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sense of paradise…. or is it ……

February 20, 2011 By: moinak banerjee Category: Uncategorized

Garden View Apartments:
Not sure what made the builders give such a name to such huge sky-scappers where people intend to live and hopefully not stroll amongst woods or shrubs…. honestly they cant as well, for as I write sitting on this 49th floor studio, I wonder what it would mean if someone fell from this height or even from the floors above. No, this is not a nice thought to have as I am way too happy sitting all by myself typing away to glory on my netbook, owning which happens to make me proud.
‘twinkle twinkle little star,
how I wonder how You are,
up above the world so high,
like a diamond in the sky’….
This is a poem we have all read and learnt and loved when we were kids. As I sit in this studio so high and seemingly so ‘up above the world’, I wonder  how I would have felt about such apartments standing on the ground- actually had never thought of this before now.
Having stayed for 27 years in a ‘house’, it feels weird that one would stay in a room with abosultely everything in it– the plush sofa-set, a make-shift kitchen-cum-dining space, a shared reading space with the ‘apparent’ drawing space, a wash-room…… well it is about having everything all in one place and yet almost have no space at all…. or if I say in a better words ‘it is having everything in a nut-shell’. The best part is the the ceiling-height windows, and it becomes absolutely awesome when the windows are left open– save for the fact, it would have been nightmare for parents with kids- Good that I am neither.. not a parent and well not anywhere near a kid.
This is actually what one may say as green-living- when one would not have to turn the ACs on except during the lunch time– when althought its way to windy but the heat would also be unbearable. However, the good part is, professionals like me, dont spend much ‘lunch times’ and therefore afternoons at home.— we say ‘boss calleth ! :) ‘.. and in the weekends, I would find myself with the beloved ‘one’ in a restaurant somewhere absolutely ‘on the ground’… or at least with other friends and family members somewhere more “close to the ground”.
Evenings are a paradise in here– especially when You would see the birds fly past across the back-drop of the tired sun. At times the height itself becomes an advantage specially when i feel like taking out my camera and shooting with the tele-photo lenses. Although bad for the human-race, at time when I look out of the window to see the smog cover on the city around… it is an awesome site for the eyes…. may I say, it is the beautiful side of the dark gloom that lurks over the city– no one sees it – I do.
Nights– yes, I am a bachelor and yet I stay here in the evenings and the nights… I love my Bose system, that echos the sounds from the walls from the 105 inches of Samgsung LED TV… i dont watch TV, but the positioning of the LED on the wall looking out into the night sky, with the spots that spell out the chrome hue all across the room……
its my dream paradise.

Need some air

February 02, 2010 By: moinak banerjee Category: Uncategorized

  • Cannot forget the day my dad passed away.
  • Cannot forget how my sister’s life has been ruined by a bastard and his family.
  • Cannot forget the strain after dad passed away– the nights that were spent in Wipro campus trying to earn in the BPO to sustain the family.
  • Cannot forget that a million INR needs to be repaid to all the kind hands that helped.
  • Cannot forget that my house is in shambles and I cannot repair it.
  • Cannot forget when “friends” left when i shared my heart and my loneliness out to them– that pissed them off.
  • Cannot forget how the two most important friends, of whom one was the love of my life, completely misunderstood me and how I have lost them forever.
  • Cannot forget how need of money has snatched my peace of mind completely.
  • Cannot forget that the only reason I spend all my hours with my work, never caring for the family and loved ones is that, a hope persists that if I work well the company would pay a lot of money– a fleeting hope, but still trying to cling to it.
I work in the company — day in and day out– with the hope that my efforts would be realized and I would be appropriately rewarded— I’m not sure if at all that would happen– this is not my father’s company. Lobbying and politics exist in all places.
I am tired — very tired. I need sleep– I am too bogged down.
I need fresh air to breath– and a real fresh reason to live. I am a good resource– and that is what i need to be identified as that which is “in” me.!
I am feeling real tired. Need to rest in peace!

A new lookout– a tough time ahead– and that is acceptable

January 10, 2010 By: moinak banerjee Category: Uncategorized

This new year there was a resolution– “Take back everything that was mine”. But the question was how to do so? Somewhat vague and misty– but the clouds seem to be showing the silver lining. What if I led my life as I want to– with something that would be my own– what if I worked for myself.??

Noble thought– but the I am not an MBA :) What to do of that?? Why would someone listen to me?? Who would believe if I said that which ideally in our country and MBA is supposed to say? Well here is the answer– no one.
But then MBA is not about getting a degree– it is about achieving a level of wisdom with more of what is known as “common sense”. If I can show that I have more of common sense– people (Im sure) would not mind, even if that is not an MBA speak.
Gaining the wisdom is thus more important that writing exams to score and get marks. Some say exams are the necessary evil. But the worst part is — there is no exam for what I want to be in life. It is how I take it forward with my own wisdom and thought. 
I am not the guy for Harvard– I am not the guy from IIM– but I am still someone who has the common sense.– and wants to apply that same old common sense to get make a mark. So lets start by making the first mark– even if I dont land up getting an MBA.
2010– a year where there would be a lot of differences.

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