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Astrology and Married Life

Marriage is a landmark in life.  It is an institution founded on love and affection.  But it is also a most complicated structure made up of a whole series of heterogeneous subjective and objective factors. Marriage plays a very important part in this strong web of relationships of giving support and protection. Marriage is not an institution for brute sense gratification.  It is not a civil agreement that affects only the parties to it.  It is the basis of the family and its dissolution as well as formation is a matter of social interest. 

A good marriage should grow and develop gradually from understanding and not impulse, from true loyalty and not just sheer indulgence. In our country, Marriage has been considered as a sacrament and comprehends the equality of the partner in respect of right dharma, financial position, sex relations and final emancipation.

Modern life is loaded with all kinds of tension and stress. Doubtless, very often it is tension and stress that creates problems in many a marriage If a proper analysis is made into the root causes of such social problems, we inevitably discover that it is due mainly to selfishness and lack of patience, tolerance and mutual understanding.  Almost everyday we hear people complaining about their marriages. Very seldom do we hear stories about a happy marriage. Marriage is a blessing but many people make it a curse due to lack of understanding. If a couple can share pain and pleasure in their day-to-day life, they can console each other and minimize their grievances. If a man can find a suitable and understanding wife and a woman can find a suitable and understanding husband, both are fortunate indeed.

How to find a suitable understanding partner for marriage????

The above question is a million dolar question and it is of course, raising in every individual either man or woman who is waiting for the marriage. There are two options, first one is to find the partner before marriage by falling in mutual affection or love, and the other one is to find the partner through parents and well wishers of the family.

In the first method, they can select a understanding partner. You would ask if they find their partner by love affair before marriage, they can be fortunate but??? But do you think every human being who is selecting their loving partner can able to succeed in married life??? Ya, they can, but the proportion is very less, and the rest who were all lost their minds in beauty and attractiveness are suffering now without understanding and affection. 

In the second method, the parents are selecting the partner by hearing about the bride or groom’s nature and character by others and looking each other.  But in many cases we cannot predict an individual’s character or future by looking physically and many times by verifying manually.  So at this juncture, Astrology places an vital role in determining the destiny of our married life.

You may ask how one can predict the entire character and future of married life and understanding of couples by looking only their horoscopes? 

In this article, I can explain you how the astrology helps in the determination of marriage and how it helps to predict the nature of married life.

Generally Marriage is a spinning spot in every human being.  For some people, the change is good and it creates lot of happiness, and for some people it is becoming a curse.  For few people, the good or evil results may extend only for a short time and those will be corrected by them with mutual understanding.  

a)      Astrologically, the seventh lord refers to marriage; wife or husband; Married life partner; Love; Lover; co-relationship with mutual understanding; sexual relationship progeny matters; temporary or permanent separation or divorce; Urinary organs; Sexual diseases; Difference of Opinions; Wife or husband’s relations etc., To make a clear analysis about the marriage all the above factors should be considered for the peaceful domestic life.

b)      Only by seeing the horoscope , astrologically We can analyze Whether can we do marriage for the individual and if so, what are all the positive and negative points regarding health, pure conduct, mental tendencies etc.,

c)      Astrologically we can analyze the seventh lord, the strength and weakness of the seventh house, malefic planets or benefic planets in the seventh house, any marriage or mangal dosha, strength of Venus and Mars in mutual affection, whether arranged by parent  or independent marriage etc.,

d)      Astrologically we can predict the possibility of love affair or love marriage, whether the love affair will be successful, whether it is true love or only a hobby, one side love or mutually stable love etc., This should be predicted by lagna lord’s and seventh lord’s conjunction with Rahu-Kethu axis or Moon’s conjunction with malefic planets or Venus and Mars conjunction with worst malefic planets etc., We can also predict that whether that individual is connected with illegal or extra marital relationship or bad conduct and whether there is a loss of partner.

e)      Is there any temporary married life for some time and if they wish to get mutual separation regarding untold reasons, such cases can be predicted.

f)        The malefic planets with seventh lord or in the seventh house with Rahu-Kethu axis or seventh lord’s indecent position with least or strength less position all will force to give failure in domestic life or more than one marriage.

g)      Saturn and Mars with Moon, Sun and Rahu-Kethu axis in the seventh house definitely will give marriage problems.  If any case Saturn and Mars become benefic planets then evil results will be minimized.  Jupiter’s Seventh house position or aspect on the seventh house also minimizes the bad results.

h)      If Mars in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th houses, If he owns a best benefic planet then he will not do any harm or mangal dosha.

i)         Mangal dosha or Kalathra dosha can be judged astrologically only by the strength and weakness of Mars and seventh lord and also by analyzing the future upcoming dasa periods and longevity period of both the bride and groom.

j)        In my humble 3 decades of experience, the marriage will not be successful if horoscope has most malefic impact.  So it will be good to avoid that kind of marriage in such cases.

k)       The second marriage of widower and divorcee should be predicted astrologically by considering their individual future upcoming dasa periods whether it is fortunate or unfortunate.

