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How Long Does It Take To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Completely?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to physical as well as psychological reasons and it depends on the root cause of the problem that how long is it going to take to cure the problem. Erectile dysfunction occurs in two ways prominently, one is a condition where a male does not get any sort of stiffness in his reproductive organ under appropriate circumstances and after sufficient arousal. Second condition refers to a situation where a male can gain erection on arousal but it is too weak to penetrate a woman or it losses stiffness required to continue lovemaking activity after penetration for sufficient duration. In any condition erectile dysfunction is not a problem that can be allowed to stay for long, all it takes to cure the problem is identification of the root cause and proper treatment.

If a male suffers with erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons than by proper consultations and steps to cure the problem it does not take long to resolve the situation. Some people experience positive results as soon as they start the treatment but some reasons which are deep rooted in one’s psyche may take some time to cure. Mainly fear, stress, anxiety, performance anxiety, childhood trauma, pregnancy, matters of daily life etc are responsible for causing this problem and are most commonly found reasons for creating this problem.

Injuries, surgeries, side effects of medicines, ill effects of certain diseases, bad habits, weakness, cardio-vascular problems, respiratory disorders etc are few most commonly found physical reasons for causing problem of erectile dysfunction. All a male need is to find out the root cause of the problem with the help of doctor, once root cause of the problem has been eliminated then it does not take long to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction. While treating some problems treatment might take some time depending on the gravity of the problem but one should always remain positive and follow the treatment as this problem in most of the cases is curable.

Hormonal imbalance in the body also gives rise to this problem in many males. Due to improper or lesser hormonal secretion males suffer with performance related issues during lovemaking activity. Hormones can increase the excitement level or decrease it to minimum to prevent arousal and erection, hormones can even make a person feel tired very soon after the start of the activity to cause the problem. However herbal treatment can maintain hormonal balance and increase secretion of vital hormones, with proper supplementation of herbs it does not take long to recover and cure the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Breathing exercises, mild but regular exercises, meditation, lesser arousals without ejaculation, proper diet and sufficient rest also play a crucial role and if a male support the treatment with these practices he can cure the problem of erectile dysfunction without waiting for long. One should always stay positive as there are millions of males who suffer with this problem, secondly, this is just a problem which can occur to anyone hence there is nothing to feel shy about or feel ashamed of, open minded discussion with partner and doctor is must to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction and by their support and advices it will not take long to cure it.

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