeal to the ICC & not take any bold step to stand beside their own country men— !!!! Guess what the Aussies have proved what they are worth of!!! & then we also have the CHEATER-COCK umpires appointed by none other than the ICC itself….or should one say the CHEATER COCK ICC.

The Aussies are famed for misbehaviour on the field & the best example of their nature is Mr.Greg Chappel for the Middle finger controversy…this is what the aussies are!!! We all Indians Know it….. but still we respect the game & the Umpires.

They are outsiders for our country—–but the BCCI is such a back bone less body—- i didnt quite have the idea!!! they are still to consider what steps to be taken— on the contrary they  MUST stand beside the Indian team & call them off from the so-called game that is going on…Well that is not a game of Cricket, but this is a game of CHEATER COCKS….i wont be surpised if investigations made some time later bring out facts proving that people from the BCCI are also involved in the conspiracy against Indian Cricket Team. & most Importantly–The politicians in our country need to start wearing  their underpants !!

Now imagine the deadly combination– the Cock-A-Doodle-Do ICC; the backbone less BCCI & above that the Great Genre of CHEATERS– who call themselves players of a gentleman game & above that —-They Claim to belong to a Decent & Developed Nation–viz, Australia.!! It is said that nothing can be deadlier than beautiful women with secrets— but this combo has proved to be deadlier that that.

What a farse guys……. hope u can stand in front of your children & say that u played a fair game—- that too if at all u know who your own children are…..!!




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