In this article I am astrologically sharing the case studies of the some individual horoscope’s married life and I am sharing their planetary impact on their married lives.

Case Study-1:

Lucky domestic life (Married Life) after Marriage:

Female:  Born on 2nd August 1944, at 18.55Hrs at Haerbint, Changchun, Japan.  Sagittarius Lagna with Moon; Kethu in second; Saturn in seventh; Sun, Rahu and Venus in Eighth; Jupiter , Mercury and Mars in Nineth; with balance of Venus period, 12 years, 9 months and 6 days.


 Period of Marriage:                                                

For her Sagitarius lagna, the seventh lord Mercury in the ninth abroad, holy dharma, God’s blessings and lucky beneficial house Leo, with lagna lord Jupiter and lucky planet Mars gave her marriage in Moon-Jupiter period at her 23rd age.  Jupiter and Mercury with Mars in the ninth is the most lucky factor regarding her marriage and it denotes that she will marry a lucky rich person who has often abroad travels and abroad life.  After marriage, they shifted their domestic life to Japan.

Beneficial factors regarding her domestic life:

Her seventh lord Mercury is joining with lagna lord Jupiter in the ninth; the second finance lord Saturn in the seventh without having any maleficial aspects or conjoinings; Her future Mars dasa period till her age of 36, and Rahu dasa period till her age of 54, and her Jupiter dasa period till her age of 70, and finally her Saturn dasa period till her age of 89- all these periods are ready to give her lucky prosperous happy married life with much abroad travels over 30 times with her husband and children even at the old age, and also as per her horoscope she will have a lengthern longevity.


Eventhough she was born in a poor family back ground, her seventh lord’s decent position gave her good married life, good husband, luxurious life, abroad life with often abroad travels and peaceful domestic life style with God’s blessings.  Here Mercury Seventh lord is with lagna lord Jupiter and Fifth poorvapunya lucky lord Mars aspected by finance second lord Saturn.  So because of Seventh lord’s and seventh house’s strength she is leading a happy married life with a blessing of God.

Case Study-2:

A Male’s Marriage and Separation in Married Life:

Male Born on 28th Sept, 1957 at 15.04 Hrs at Kyoto, Japan, Capricorn Lagna, kethu in the fourth; Mercury in eighth; Jupiter, Mars and Sun in the Nineth; Venus and Rahu in the Tenth; Saturn and Moon in the eleventh with a balance of Saturn period 7 Years, 0 Months, 2 Days.


Period of Marriage and Position of Married Life:

For Capricorn lagna, Seventh house falls on Cancer sign and Moon becomes as Seventh lord of Marriage and Married life.  Here Moon is in debilitation with lagna lord Saturn, both are in the most weakest positional and unfavourable sign Scorpio.  So he was forced to marry a female who is two years elder than him in his Venus-Venus period.  Venus is conjoining with Rahu forced him to take this decision without thinking what will happen in future.  Though Venus is a good benefic planet for his Capricorn lagna, the seventh lord Moon’s weakest position in Scorpio could not give him peaceful happy married life with that female after their marriage.

Separation and Divorce:

Day by day they met lot of misunderstandings and problems connected with issueless problem and financial problems.  The financial problem was created by his elder brother because of eleventh house’s weakest position.  All these minus points forced them to take mutual divorce in his Venus-Rahu period from 30th Nov, 1995 till 30th Nov, 1998.  Their marriage took place in Venus-Venus period.  But weakest Seventh lord Moon with his lagna lord Saturn forced him to take unfavourable marriage and unsatisfactory domestic life with many problems that was ended with divorce decision.


In his horoscope, the weakest seventh lord is with lagna lord Saturn in the weakest positional strength sign of Scorpio.  Moon, is indicator of mind, Life partner and domestic life lord.  So Moon , the seventh lord who is debilitation with Saturn in weakest sign gave him poor domestic life, non child birth and divorce.

Case Study-3:

A Poor Girl’s Good future but tragedy after marriage:

Female born on 8th Nov, 1972 at 11.30Hrs, at Chennai, Capricorn lagna, Saturn in Fifth, Kethu in Sixth, Venus in Ninth, Sun and Mars in the Tenth; Moon and Mercury in the eleventh; Rahu and Jupiter in twelfth with balance of Saturn O Years, 7 Months and 15 Days.

