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Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes

Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes

Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for diabetes:

- Bitter Gourd is a very useful herb in treating diabetes. Bitter gourd seeds can help to reduce the sugar in the blood.

- Cinnamon is also a useful herb that not only increases the flavor
of food, but also very effective in bringing the blood sugar level to
normal, helpful in curing appetite loss, and acidity.

- Another useful herb in reducing blood sugar level is fenugreek. It
can suppress the excretion of sugar through the urine. It is commonly
used in lowering sugar level.

- Bael is an effective remedy for diabetes. The bael leaves have anti-diabetic properties. Their extract must be consumed, preferably with a pinch of black pepper in it.

- Garlic is another natural herbal remedy for diabetes.
It contains allicin, which helps in reducing the sugar level in the
blood. it also brings about the disintegration of cholesterol in the

- Onion is also used in treating diabetes. It has hypoglycemic (i.e.
low sugar) properties. It is natural and is effective herb to lower
blood sugar level.

- The Indian plum (Jamun) is also very useful in diabetes
cure. It has a specific action on the pancreas, which controls the
conversion of starch to sugar. Jamun seeds have better effects than the

- Turmeric is another useful natural remedy for diabetes. it works more effectively if taken along with amalaki (Indian gooseberry).

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Home Remedies for Diabetes

After some effective home remedies for diabetes:

  • Mango leaves are very useful in controlling diabetes. Take some
    mango leaves and soak them in water. It took overnight to keep this
    solution in an empty stomach. You can also get them in powder form.
    Powder of dried leaves of the mango tree and build a mill. A glass of
    water mix one tablespoon of dry powder of mango leaves and drink it
  • You also simple and effective home remedy for diabetes can try.
    Sweet potato leaves with ash gourd or take any herbal tea. 4-5 leaves of
    sweet potato and a teaspoon in a glass of water mixed with ash gourd
    and then allow it to boil. Strain mixture and herbal tea any time of
    day. It is effective in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Curry leaves also controls diabetes. Chew 8-10 curry leaves an empty
    stomach. The urine and blood sugar levels will be very effective in
    bringing to normal. It is also beneficial for patients with hereditary
  • A fine dry powder formulation of amalaki. Put the
    powder in water and let it stand for some time. Filter the solution and
    squeeze lemon juice in it. Take early in the morning. It is very
    beneficial in controlling diabetes.
  • You also a fine powder of amalaki, turmeric and fenugreek
    taken in equal amounts can be prepared. This powder with honey every
    morning, afternoon and evening take. Within two months of diabetes will
    help to reduce.
  • Common and equal amounts of the berry juice (berries) take. Drink
    this mixture three times a day. It is useful in reducing sugar levels.

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