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Match-Making by Signature Astrology

Dr. Raj Deepak Mishra is one of the most remarkable astrologer who is highly educated with M.A. in Political Science, Ancient History, Archaeology & Culture, Sociology, Diploma in Journalism and has done B.E.M.S., B.Ed. At the age of 42,, Dr. Raj Deepak Mishra has an immense sense to predict the future of the person by his signature, handwriting, food habits, footwear, use of ink, use of pen, colour of face and is well versed  with Vastu Shastra, Color Therapy & Bhavishya Vakta. Completely self taught, his unique gift to read into life has sharpened with time and experience. Thus, over the past so many years in signature astrology he has been a guide, a friend to many including prominent names from the Bollywood and Tellywood like Anu Malik, Manini Mishra, Pooja Bedi, Nisha Bedi Rai (Dress designer of many serials) and has predicted at least for seven lakh people all around the world. 

He is recognized as the only Signature Astrologer who predicts not only the future of a person but also his other traits, his lucky colors, days, numbers; giving a detailed view of his life past, present and future. Author of a hindi book “Hastakshare Bolte Hai” and also a world record holder for writing “sitaram” one crore times; he has come a long way.

GR8! Spoke to him regarding Signature Astrology and his future plans. 

“I realized the importance of signature, when I was 15. We got a few letter in post and my dad without even opening them said who had written those letters. I immediately asked how did he knew and he said by the handwriting. This suddenly clicked, making me realize the significance of handwriting. Thereafter I began observing handwriting and signatures. 

Being such a highly educated person, what inclined you towards the field of Signature Astrology? I always wanted to do something difference. With this intense fascination towards handwriting and signatures, I knew that I have got that difference profession and gradually I started taking it seriously. I also started comparing handwriting & signatures and observing their effects on people’s lives. I got a good response from people and I settled down in Mumbai. 

But how is it possible to give a detailed prediction of the future with a mere Signature? 
Signature is very powerful and reflects the personality and thinking of a person. A judge’s signature can release or seize a criminal; a bank manager’s signature has the final authority and this is what fascinated me but we hardly realize its value. There are four facts that are seen in the signature; the ink, the Pen, the Writing and the Flow. 

These give a deep insight in to the person and tell about his characteristics, my study in this subject helps me to co-relate it with the signature and the rest is the inner feeling, intuition which is God’s blessing. 

What all can be predicted through the signatures?
How can you predict about the people all around the world?
Everything can be predicted through signatures. There would be many graphologists but no one can predict the past, present & future and give lucky colors, days and numbers. I also have matched the signatures for marriage, matrimonial but through signatures. There are many companies like Macleods, Franklin India, Playwin Lottery and many others who send in the signature of their employees and I give the detailed prediction about them and this helps them to get know their employees more. People fax or mail me their signatures from all over the world; it’s not necessary that they have to be physically for me to predict their future. 

Future plans?
I want to promote this science and help people. I may not be able to change their destiny but warm them and guide them to go through it smoothly. Changes in the signature too help overcome certain traits, weakness for the betterment of the individual. Persistent demand from friends and well-wishers across the globe compelled me to bring this science on internet; making it available to many. I have two website and ; where in the software are uploaded and a person can select the sample signature and get to know his future in just Rs.200. I am not money-minded and just charge a person once when he comes for the first time, he may come to me as long as he is alive but I want charge a single penny thereafter. That is the reason I never call them clients because a personal bond develops with them.


Dharmishtha Dagia


Anu Malik,  Music Director & Singer.

I am a typical Scorpion and believe in all the religions as they teach us essential values and I love to spend time in church, darga, mandir. In the same way I also believe and respect all sciences like reading, numerology, astrology, etc. I am talking about Mishraji because I know him since many years and respect him. He is very good, God-fearing human being, strong believer in Lord Ram and Hanumanji, Knowledgeable, preaches good values and is not money-minded. I get a peace of mind in the positive, pure aura that surrounds him. He has predicted certain occurrences for me which have been 75-80% true and his guidelines have helped me go through the phases of my life smoothly. But I would also want to mention that not only Mishraji but anyone else too can not give 100% true predictions as God is Almighty, the supreme power who designs your destiny therefore no one can give you a perfect, exact prediction of your future. For instance, if a pandit says your good phase is going to start that doesn’t mean that you sit at home and wait for the phase; you will have to work towards it. Saying this, I am a firm believer in karma thus whatever you do good or bad, it will return back to you sooner or later, so it’s truly said “Jaise Karni, Waisi Bharni”. I have met many other gurus including Mishraji and feel that they are blessed by God and help people with their talent and knowledge. It is upon a person how much he believes in signature astrology and it is my personal choice to consult him. It is very important to understand that we should follow our belief and not what others are following; be it a friend or a celebrity.

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