Period of Marriage:

She was born in a poor family.  But her lagna lord Saturn is in the fifth Poorvapunya for Capricorn lagna with lucky future upcoming dasa periods after her 20th age.  She was very brilliant and active with cunning effective talents.  After her graduation, she started to earn in a beginning level job and day by day she searched bright higher jobs and she started earning handsome money.  She got married to an average status graduate person and their marriage took place in Venus-Moon period within 30th age.  The seventh lord Moon in the eleventh with benefic ninth lord Mercury gave her marriage.  The Venus eventhough in debilitation sign Virgo, Venus gets “Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga” (Cancellation of debilitation).  So Venus in the ninth gave her good earnings, good lucky job career and abroad travels rising her financially.  But her physical and mental conditions became very poor after marriage because of Venus, and she did not have a child also.


Her final days in Venus period:

Though she had favourable lucky lord in poorvapunya fifth house aspected by lucky ninth lord Mercury, her Moon and Mercury (Sixth lord are joining in weak Scorpio sign; Poorvapunya fifth and Karma tenth lord Venus in debilitation weak Virgo sign; Jupiter and Rahu in the unfavourable twelfth; these all features gave her tragedy end.  The seventh house and that lord Moon in Scorpio gave her urinary kidney problems and untold sufferings including ovarian cyst and scarcity of red blood cells.  Indicator of blood-Mars with Sun who is in debilitation weak libra sign; indicator of ovaries and generative system-Venus in debilitation weak Virgo sign; indicator of wombs; Water-urinary related virus infection; 7th Lord Moon in weak Scorpio sign which connected with excretory system and bladder and external generative and urinary organs; All these negative points gave her quick end at her young age in her Venus-Jupiter-Jupiter period.  Jupiter is in Moola-kethu Star, who is in the sixth house from lagna and in the eighth from her natal moon sign Scorpio.


The major negative point in her horoscope is, though the sevnenth lord Moon had gave her marriage, Happy married life and good status, that Marriage-Married life-Sexual relationship all had affected by weakest Moon and Venus indicator of Marriage and Married life.  So while analyzing a horoscope seventh lord, Venus and Health condition in future regarding Marriage and Married life should be taken for consideration.  (Venus-Jupiter-Jupiter period which started from 23rd Aug, 2007 gave her end on 25th Nov, 2007.  Jupiter with Rahu in the second from Scorpio Moon sing and twelfth from her Capricorn lagna both are referring maraka or death inflicting houses.

Case Study-4:

Happy Married Life suddenly turns towards suicide:

Female born on 29th Aug, 1976 at 21.45 Hrs at Chennai, Aries Lagna with Kethu, Jupiter in Second, Saturn in fourth, Sun in fifth, Venus, Mars and Mercury in the Sixth, Moon and Rahu in Seventh, with a balance of Rahu period 13 Years, 3 Months and 9 Days.


Period of Marriage:

For her Aries Lagna, the Marriage and Life partner referring Seventh lord Venus is in the sixth Virgo debilitation sign with worst malefic Mercury and lagna lord Mars aspected by Saturn.  Her Seventh house is occupied by Moon and Rahu.  From Moon sign, the seventh lord Mars is in the twelfth from moon with Venus and Mercury.  So both Seventh lord and Seventh houses are thoroughly afflicted by malefic planets in the matter of her marriage.  Exalted Mercury in Virgo aspected by Jupiter and Saturn gave her delayed and denied marriage in Jupiter-Mercury period (from 8th Aug, 1994 up to 14th Nov, 1996) in June, 1996.

Further events after Marriage:

Her life partner was a business man.  Even though so many graduates and working employees came to marry her, but her weakest horoscope was rejected by all of them.  So that fair complexion girl was married to a black complexioned business man.  By considering family status and prestige she passed their married life peacefully and happily.  Jupiter main Mercury sub-peirod and Kethu sub-peirod gave them a male child.

Then Jupiter-Venus sub-period started from 20th Oct, 1997 till 20th June 2000 as a most unfavourble period.  Till 20th Oct, 11997 her husband was acting as a gentle and pure good conducted person for outside look and after that one day she happens to see suddenly that he is sharing bed with another lady.  At once, she returned mother’s home, taking much sleeping tablets and reached the coma stage.  After 28 months suffering, she got expired on 3rd May, 2000 within Jupiter-Venus sub-period.  She had much belief on her husband, since it got failure she shocked and came to suicide mentality.


