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Birth Time Rectification in Practical Astrology_1

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What is the need for Birth Time Rectification:
One of the intricate things in astrology is predicting the birth chart without knowing the time of birth. Rectification is the process of mathematical correction to determine the correct birth time.  Rectification is a tool that makes certain about this and it is also useful in adjusting a known birth time as in many cases the actual birth time recorded has been rounded up or may be delayed by 5 or 10 minutes.  In case if it would have been rounded up, If the time of birth is falling under junction of two signs then the only solution is rectification.  Why rectify? If you have an accurate birth time then you will get more accurate predictions – from transits and progressions. If you have no birth time then you will get an inaccurate interpretation.  An accurate birth time is a must to get exact predictions from birth charts.

How Birth Time Rectification:
You should give your mental tendencies, habits, Physical structure, Complexion, approximate time of birth, morning or noon or evening or night or midnight or early morning, family co-borns, or birth order and your situation with important ten questions.

In a day every two hours lagna (of 30degrees) is changing.  So if one who know date, month ad place of birth and do not know accurate birth time will face inaccurate prediction.  A whole day consists of one star and one rasi but 12 lagnas.  So lagna is the most important in the matter of predicting future.  Birth lagna is determined only with birth time. After judging your mental tendencies, habits, physique structure, complexion, birth order of your co-borns, approximate time and with your ten questions we will calculate your correct birth time and lagna.

Horoscope Rectification:
The most intricate thing above birth time rectification is Horoscope rectification.  In this person did not know any of his birth detail and he is totally blank.  Then in this case, the horoscope is casted as per the required details like mental tendencies, habits, physical structure, complexion, any particular star, week day, approximate time, month or year told by elders, past important memorable events, marriage date, national festival or any national event or holiday at the time of birth, earth quake, Tsunami or any natural calamity at the time of birth, solar or moon eclipses at the time of birth, any surgical operation or critical ill health condition, birth order of family co-borns, parent or maternal uncle live or not alive, approximate age, your passport size photograph etc., From these details a horoscope is casted and the dasa periods can be calculated and the accurate prediction can be done.

Let me explain this rectification process through some example Case-studies.

An old man came in 1979 for his lost son’s horoscope prediction.  He said his son’s birth had happened between 8.30 IST and 9.00 IST on 4th June 1949.  He said that his son was lost before 20 years.  So he suspected whether he is alive or not.

Already he went to another astrologer who calculated his son’s lagna as Cancer at 9.00IST.  According to that Cancer lagna he predicted that his son is still alive and is living in a royal status.  So he came and met me after that and I asked that old man and his wife about his lost son’s mental and physical tendencies, habits, Physical structure, Complexion, approximate time of birth, family co-borns.  From his mental and physical tendencies I found their son’s birth occurred at 8.40IST on 4th June 1949, at 9N19 Latitude-78E09 Longitude, in Gemini Lagna, Pubba Star, Venus period balance of  10 years, 2 months and 15 days.

Rectified Horosocpe

Previous incorrect horoscope      

According to rectified Gemini Lagna, lagna lord Mercury is joining in the twelfth with two malefics Mars and Sun and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn.  Eighth lord Saturn is conjoining with second lord Moon and eighth is occupied by Jupiter in debilitation house.  So his longevity was in a smaller period only upto Moon-Jupiter period from 19th July 1968 till 18th Nov, 1969.  Though the fifth poorvapunya lord Venus is occupying in Gemini Lagna, Venus period ended on 19th Aug, 1959.  Lagna Lord Mercury in the twelfth with mars and Sun; Eighth lord Saturn in the third with second lord Moon aspected by evil Mars; Jupiter in the eighth weakest Capricorn house- all these combinations could not give him good longevity.  The wrong calculation as 9.00 IST gave his father mentally self confidence and cheerful belief about his son.  But my rectified birth time as 8.40 IST gave little mental upset and depression but real satisfactory conclusion to come to an end.  Two months after that father came to know by his son’s distant friends that he already dead in an accident in Mumbai and not able to identify that body also and police closed the case.  And after this on feb 1986, the father also expired in his son’s Rahu-Jupiter period, both are in third and twelfth from the ninth house.

