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(7) Person who signs with sharp pointed letters overlapping each other and a sharp branch comes out at the end.

Those who make their signature having pointed letters or at least one or two letters ‘pointed’, are intelligent and work hard to fulfill their ambitions and are generally suspicious characters.  Anybody dealing with such People has to be extra cautious.  They are controversial people who start earning between 20 to 24 years of age.  They earn good money, respect and position in society round about 33      years of age but they get maximum set back.  They earn lot of money and they spend also more.  Period between 34-38 years of age is with ups and downs.  There is possibility of penalty imposed on you by some Government Agency and danger from secret enemies.   Period between 40-50 years of age is quite good.  Possibility or good opportunities of foreign tours with profits will be there.  They are well off with money earned by them selves as well as through inheritance. They do not care much about their siblings.  They are fond of luxurious houses, latest fashion in clothes & ornaments etc.  They profit from the business related to Stocks & shares, chemicals, commission and industry.  They have to face problems in education, children and do not get much co-operation from children. They have to suffer in life due to unfortunate incidents, interaction with women and health problems such as liver, bones, operation and drugs etc.  There is a possibilities of family break-up once or twice are there.  They face risk of defamation due to legal disputes. They travel to distant lands, away from their birth place in search of livelihood.   Due to whimsical nature, they always have to face problems & hurdles but after suffering they become successful also.  They live better life than their parents but are not co-operative to their family. They help others more, than their own family. The period between 51-57 years of age is full of busy schedules, hectic activity and stress.  Period between 58-65 years of age is good.  In young age they have some ups and downs and then success.  In old age they have good money.  In some cases they die an untimely death.  They attain a Good position in society.  Normally their life span is 75 years and above.  Using a ‘KETU YANTRA’ or ‘LASONIA’ will help in improving the quality of life.

(8) Person who signs using large sized letters or the size of all the letters in the signature is large.

The persons who sign with large sized letters or all letters in his signature are large, are exceptionally intelligent, happy go lucky, of good nature and bring good name to the family.  They are generous by nature and get suddenly into good money, surprising people around them.  They belong to category of persons having Leadership qualities and Creative abilities.  They are good artists and devotees of the highest order.  They earn respect of the society. They spend the way they earn, always in plenty.  Such persons put everything at stakes in a bid to help others.  At about 26 to 30 years of age, they earn money, respect, good name in society in a big way. They make big plans and make sincere efforts to ensure success in executing the same.  Period between 31 to 32 years of age brings in some ups and downs.  They may have to undergo imprisonment or face allegations for the sake of others.  Period between 33 to 45 years of age is quite good.  They spend liberally.  They do not have attraction towards ancestral wealth.  They march ahead in life with their family.  Such persons earn good money from social work, landed property and art.  They acquire palatial house, car and other luxuries for a comfortable living. Period between 46 to 52 years of age is stressful due to problems in the family as well as with the government.  Their education is smooth.  Children are co-operative. They are not fussy about their taste for clothes and food.  They have to face problems such as a tragic accident, ailments of the bones, liver & blood.  Life partner is good, even though they hardly stay with each other.   Luck improves much after marriage.  They earn handsomely from court cases & legal disputes.   Religious work and travel are also profitable.  Such persons live better life than their parents.  Period between 55-65 years of age is good.  They earn lot of money and also spend lot.  They get plenty of means of happiness but feel shortage of money in old age.  Such persons earn more if they work independently.  Life span is about 70 years and above.  It is better to use MARS- YANTRA as it helps to get more success.  Life of such persons is happy and satisfactory.

(9)  The persons who draw a simple line after their 

Persons who draw a simple line below their signature, are seen happy with themselves and always engrossed in their own world.   They do not make friends or foes with anybody.  They discharge their duties very well. They keep their house neat and clean.  They are typically traditional people who follow the unwritten norms of social behavior.  They achieve success with hard work and they remain happy with their work.  During the period of 22-27 years of age, they go through good changes and achieve success.  Due to peaceful nature, people call them self concentrated.  Such persons get success in life after many changes.  Period between 28-30 years of age is seen with ups and downs. Period between 30-36 years of age is good for their luck as well as to family are problem is to faced.  Period between 36-56 years of age, they earn good success.   They do not give importance to money and due to this nature children and family is not happy with them.  They are engaged in their work.  They keep faith in spouse and throw all responsibilities to her.  During the middle age, they have to face ups and downs once or twice.  They do not give much importance to father’s money, father-in-laws property or self earned money.  They believe in self earned money.  They hardly get any help from siblings.  As regards house, car, they try to get as per their capacity.  They have to face problem from one child.  As regards food, clothes they adjust their liking.  They are more careful about their health.  They are worried about their health though they have no major disease.  They have mental tension due to problems such as bones, operation, sugar, stomach.  Their family life is generally pathetic. They get co-operation from life partner.  They dislike court cases and disputes.  They get trouble when they are helpless.  There is little benefit from Government.   Sources of income are good.  They prepare plans or schemes for future.   Their co-workers or known person are happy with them.  Life span is about 68 years and above.  It is better to use ‘GURU YANTRA’ or a ‘YELLOW SAPHIRE’ for improvement in fortunes.