For Aries lagna, sixth occupied Venus, Mercury and Mars aspected by Saturn and Jupiter; Kethu in lagna; Rahu and Moon in the seventh and lagna is aspected by Saturn and Mars all these negative points gave her quick nervous mentality to give up her life quickly.  But her sixth house’s most malefic situation gave her 28 months coma staged hospital life above 28 months and unnatural end.

Here Seventh lord Venus in the sixth debilitation sign with sixth lord Mercury, Kethu in lagna and Rahu and Moon in the Seventh- all these blemished her married life soon by self suicide.

So every horoscope should be deeply considered only by seventh house, seventh lord, lagna, longevity and Venus in the matter of marriage with curiosity.

Case Study-5:

Astrology for Muhurta time (Marriage time) without aware of the horoscopes of Bride and Groom:

Once a marriage took place on 3rd March, 1986 at 10.30Hrs at 78E 20 Longitude, 09N14 Latitude; Aries Lagna with Rahu; Kethu in the seventh; Saturn, Moon and Mars in the eighth; Sun, Jupiter and Venus; Mercury in the twelfth; that day contained Anuradha star with a balance of Saturn period-Rahu sub-period from that marriage time 10.30Hrs.



That marriage held at 10.30Hrs on that day.  No one does marriage in Aries lagna.  But that bride’s family fixed the marriage time with some known pooja person, and they refused to change the marriage time even though bride groom’s family told about that.  Bride’s family does not know that the bride groom is mentally upset little but he was looking and behaving normally.  Lagna is occupied by Rahu in Aries sign; Seventh is occupied by Kethu, Eighth is occupied by Moon is debilitated weakest house Scorpio sign with Saturn and Mars.  Marriage time or Muhurtha time was in Saturn’s Anuradha Star and Aries Lagna at 10.30Hrs.  The eighth Saturn with weak moon should give worst malefic results to couple.


At that muhurtha time, Saturn-Rahu-Moon period was passing.  On marriage day at first night the bride felt that the groom is mentally upset, so she disappointed very much.  At midnight bride groom went away from that place and no body knows where he went away.  Till the next day evening the bride continued fasting and decided to commit suicide by eating poisonous seeds.  When her pulses were in lowest condition, the bride groom’s mother came to suicide by self rope hanging.  Thus two lives came to an end.

Astrological reasons for the death of bride and bride groom’s mother:

Marriage lagna should be taken as bride’s lagna.  From Aries lagna, eighth Saturn, Mars with weakest Moon should give most malefic (death) results for bride (Aries lagna).  Saturn-Rahu-Moon period also should give malefic results to bride groom’s mother (Mother in law of bride) because the ninth house became as mother in law’s lagna.  Three planets including Saturn is in the twelfth from the ninth also gave death result to mother in law unnaturally and unexpectedly.


Thus that marriage time gave two deaths including loss of bride.  Till today the groom’s survival has not discovered.  The unfavourable Muhurtha or marriage lagna Aries and Saturn and Moon in the eighth with lagna lord Mars gave them worst unwanted happenings.  So every parent of bride or bride groom should take much care in the matter of fixing marriage time as good as possible by analyzing all good and bad points regarding married life and future good luck with longevity in their horoscopes.

Astrological conclusion in Marriage matters:

As per my humble 3 decades of experience, a marriage should be done after analyzing all the points I have mentioned in the beginning and as per the individual’s horoscope not by seeing blindly the matching of the birth stars.  Above all, the marriage time also places an important role in fixing the destiny of married life; it should be done in the most auspicious time by analyzing both the bride and groom’s horoscopes as mentioned above.

Some fortunate people, if their destiny is good, they are getting a accurate matching compatibility report from the reputed knowledgeable astrologers and getting married and leading a good happy married life.  But many ill-fated people, who are all going only by star matching they attain failure in married life and the entire life is trouble some with lot of sorrows and misfortunes.  So know your astrologer first before going for compatibility and check whether he is satisfying all your doubts and worries you had about your upcoming partner.

As per my best of knowledge for the past 31 years, I explained astrologically the above cases regarding to their married life.

From the above cases, we came to know that astrology places an important role in the marriage and married life and it reveals all the unknown truths of marriage and upcoming life partner’s conduct, future, good or bad luck, progeny, health, mental and physical tendencies, longevity etc.,

So use this wonderful scientific astrology to select a mutual understanding partner and keep in mind that upcoming partner is going to travel throughout your life.

May god bless you to have a happy wonderful married life with your partner.

C. L. Ramakrishna

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