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Ax Men Season 6 Episode 1 | Ax Men Season 6 Premiere | Watch Ax Men Season 6 Episode 1 Online Free Streaming

Ax Men is the first-ever non-fiction series about the treacherous life
of Pacific Northwest timber cutters. From History and Original
Productions, the same team responsible for the mega hit, Ice Road
Truckers, this series looks at the legacy that the pioneers of our
country laid for the present and future generations of loggers. Deep in
the woods of the Pacific Northwest, rugged men make their living doing
one of the most dangerous jobs in history… Logging. Their mission: to
retrieve timber perched on mountainsides too steep to access with
machines. But this is no easy task. For more than a hundred years,
larger than life characters, many of whom are members of logging
families that go back to the time when the West was being settled, have
spent their days among towering trees and powerful machines and their
nights in outposts far from the comforts of civilization. Ax Men will
tell remarkable stories detailing the history of the logging industry,
showing how technology has transformed life for today’s logger, while
the struggle of man versus nature stays the same. Over the course of
thirteen episodes, Ax Men follows four logging crews through a season in
the remote forests of northwest Oregon. Plagued by mechanical failures,
relentless weather–including a hurricane that ripped through the
area–and violent and unpredictable terrain, these brave men risk their
lives retrieving the very timber we depend on to build our country.
Snapped cables, runaway logs and treacherous machinery are among the
many dangers that threaten their lives and safety everyday. Anything and
everything can go wrong on these sites and the price of even the
simplest mistake can mean death.Papac faces a crisis with its yarder
operator; an ultimatum is presented at Rygaard; Shelby continues to
search for gold in the swamp; and the log-off on the Suwannee comes to
an end.

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