(10) The persons who join one line to the last letter of Signature.

The persons who join one line to the last letter of their signature or draw longer curve, are happy go lucky, more talkative and people come into their contact due to their work and they also become known in the society.
Such persons are good sportsmen, famous writers writing about the field of crime. They are persons connected to Law and achieve success in that field only.  They usually achieve highest position in whichever field they are. They are friendly by nature and co-operative to others.  They try to make a mark with their personality and performance.  They achieve their aim in life, gradually. They occupy good position.  Initially, they work for others and gradually, they start their own independent business. Either they do not get ancestral money/wealth or they are unable to make use of such riches.  They stay away from siblings and work on their own.  They usually land into jobs/service suddenly. They love nature.  They are principled people who would do anything to stick to their principles.  They suddenly attain success in life between 27-30 years of age. They earn good money by the age 33 years and period between 37-50 years of age is quite good, barring one unfortunate incident and some problem from the spouse.  Such persons may not work to gather riches and luxuries. They get little benefit from education and children.  They are alert about eating habits. They are not fussy about their food and fashion. Such persons move in the company of people superior to them or make friendship with them.  They suffer from health problems related to bones, liver, eyes, tragic accident etc.  They have to face sudden ups and downs in life and trouble from Government. They have to face some difficulty in family life.  They succeed in court cases and disputes.  They get opportunities of traveling to foreign lands at the expense of others.  Such persons travel away from their birth place and get chance of foreign tour once.  They live better life than their father.  They earn good money and also save.  The period between 50-60 years of age is full of ups and downs, causing some tension. 
Such persons enjoy life in young age with the co-operation of others, but in old age they suffer from some disease and carry worries.  They earn money and name when they go away from birth place.  Such persons have to suffer due to sudden family tension.  Life span is about 65 years and above.  Their end generally comes some times at a distant place from birth place.  It is better to use stone (RUBY) or ‘SURYA YANTRA’ for improvement.

(11)  The persons whose signature have downward slant.

The persons whose signature has downward slant are of pure heart, unstable thoughts but loyal. They go out of their way to help family and friends but hardly ever get credit for the same. Such persons start earning between 22 to 26 years of age.  They are Bankers, Chief of some Organization or people at the helm of affairs in a company and belong to the elite class of society.  They go to any extent for the sake of their self respect. They are not much interested in Ancestral Wealth and achieve success after many changes. In the middle of life at about 45 years of age, they face some difficulties, sudden loss of money, defamation in society etc.  They should be careful from their siblings or the persons who are close to them.  They have to face risk of loss of job.  Period between 27-42 years of age is tough and full of struggle.  They have to control their expenses and lead life of an ordinary person, hardly able to make both ends meet. They have to face unforeseen dangers and trouble from children and family.  They also face serious health problems related to stress, blood, bones. Family life is lonely and problematic. Life after marriage is good for few years. Stress due to court cases and legal disputes are possible.  They are not religious.  They give all importance to their work and their principles.  Due to this reason they remain aloof from society but they are never wrong in their work.  There are many chances of foreign tours in life.  They derive benefits from Government.  They hardly save anything for a rainy day.   Though they have good money when young; in old age, they may have to spend on prolonged illness or lose money due to some other reason. They suffer due to some trouble from Government and thereafter they may have to live in poor conditions.  In old age, they may have to suffer due to some disease or worsening of health due to stress. Such persons belong to the category of persons who carry research work or welfare work for the country.  For them, living nearer to their place of birth will provide much needed relief. The end of such persons is controversial. It is better to use ‘LASONIA’ or ‘KETU YANTRA’ for improvement.

(12)  The persons who put two or three lines below their 

The persons who put two or more lines below their signature are of unstable minds and even if slight provoked, they get emotionally charged and excited. Such persons can harm themselves physically during tough times & failures etc. They take decisions without caring about logic and consequences and thus, are potential threat to fellow beings and the society at large.  They are street smart and yet gentle by nature.  They often fail while making vain efforts for improvement. Their spouse is selfish and fashionable.   There are problems in education.  They achieve success between 24-30 years of age.  Their main objective is money.  The period between 30-34 years of age brings in problems and tension.  Some times they leave their ‘on hand projects’ un-finished and start something else.  The period between 35-46 years of age is good so far as it relates to money, land, house, vehicle etc.  Period between 47-52 years of age again brings in ups and downs.  Period between 53-58 years is quite good.  During childhood and young age, there is tension due to wrong decisions.   Generally, old age is good.  They achieve more benefits from family business, and Estate.  They make progress with the help of siblings and friends.  There is very little chance of own house, vehicle etc. Success comes to them after some difficulty in education and children.  They develop an extra marital relationship, even though family life in old age is good.  They have frequent foreign tours.  They must avoid litigations and Court cases.  They have to face punishment from Government.  They save good money.  Their old age is very good but youth is difficult.  Some times untimely death is also possible but their life span is generally 65-70 years.  It is better to use ‘CHANDRA YANTRA’ or ‘PEARL’ for improvement.

                                                                 To   be  continued


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