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How Can A Man Control Ejaculation And Play Longer In Bed

One needs to learn effective techniques and improve health of his reproductive system and over all health to control ejaculation and play longer in bed. Every one cherishes long duration of lovemaking activity, not only males but females too, as it heightens the pleasure in the activity and provides complete satisfaction. But it is a fact too that every male has a duration up to which he can sustain his erection unless he knows how to control his ejaculation and his body is supportive and capable to allow him to play longer in bed. Normal duration can be increased substantially by taking herbal supplements to enhance physical and mental health and by applying few delaying techniques during the activity to gain control over ejaculation and play longer in bed.

Hawthorn berries have been used since ages due to its magical effects on ejaculation latency in males. Use of this herb increase endurance level and improves functioning of whole reproductive system to allow a male to perform lovemaking activity for much longer duration. This herb is also very beneficial for heart’s health, by improving heart’s health this herb also provides stamina and strength, hence use of this herb is excellent to gain control over ejaculation and play longer in bed. Withania Somnifera or Ashwagandha is called as Indian Ginseng and is a magical herb to elevate mental and physical health. This herb too allows a male to gain control over ejaculation and play longer in bed by improving strength, endurance, stamina, mental control, control over emotions, hormonal balance and libido. Tribulus terresteris is another herb which has been used for males to improve endurance and increase libido by proper and healthy hormonal secretion.

Along with these herbs if a male practice certain techniques then he can easily gain control over ejaculation and play longer in bed. One should always focus on longer duration of foreplay, by longer foreplay male is able to arouse his partner up to a level where she is ready to climax, one should try to make moves which are pleasing to his female partner before starting real act. Some people adopt practice of breaking focus between the activity, like shifting the focus for few moments on to something related to work, or any problem which needs immediate attention, this takes away focus from the activity for few moments which can delay ejaculation for few more minutes. However this technique needs expertise but people find it the best way to control ejaculation and play longer in bed.

Another very easy technique to control ejaculation is by stopping in between. When a male feels that he is about to reach his climax stopping for few moments can delay ejaculation, however one should be careful and should not stop for too long to loose erection or irritate the partner, a break of few seconds can control ejaculation and allow to play longer in bed. Gaining control over PC muscles is another way to control ejaculation and play longer in bed, one can prevent ejaculation by squeezing his PC muscles during the activity, this allows a man to continue the activity for longer duration.

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