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Moon Sign Predictions for 26 March 2010

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Pankaj Khanna


You shall  give quality time loving  care  and attention to  the  home  and  family .You  are  generous, caring, loving and lots  of fun  to  be  with. You seek  to  share   your  material  success  with  your  loved  ones. There is  lots  of  socializing and  partying and Travelling  shall  give  you  pleasure  and   provide  much  needed  relaxation.


You will have very interesting and favorable social connections . This is very much within your gamut of expertise to interact with ease and get into a very comfortable position. You will also devote yourself seriously to career matters and would like to see genuine progress rather than in theory. This would be a goodtime to recollect about all your debts and square up the accounts.


You may be left smarting inside because of someone’s insensitive remark, but news about a travel opportunity should please you very much. An influential contact opens the doors for your career now. Financially, you’ll exercise plenty of initiative. A meeting with your beloved towards evening is likely to be full of fireworks



Your  stars  are  favouring  you  and  you  have  lucky  and  fruitful  day   ahead  of  you. You  shall  derive  rewards for  your  efforts. You  shall  receive love and respect from  the people  you  care about . Social  gathering shall  be  a  source  of enjoyment. You shall  have  the  support of the people around you.


Social  activity  and  relationship  with not  just  family and  loved  ones  but  a  wider  circle  of  friends   shall  flourish  because   you  display   far  more  flexibility, open  mindedness. Always fair minded  you are  willing  to  listen . Take extra precautions as  you  may get an infection ,Citreous fruits  and fresh air shall help you stay healthy


A prolonged financial proposal makes you quite uncomfortable. You may feel overenthusiastic but don’t take on more than you can handle. Avoid taking unnecessary risks in your desire to win a favour from someone influential. The desire to rekindle new magic in your love life is likely surface


Creativity, socializing  and  partying ,marvelous   interactions with  children  and the  pursuit  of  hobbies all spell  a fine day for you.  Peace  and harmony  and  domestic  accord  prevail  in all  your relationships. You  will be  in a giving  and  generous  mood  ,not only  in  monetary  terms  but  in  all  the  other  ways  that  make  life so  beautiful  and  joyous


 You may find obstacles and relationship problems But once the clouds will start to clear up you will quickly make up the loss. You will be more open and will feel much happier also. Your own health should be attended to and that of your family as well. Relationships with parents and elderly persons will become much better than in the recent past.


You will need to keep a watch on your health. There will be frantic activities both at your work place and domestic scene. If you are attached, your spouse or mate may be in a complicated situation which will also affect you to some extent. There will be an active career to manage and a demanding home to take care of. Drawing the perfect balance will consume the day and you must succeed


You will feel more confident as the day progress. You will gain knowledge and learn how to use it to self improvement. You will feel the rewards of this process more during the latter  part of  your  life.  You will feel great interest in matters that deal with inward powers; this could mean spiritual inclination in some of you. You will go into deeply and this trend will continue for sometime


If unmarried  you shall develop a really intimate relationship with someone whom you would have met recently.  You shall develop a strong emotional  bond   which you will not understand why you have. If married your closeness and understanding shall improve.


You may be guided by a compelling force to achieve your goal. Students will do well and job seekers will not be left disappointed. One of word of caution, do not be in a hurry to make money and stay away from reckless betting or share trading; it could lead to loss. Health may cause concern, especially the upper respiratory system, ear nose and throat

Powered By,
Pankaj Khanna

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