So wrong calculation in horoscope always will give you inaccurate interpretation while accurate time rectified calculation definitely will give reality and practical guidance for all. 

Rectification of Horoscope those who know Birth Date, Month, Year and Place but not accurate Birth Time:

Let us analyze one Female Born on 2nd Aug, 1944 at ———— (approximately from 6.00 to 7.00) but she didn’t know morning or evening, at Haerbin, Changchun in China.  E. Longitude 126.39, N. Latitude-45.45

 At her time of birth, there was storm and heavy rain.

Her Mental and Physical tendencies are mentioned by herself:

Loud and High tone of voice; fast talk; small eyes; long arms and legs; slender build; she was allergic in youth hood; Often having abroad travels 26 times since 1969 till Nov, 2007. (Now she is in Japan).  Her husband is always quarrelsome.

I calculated two horoscopes both for 6.00 to 7.00A.M and 6.00 to 7.00P.M on that day 2nd Aug, 1944.

According to her tendencies that was mentioned by herself, 6.00 to 7.00A.M, Kataka (Sagittarius) Lagna is not match able with her sound speech, allergic body, asthma disease, often abroad travels since 1969, small eyes, fast loud speech etc., According to her morning birth time, she may born in a wealthy family and did not know financial problems in early age and not having abroad travels and abroad life.  Moreover she will have heart problems, tensionful and failure married life, loss of husband, speech in low voice, uterus cancer, some problems or wounding in right leg etc., So according to her mentioned points definitely she will not having Cancer lagna and morning birth time. All these mentioned tendencies are perfectly matching with Dhanus or Sagittarius Lagna. 

As per the analysis, her birth was in an average family, after 1967 luxurious life till today and other matters etc,

Reasons for rectification at 18.55Hrs:

According to 18.55 time, she belongs to Dhanus Lagna, Pooradam Star with Venus dasa balance 12 years, 9 months and 16 days.

1.      Eighth lord Moon in Lagna confirms her Asthma (Water, allergic related) problems.

2.      Second Kethu refers sound speedy loud voice and small eyes.

3.      Rahu, Sun and Venus in the eighth, confirms her childhood Venus period’s sufferings or poor situation related birth family till her Venus period up to the age of 13 and Sun period (Who is in the Eighth) 6 years totally up to the age of 19.  From her Moon-Saturn period, and from Mars period, Rahu and Jupiter periods are fully capable in giving, luxurious life with often abroad travels.  Because her abroad ninth house is occupied by good yoga planets Jupiter, Mars and Mercury.  The Lagna lord Jupiter with Seventh lord Mercury in the Ninth joining with most benefic planet Mars, all are giving much yoga results to her.

4.      She was born in China and now living in Japan, eastern direction from China.  Lagna lord Jupiter in the ninth Leo sign, eastern direction sign with seventh travel lord Mercury and lucky fifth lord Mars in the ninth house.  Fifth Mars, Seventh Mercury and Lagna lord Jupiter all these three planetary conjunction in the ninth house are giving her abroad life and many abroad travels.

So I came to a conclusion in her birth time as 18.55Hrs Dhanus Lagna-Dhanus Navamsa-267.07.52; Sun 106.52; Moon 258.08; Mars 140.04; Mercury 132.54; Jupiter 128.26; Venus 116.53; Saturn 72.19; Rahu 94.63 and Kethu 274.36.

Thus the rectification method plays a vital role in predicting the accurate birth time that enables for calculating the exact horoscope and leads to accurate interpretation and prediction.   So to get accurate birth time rectification log on to         

Powered By
C. L. Ramakrishna


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